I fed my Combine a Gopro Camera

I fed my Combine a Gopro Camera

welcome back guys to the awesome and
completely unpredictable that sometimes predictable channel Welker farms
incorporated where we do things like farming lots of farming and today gobble
these GoPros lined up here and this one is gonna see the insides of B spine
unfortunately for its fate I’m surprised I’m even doing this because I’m pretty
sure it’s gonna end up at the rock trap in about 200 pieces but I’m gonna do
some things to hopefully prevent that but a while back literally a while back
like a year ago I was instructed by you guys I needed to run a GoPro through a
combine you guys paid for one through donations so I’m gonna honor that
decision honor your guys’s donations it’s a year late I’m sorry but it’s
happy now this GoPro Hero 3 silver in its case is gonna go through B spine
we’ll try it a couple different times if it makes through in pieces if it doesn’t
come through the first time is shattered and gone well then I guess that’s our
conclusion but my goal with this today is I want this camera to go through the
back of the combine I want to go through the feederhouse round the rock beater
into the cone into the rotor up the concave ‘s out the back of the straw
chopper hopefully it’s not gonna destroyed there its chances are slim
guys just you know then onto the sieve and then hopefully out the back I’m
gonna have the spreaders in the back lift it up so it falls on the ground and
I’ll have all the doors on the clean grain elevator as well as the wreath
Thrasher open so hopefully it falls you have on the ground there too it might be
a little bit of a struggle to find this camera but we’ll try it we’ll see what
happens I’ve done some work in here I’ve taped with electrical tape around around
around to hold the SD card in nice and tight I’ve got this case with some
cardboard in the back here to hold the battery in nice and tight so hopefully
if it gets jarred real hard it doesn’t stop recording but I guess let’s fire
beast buying up you’re heading started in a about a month let’s fire him up
let’s drive it over the concrete and get it ready let’s go batter cut-offs got to
be on otherwise there’ll be no juice to start this thing
let’s go inside well we’ll see what happens I’m pretty sure guys as cameras
toast before it even has a chance of getting through that column oh but you
know what only time can tell this fire I pulled that down we’re gonna engage
the separator we’ll run without it got over the top up easy to do though
it’s all automated really simple and then so I can back home lineup on the
concrete without running the auger into the building
always swinger and loading auger out before back it up that baby is 28 feet
long dad I’ll run to the building don’t want
to do that so to maximize light so we can see inside there if it makes it into
the rotor I’m gonna open all the covers up on this thing take everything off to
get it all the light in as much as possible so hopefully the camera could
pick up something so it’s not just a boring black screen the whole time but
take can be that hard and I want to open this one up because there’s a good
chance it could come out here pieces of it at least
we’ll find out happy looking closer at that sometimes stuff needs cleaned out a
little better I thought we did a good job cleaning this car by now but some of
that must have settled down the system rattling with the wind blowing and
little kernels falling down from spot so we’re able blowout so that’s gonna be a
good time to kind of clean is calming up a little bit more now I’m gonna want
that up cuz I really don’t want the camera to fall down with the spreaders
but if you guys looking here carefully that’s a straw chopper up there that
thing has got blades all around it it’s gonna be whipping I’m not gonna run this
columbine at full speed I’m thinking about just idling it if it makes it
through one pass then I’ll whip it up to full power we’ll see what happens wide
open but let’s give this camera a chance at least maybe we can get to the machine
that’d be cool a little more light only promise is an
LED which means when I put in slow motion you might get some flickering in
the video but just just know that the light and flickering is better than dark
and no flickering so let’s deal with a LED now I’m thinking I’m gonna run the
con caves out pretty far I don’t want to create a Ledge right here if the concave
drop all the way it might create kind of a ledge on the back of the modules here
where it has to kind of bump up to go up down to the the rotor so I’m hoping with
I get the concave level with this one that it’ll be a smooth shot all the way
out if it makes that far but my next step is I think over here the famous
rock meter that I told you guys about the you
gonna probably be the demise of this camera is right up here I don’t know if
you guys can see it right there but that purpose is basically the crop
floats underneath it just lightly taps it doesn’t really really do much the
crop at all just barely there but anything solid that comes through with
the product coming in to combine the bars hit that is that cylinder spinnin
it’s more of like a spiral triangle and it’s rotating and one of the edges will
hit something hard it knocks a rock down hard into what’s called the rock trap
which is this right here and with that I’m allowed to open up during the day
and dump the rocks in the ground that hopefully don’t make it through the
combine the rock trap honestly probably flex I’d say 95 the 98 percent of any
large mass that goes through here that’s not soft well the camera is not soft so
but what I’m thinking I’ve been thinking about this for a while is I think I’m
gonna take a piece of cardboard because it’s gonna fall in this trap it’s just
gonna end up in here regardless guys we can try it once but I know it’s gonna
end up here but let’s try I’m gonna put a piece of cardboard and make an
artificial floor across there so that way it’ll hopefully slide across the
cardboard if it doesn’t gets smacked by that and it’ll get kicked into the cone
which is then in the router which then goes way out the back so let’s get a
piece of cardboard let’s try to maneuver it up in there and see if he can get
through there this part will be pretty easy this is your feeder chain in your
feeder house it’s just a chain with a bunch of bars on it and all it does it
just kind of floats across the floor and drags anything up take this camera I’ll
probably take it and slide it up in there enough so that it doesn’t get
missed by this cuz well it’s uh it’s raised up a little bit but guys I have a
notice very often it’s the first time putting a camera through a combo so your
guess is as good as mine I’ve got some faith in a dot equal B okay okay so I
got a piece of cardboard stretched across the back of the feederhouse into
the cone rotor cone right underneath the rock beater and I’ve got a piece of
twine here to kind of hold the cardboard down so it stays in place I don’t think
it’s gonna move I don’t think it’s gonna hit it the feeder chain is if it bumps
it’s just gonna right over the top of it so hopefully that’s enough of a bridge
so we can avoid going into the rock trap if it makes it through the rock beater
well I guess the next step now is lauralee concaves down set some cameras
up maybe get some more lights in there if I can
let’s do this I think the moments finally come guys it took me a while got
all the covers off I got the cardboard over underneath the rock beater so
hopefully it’s a bridge across that gap there I got a light in there with the
camera point at the rock beater house building inside of the concave right
here got a camera face in the fun of the feederhouse here’s our mighty GoPro I
didn’t go inside obviously unloading augers out so don’t
hit the building this sides all opens a little more like it’s inside the rotor
area in here I’ve got an LED point in the back as well as a camera up top
there to hopefully catch any fragments I might be coming out the back oh one more
thing how about I was thinking just just for
the sake of maybe trying to give this thing a little bit more of a chance what
if I wrap this thing in duct tape I think that helped a little bit just
maybe keep the pieces together a little more so they don’t shatter everywhere
I’m thinking that might be good idea let’s go do that real quick okay well I
have the camera right here it’s wrapped in a bunch of duct tape I have just
enough spots so that the lens is exposed as well as the buttons to turn it on and
off there’s been a good camera I don’t want to do this to it okay well I think
the next step now is um let’s turn all the cameras on I almost forgot
lower the concave but their drop now that’s even let’s fire this thing up
cameras okay I’m gonna start from the front work myself to the back and turn
everything on okay I’m hitting record it is officially
recording let’s take the camera put it inside here I’m gonna put it in facing
inside let’s go like yeah all right well let’s
fire her huh oh boy all right you guys ready I didn’t slow the rotor down but
I’m gonna idle it I’m not gonna put anything in full throttle
I’ll start the rotor first and the separator and then I’ll start the
feederhouse and that’s what’s gonna pull it in to combine let’s go first up
separator yeah rotor is out 440 rpm fans at 6:30 all right
ready for this here goes feeder house I heard something oh yeah it definitely
went somewhere there was a clunk clunk clunk I’ll let it run a little bit just
in case it’s making its way out the back alright let’s shut it off let’s go take
a look see what the damage is see if we find the camera I think I found it guys let’s turn the
cam to combine off so you can hear me well noisy back there
well that’s piece of it I don’t know if you’ll find this SD card
I hope it’s out there somewhere I can tell you this the camera is officially
not recording anymore there’s the hero3 faceplate oh I was
hoping it seemed to make it through it shredded the tape right off of it
there’s the camera right there that’s why I put this on the concrete was so I
could hopefully fine the SD card if it survives oh this is
gonna be fun looking for this there’s the case here is some of the internal
looks like neighbor the battery housing went it shot this stuff way out here
let’s just keep looking see if I can find it I was just like oh right here
here’s a piece looks like the frontal lens cover well there’s a there’s a
button right there looks like the power button the mode
button on the front there’s the oh no look at that it’s a little scan code you
can do for taking a picture and scan on the camera okay got that
I don’t see an SD card anywhere I might have to go grab my other GoPro and take
a closer look at what oh what’s this that’s a piece of it what’s this one
right here okay that’s that’s like the camera lens housing well we got some
pieces in here it did get shredded before it uh before it went to the back
makes sense bits and pieces of the plastic housing here actually this might
be the lens I see there’s some on the other side too oh what’s that right
there well that’s the battery okay well it
didn’t start on fire okay well let’s just keep looking here so I went ahead
went back into my little uh camera room here let’s take a look at my other GoPro
three and let’s just confirm where that SD card goes oh it’s in the side of the
housing right there that’s right right there
okay I should have well I don’t want to glue it in there so I need to look for
that and like that well here’s the cover with the old one it’s just uh just go
keep going at that see if we can find this thing cuz this is gonna be some of
the best footage ever taken ever on this farm so looking at this closer the SD
card were gone on this side right here and I’m looking through my
inventory so far of odds and ends and I just don’t see anything that resembles
that SD card it really smoked this thing while there was not a look at hope for
that ok well let’s keep going it’s got to be your summer I’m taking the light
with me this time I almost just swept this off better a bunch of this old
grain fell out ok let’s climb inside so you can take a
better look in here oh there’s something right there whoa guys guys guys guys
right there here it is oh it’s intact – no way it’s a SanDisk
estream and that baby survived it did it it actually made it through they didn’t
go out the back of the combine that microSD has a couple dings in it I think
that thing is gonna work Wow I had that inside it’s protective case I
taped the camera with about five loops of electrical tape with a piece of metal
stuck to the side to hold the microSD in then I put the case around it and then I
duct take the case like you guys saw and it separated the micro sd from the
camera I don’t know be spy could separate micro sd from it I guess it’s
called a threshing machine Thresh that SD card right out I did not plant that
if you guys are wondering I literally just saw that okay well let’s just find
a couple more pieces and then um let’s go plug it to the computer and then
watch the video I’m just taking out all the batteries
and micro SD show all the other cameras right now I also got to charge some
batteries because leg arms is just about to take off on his trip and he’s gonna
take a camera with him for his little adventure he’s going on and by the way
guys leg arms is not looking for another job it’s all an inside joke he’s just
actually gonna go visit someone you guys are gonna see soon it should be a fun
collaboration a little youtuber gift together only this time it’s more of leg
arm style so stay tuned for that but let’s take all these SD cards out this
is what I do after every day of filming put my little case here start sticking
them inside in the order that I have to come out of the camera and we’ll go pull
the memory off all these things and we will find out exactly what happened
inside that combine this is like arms camera by the way guys he did some mods
to himself actually kind of improved upon what I already did but still looks
really good so he’ll be taking that with him I’m actually really excited to try
the 8 out the hero 8 I want to give this shot so far I’m pretty excited like
cameras alright I’m in the shop office I brought all the parts in here they are I
and just I’m at off I’m in absolute awe what happened here and then
SD card was recovered and it’s not damaged take a closer look at those guys
just look at look at the devastation that took place here on the left here
we’ve got the housing which is obviously still have some duct tape wrapped around
it that took a major beating there’s a bunch the latch mechanism as well as the
back cover here is the battery it has seen better days but it is actually
split in two nothing’s leaking out of it it seems like it’s safe and intact yeah
that’s the one part that could be sketchy about doing this whole thing but
it’s fine over here we’ve got the microchip that’s the microprocessor
right there some ribbon cables the lens lens cover as well as looks like where
some electronics plug in together there’s the GoPro housing there’s the
front faceplate the power button this is my black my hero 3 black that I have
that I didn’t go through the camera that is what it should look like they look
identical here’s the battery so this is the exact same battery only in one piece
you can see they’ve got two different cells on there split apart and here this
that is the housing exact replica of the one that went through went through the
combine Wow unreal right here there is the mighty SanDisk Extreme that survived
that thing that is amazing absolutely amazing little rough edges on one side
on the backside overall looks pretty good let’s flip it over real quick
there’s the back side of it it looks good I think guys we’re gonna pull the
memory off that that’s has been a success unbelievable absolutely
unbelievable well guys this is unreal I’m blown away
I’m absolutely blown away that I found as many pieces I did I fought with all
the tape and this housing pretty tough housing I put these things through a lot
I thought for sure that it would stay together a little better than it did I
mean it absolutely dismembered that camera I’m gonna send these pieces into
GoPro because they said that if you send in a camera that was purchased over a
hundred dollars and it doesn’t matter if it’s broken they will accept it and
honor in it and take off a hundred dollars off the GoPro Hero eight so go
crow let’s see if this fits your criteria and if you’ll honor this
according to what I read you will but here’s your chance I did not get paid to
do this guys believe me I did not get paid of this but I have given GoPro a
lot of money over the years as you can see this camera is just it’s unreal but
I’m gonna send GoPro this stuff and GoPro I really hope that you take $100
off a camera when I go and purchase the GoPro eight because this is a good
chance for me to test out the eight and get a hundred bucks off the price so
instead of this one going to you guys you’re getting these alright let’s go
take this footage ready to watch it I’m excited it’s gonna be exciting I hope
the quality is good here we go and now okay it’s recording
it is officially recording let’s take the camera put it inside here I’m gonna
put it in facing inside go like yeah all right go ahead huh first up separator okay double check here
okay our owners at 440 rpm fans at 6:30 all right ready for this
here goes speed your house I heard something
oh yeah it definitely went somewhere that was that was pretty epic guys thank
you for recommending that we run a run a GoPro through this combine that was
pretty cool but I just can’t believe that that SD card was sitting in there
all by itself just waiting to be picked up by me I was not expecting to be there
I was gonna look on the ground I thought for sure there was no way I was gonna
find that thing I found just about every piece for that camera and then there was
that SD card so here’s the thing though guys I went back to my computer I
plugged that SD card into my computer and there was two video files on there
one worked one was what I recorded before I put the camera through the
combine the second one corrupted didn’t work I couldn’t play it I even bought a
$30 software repair software to try repair that file to see if I get it
didn’t work so I sent the video off to my amazing editors at Modi and those
guys said we’ll see what we can do and home hey hold they gotta fix that fixed
it got it working but the thing is it only shows a minute of recording under
the feeder chain and the feederhouse here and then it just stops so here’s
what our conclusion is guys when I engage the feederhouse and it kicked the
camera inside it was only about a half a second to a second that that cameras lit
up the feederhouse and hit the rock beater and we into the rotor so my guess
is when that camera it got detonated it exploded when it hit hit that road or
RAF’s bar or whatever was that destroyed it the camera didn’t have time to finish
processing the last few seconds of video so it didn’t even save it to the SD card
because it was gone usually these cameras when you turn them
off or stop recording it takes a couple seconds for it to finish saving that
video data to the SD card well it didn’t so no video I have a little bit of it
sit in there but that’s it but this Columbine took one of these just like
that and turned it into that right there so I’m sending this to
GoPro now I’m gonna see if they’ll honor their hundred dollar off count and see
if they’ll give me a GoPro eight for a hundred bucks cheaper so let’s see but
guys again it was awesome and thanks for watching I know this was probably a
non-typical video to come from here but you know what whatever it was fun and on
a side note next video coming saturday me hauling some grain we got the grain
sold that’s on the ground and those piles and leg arms took off on a nice
little venture so I’d like to say I fired him permanently but we’re just
gonna call a temporary firing and then we’ll just see how much we really need
him because I have a feeling we’re gonna really want him back immediately but you
guys will see him soon don’t worry he’s got some stuff up his sleeve gonna be
doing but pop so myself as well as couple hours we’re gonna get that grain
off the ground get hauled in so stay tuned for that one but again guys thanks
for watching the GoPro detonation through the combine episode and stay
tuned for the next one god bless love you guys and it’s gonna
be a great fall and year and everything coming to me a blast we’re getting a lot
of fun so see you later

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