I Copied My Instagram Selfies In Gacha Life...

I Copied My Instagram Selfies In Gacha Life…

hey guys it's Alex and it's Alex and and today we thought it would be the best idea ever to recreate my Instagram selfies in a bunch of studio and if you guys haven't followed me on instagram make sure to go ahead and do so so first Instagram selfie that I'm going to be recreating and the Sun so this photo is one of my favorites because it's me and it's my puppy like she has her cute little onesie on this kind of reminds me of Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf except she's she's cute so the first thing I want to do is just get rid of everything so on this photo I'm wearing a cute little red hood with ears on it Oh curious okay I found it and now I'm gonna help to just color it red like in the photo I think it's I think this is the closest red I could find just like that and I have my eyes closed like this with a smile and my blonde hair is sticking out so a thing let me see which of these blonde hairs looks more like mine I think this one will do and then I have to add the long blonde hair if it gets that closest I can and then I need to go to clothes and they don't look like I'm wearing a huge red coat I think this is the closest I can find and then I'll have to color that red so it matches just like that and the slave saw that kind of look like this I think these are the closest sleeves I can find I know mine has little bows at the little ends but I'm not sure if I can find anything similar like that that's fine I'll just go with this one and then for a skirt I'm actually wearing a cute little blue skirt may you gue barely see it I think it's kind of like this I think this is the closest one and my skirt is a cute blue color I think this is close Oh what do you guys think is doesn't close laughs I think it's close enough and for shoes I'm just wearing socks so I'm just gonna color these whites to make them look like they're socks and that's perfect look at that that looks exactly like my outfit oh now I need to post my character to make it look like the one from my Instagram photo so we're gonna go to studio and we're gonna see what kind of poses we can do let's see oh well these are really close I really like this one there's also this one oh yeah I think that's the closest one I'm gonna find and now let's go to props Oh Oh what do you guys think is this pretty close to my Instagram photo let me look at more props let's see oh we got a sofa right here I could work or this one I mean this is a bed but maybe we can pass it off as a sofa so let's make that a bit big like this and then put my character right here just like this and to watch my background let's see this what kind of matches well do you think I did a good job do you think they look alike let me know in the comments down below you saw the next photo that I'm going to be reading this one might be a little bit more complicated because I'm not sure if you can make gotcha characters face backwards okay so I have to get rid of everything again carry realism alright so let's try to do this so first a lots work with the hair my hair looks kinda wavy here so maybe we could go for something like this oh oh or something like this mm see um I think I like this one yeah I think I'm gonna go with this one I know this looks weird right now but I I have a plan so for the clothes I'm just wearing a normal great OP so it's like a little crop top so maybe I'll get one of these or this and this is actually perfect because from the photo you can see that I'm wearing a little bracelets and we're gonna turn these gray oh wait what I didn't even wear that kini come from I didn't know that had a kitty oh that's fine we'll leave it on there okay so for the skirts I'm wearing kind of like a green checkered skirt so let's see if I have anything similar to that I think the closest might be this okay so the one in my photo is like a really dark green with black little stripes on it so something like this and then I'm wearing two little polka dot lighting so let's see if I can find something similar oh I don't think I'm gonna find something similar maybe this rewritings no and then I'm wearing black combat boots so I think these are the clothes Oh or these hmm I'll use these okay so now I'm just gonna paint these black just like this perfect okay um I forgot to do one thing my hair isn't blonde in this photo it's like this type of color it's like a darker type of blonde so let's try to change it there it is just like that and I I know that weird so what we're gonna do is just go here and click on this little hash tag and click body Sheets oneness so now that's gonna give me the hair like this so now I'm gonna do is just take a little screenshot of it like so and then I'm gonna paste it to this and the late of background just like so okay perfect so now that I have the hair all I have to do now is just pose my character I'm gonna have to find some dupes gonna make it look like I'm facing backwards this is gonna be really hard okay uh I decided to go with this one now all I have to do is just bring the hair and put it on my character boy this there we go and now all I've got to do is just find something that has a castle in it to make it look like the Disney Castle oh this has a castle what do you guys think do I think I did an okay job this one was pretty tough I believe that I've managed to do it the next photo that I'm gonna recreate it's probably gonna be a lot more easier go fully the next photo I'm gonna recreate it is this is a photo that I took with Zack at the Golden Gate Bridge it was really cold so we have really really big jackets on so let's recreate this and so for this we're most likely gonna need two characters but I'm gonna work on my character first so let's work on my hair first so in this photo I'm wearing the cute little pigtails that I really love to wear so probably something like this I really like this one mmm and then for the front hair I think I'm gonna do this this one for the back here my hair is a little bit shorter in this photo so I'm just gonna go with this one and it's gonna be that dark hair color that I have right now and for the clothes now it's time to get myself that really bacon jacket okay whoa it's not that big oh I think I've found the perfect one so now I'm just gonna color that like that really dark blue color I think this is pretty close this one yes and the sleeves are pretty big on me so so let's do these really really big sleeves that was a long big jacket really cold and then I'm just wearing some black leggings just like that and some pretty simple shoes and as for my eyes I've just got a really small smile kind of like this hey I said it and now I'm gonna make Zacks character so let's get sacked that really really great blue jacket just like mine and make it that blue color just like that well he's wearing a grey shirt underneath so think I'll use this one as for the sleeves I think they weren't as big on everything were on me so I'm just gonna choose Oh what the heck I'll give him big sleeps – and he's wearing really long black pants so kind of like mine so let's make these really black and for shoes he's wearing some black combat boots so I think I'm gonna give him these like that so Zack has some really cute brown eyes and he has a smile on his face like that so Zack he's bald right now so let's let's get him some air let's see what's the closest I can find his Zacks hair um maybe something like this or this I think I'm gonna go with this he had a little bit of hair in the front so I'm just gonna give him looks too much like that and of course he's blond so let's give them blond hair just like that's perfect so now we're gonna go to who's studio and I'm just gonna grab my character like this and sax character like this though sax pose is kind of like this oh oh that's just like his pose and for me let's see if I can find my pose so I'm grabbing on to his hands kind of like this so let's see if I can make myself hold his hand and of course I look so much shorter than him so so accurate cuz I'm so much shorter than Zack so what do you guys think do you think I nailed it I think this looks pretty close but now I've got to see if we can find a similar background with a bridge let's see let's hope I can find a bridge somewhere here oh I can't find a bridge anywhere let's go with this photo because there's water in our photo and there's water here so it's kind of similar do you guys think I copied this really well let me know what you guys think in the comments down below this one most definitely so so much fun to do I think you might be one of my favorites but anyway let's go on to the next photo doo doo doo doo this is the next photo I'm gonna be recreating so in this photo my hair is a little bit more blonder so I'm just gonna change it back to that cute blonde hair like that and I'm actually wearing little bows so let's find one that has oh this one has bows and my hair was also a little bit longer on this photo so we're just gonna add the longer hair like this so in this photo I have a really cute gray top so let's see if I can find something that looks similar ish oh this one buttons up like my shirt in the photo so I think this one could work okay so we're gonna paint this like a very light grey like that so in like all of my other photos a wearing a skirt that looks just like this I just really love those types of skirts they're my favorites so in this photo I'm wearing a red skirt so I'm gonna change to this color and then like this so I think I might end up changing the top because I really really don't like it I think I might just go with this one or maybe I'll go with this one so I have long sleeves so I think I'm gonna go with this and then for my shoes I'm actually one cute little shoes just like this but they're white so let's change them to whites I'm wearing socks too but I don't think I can make myself or socks here oh wait I lied yes you can okay perfect so I'm just gonna change the color of my socks to white just like that looks just like the photo and I've gotta change the bows to white – and for my eyes I think this is the closest I can find to my face expression in that photo and then my smile is like this ah that's perfect what do you guys think it looks just like my outfit in the photo okay so now I have to find the perfect pose so let's see here oh this one is just like it now I have to find a similar background and this well lay it on points some think I'm standing in front of some trees so let me just find a ton of trees I think this works because I'm on a sidewalk and there's trees behind me how you guys think they did with this photo side what do you guys think Oh me know in the comments down below I really really enjoy doing challenges like this or I have to copy my own Instagram photos home in the comments down below how you guys think I did let me know which of these photos I recreated was your favorites and if you guys do this challenge to make sure to tag me on Instagram I sure to follow me my Instagram is a little Joker also don't forget to follow me on roblox if you guys want to see another part of this maybe we're creating my boyfriend's and cigarette photos or my fans Instagram photos let me know in the comments down below but anyways that's over it today only make my character away hope you guys enjoyed this video and it did make sure to hit that like button I don't know if you guys noticed this entire video but I've been wearing my lazy pajamas but anyways I guess I'll see you guys next time and until then Kapaa see you and I love you so much [Applause]

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  2. Alex after i watched this AMAZING video i did it and sent it to my friends and they gave me scores and it was super fun btw your the best and how do you move your charecter


  4. The one with Zach and the bridge. The pose you were in in real life was on gacha life! It was a bit further down from where the one u did was. But that’s fine!!!

  5. Dum dum its NOT gacha studio its gach life and btw your bad at making peiple on there and plus your character doesn't even have EYEBROWS

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