Illustration & Concept Art Master Course: INTRO

Illustration & Concept Art Master Course: INTRO

Hey guys! Welcome to the first ever, Ross Draws, Master Class series. I’m collaborating with Google and YouTube, to create a new series of videos. Each video will have their own special topics like character design, landscapes, and storytelling, that will come together in an epic finale, to help you create a portfolio, that you can use to make a living with your art. If you don’t know me, my name is Ross Tran, with the YouTube channel, RossDraws. You might have seen me in some viral videos featuring gender bending or turning food into art. And of course, color dodge time! When I say “It’s color dodge time!”, that means it’s time for some epic, crazy, colorful madness. I’ve worked for a bunch of companies like Disney, Wacom, NCSoft, Cygames And right now I get the opportunity to create a Master Class series, that’ll be a deeper and extended guide, for all of you who want to do art for a living. Whether you’re building your own studio or want to break into the industry, together we’ll create a portfolio, that will help launch your career forward. The first episode of the Master Class series is coming this Friday! I’ll be walking you through the basics of getting started on your artistic journey. We’ll be covering things like Art school, ways to learn and improve, and discovering your unique voice in your own work. Many of you know, my original character Nima. She’ll be joining us on this adventure in a really fun way. So grab your pens, pencils, and minds, and be prepared to learn and have fun! You ready for a Master Class series Milo? You’re gonna be the best artist in the world. It’s color dodge time!

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  1. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ AHH! So excited!! This will be a free series on my channel rolled out over a few months. First video is coming this Friday! It'll be a Storytime video featuring Nima to help you get started on your journey 😀 If you have any questions, ask and i'll try to answer em!

    PS sry for spelling IMPROVE wrong hahahah

  2. I'm pursuing a degree in CIS but i really wanna do art for a side thing and make money off of it too. Tbh my passion lies within art and when I try, i can give myself satisfying results. I hope you can also suggest courses and tips for those who are not going to art school but would still like to develop their skills in a similar pace.

  3. No words could describe how greatful I am that this is free!
    Cant wait for the first vid to come up!! 👍👍👍

  4. Hey as a young teenager who was inspired by you to become a concept artist, after hearing your apprenticeship with Jamie Jones, I thank you for making these. ^^

  5. So excited! I’ve been traditional drawing most my life. Just starting to learn digital. I’m so happy youtube randomly auto start one your videos last year. Been following you ever since.❤️

  6. My pen tablet starting to break. Btw I'm looking forward to this.

    But welp, I'm from Philippines. I really want to improve many things.

    I'm an artist too ( to be)

  7. love the idea, just curious why it's coming out at the same time as Trent Kaniuga's concept art gumroad course. He's got a bit more experience but I guess you have a bigger audience, so.. I'm looking forward to seeing them both 😛

  8. AWWW ROSS THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING THIS FREE! art has become one of my reasons of why i became depressed. I always think that i have good art, then when i change my style, it changes into trash and I could never go back. Thank you ross… looking forward to this series!

  9. Hei Ross I wanted to ask u if there is any possibility to still buy the NIMA Art book ? <3 I really want it ^^ btw keep up the great work ! I really love ur art!

  10. really its free? really really thanks rosstran i think many of us begginer artist
    will be very verry thankful. YuY

  11. omg omggggggg !!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing this for such a long timeeeeeee ToT thank you so so much for doing these things, Ross !!!!!

  12. It's freeee sksbsjaj a complete course?! For freee? bdhkdbdj♡♡
    I thought it wasn't possible to like you even more than I already diiiiiid!♡♡♡

  13. I was surprised to hear that this is a free offering considering how much quality and energy you place into your work. Thank you very much.

  14. wait this is free? i just assumed you would give me a link where i could purchase your masterclass! Well than k you ross for doing this! love you! as soon as i get a job i will become a patron again to support ya! right now however i have no spare money to do so XD

  15. I wannabe an artist, Im 16 but there are no studios or that kinda stuff in my city so ross please teach anatomy and stuff I need it

  16. This man is an absolute legend of an artist, he is kind enough to teach his secrets for free for ANYONE this is something EVERY ARTIST SHOULD LOOK UP TO DO , Ross you are the kind of person I look up to be man. I really hope one day I become an art god like you and be able to help those with passion even if they have no money at all. Thank you Ross.

  17. Its crazy how bright and calming your office space is, i feel like that will definitely affect your artistic flow by its self.. See i actually am a really decent artist on pencil and paper and other physical medians, and line art minus faces for digital (just started) is there a way to find detailed tutorials on digital art and how to go from blank canvas to a fully done illustrations. Ive loved your videos for a while and aspire to get to that level of art, but its sped up and not detailed in the point of learning for me at least… didnt know if u had tips on learning the full process.. i did how ever start re-learning anatomy and poses 😀 thanks for any help you would have if you happen to see this

  18. what is the color dash time effect called :>? I want to make it into a firealpaca brush! if you know what that is

  19. Just want to say thanks for starting this series. I just followed and watched the first two videos in the series and let me say i am INSPIRED. (quick tangent below)

    im a 21 year old artist that has been drawing since about 4th grade. i unfortunately struggle with anxiety, BP depression, ADHD, and a few other ailments; and these past 2 years i completely lost my entire drive to become a professional artist. i was stuck in an absolute rut and couldnt find my way out of it. it mostly due to some anxiety that stemmed from dropping out of college for some familial and financial issues and constantly comparing myself to my peers who continued in their studies. i felt like i couldnt measure up AT. ALL. and it sucked. drawing no longer brought me happiness because all i could ever think was "its not good enough". my style tends to be the kind of style that people would say is too "anime" to be professional at all and i am usually so unmotivated to produce fully detailed pieces because of how much time i dedicate to it. ive only seen these past two videos that have come up, and let me say, its sparked something back up.
    ill be keeping a close eye out for the next videos to come and will be most likely working hard to revamp my idea of what it takes to be an artist. Keep up the great work!

  20. well, I hope to see African skin tones as well (all types), every artist seems to be drawing Caucasian skin…

  21. Thumbnails are worth a thousand words they drew me to your channel but the subject matter made me subscribe. Good energy and even greater art can't wait to learn from you

  22. Other artist be like "okay give me ur money and i will teach u blah blah"
    Ross be like "bitch just sit there watch me and learn okay!?"

  23. Omg omg omg thank you omg it’s for free I’m 16 and I have no pocket money omg this is such a relief

  24. Dude, I have a crisis that needs an answer. I’m developing a bad habit of bad proportions. I understand that, but I still have this issue of making them shorter than they’re supposed to be and discovered that I accidentally make their torso pretty small. Like ribs too close to the hip bone kinda problem and then wonder why they’re so short. How the heck do I kick that bad habit to the curb because I seem to be feeding it rather than getting rid of it each time I draw.

  25. Hey Ross, loving this series. Small note, the tutorial store links on these videos are all broken. Just thought you should know.

  26. Thank you for making this! I’ll be trying to create more for my YouTube channel 😅 and practice more in general

  27. You honestly don't understand how much I appreciate this. I'm studying animation and trying to master 3d video game character designs, your art is amazing and I always wonder how you do it. Thank you so much for this, I can't even- just thank you so very, very much.

  28. I’m applying for the ‘Academy Of Interactive Entertainment’ in Australia and even though people say “oh it’s easy to get into” I want to give them a portfolio that will show them that I’m very passionate in expressing my creativity. I can tell this masterclass is going to help me in creating my portfolio and inspire me to create my own concepts. So I just want to thank you for making this Master Course, you’re helping so many people ! Keep up the good work !

  29. This is amazing!
    I thought I was supposed to pay but you are so generous for doing this master class for free.

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