Introduction to Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program of The Art of Living – by Swami Purnachaitanya

Introduction to Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program of The Art of Living – by Swami Purnachaitanya

Nowadays, with the knowledge and awareness
of yoga, Ayurveda and the Vedic traditions spreading all over the world, and our lifestyle
becoming more hectic, more and more people are looking for a way to silence the mind
again, find that peace of mind again, because despite having all the comforts people are
either restless or stressed or unhappy. And one of the most easy tools, the most efficient
tools, the most beautiful tools is meditation. So we see nowadays many people are interested
to learn about meditation, but then it is not so easy. It is not something that you can easily learn
from a book. Many people have tried, just sitting by yourself,
closing your eyes. But even if you keep the body still the mind
is still moving, it is going to the past, to the future, so many thoughts are coming. So how to experience that true meditation,
that deep state of meditation where the mind settles down, where you can rest in the Being,
you can experience the Self, the Consciousness? So for that there is one beautiful technique,
ancient technique. It is very easy and is called Sahaj Samadhi
Meditation. This is the technique which we teach in Art
of Living also, with the blessings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. So “sahaj” means effortless, and “samadhi”
means that state of deep meditation where the mind becomes totally equanimous. “Sama – dhi”, here “dhi” means the
mind or intellect, and “sama” means where it is equanimous, that equanimity. So it is a technique to effortlessly reach
that state of deep meditation and deep rest. It is something that you can practice yourself
wherever you go: at home, when you are traveling. And this is such a precious tool, because
in today’s world we need something to allow the mind to settle down, and to recharge ourselves
and connect with that Inner Peace. And that is why I would like to invite everyone:
if you would like to learn more about meditation, what meditation is, how it is done, what the
tips are, the things to keep in mind to make your meditation more effortless and deeper,
and also what the obstacles are, the things that can prevent you from doing deep into
meditation. Learning more about the mind, the consciousness,
and receiving this precious tool. Because in this program everyone is given
a personal mantra. And that mantra makes it very easy to go deep
in meditation. It is a very beautiful gift, a precious technique,
which is given to us by our Master, Gurudev, and it is a beautiful experience. So if you want to learn more about meditation,
then Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to start this journey.

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  1. Dear Swamiji! Its a very well made video! Precise and accurate in every aspect. We would like to see more such videos!

  2. Easiest way to meditate as according to AOL is taking ur attention towards ur breath. …this technique can be applied wherever you go. …JGD…..

  3. I had done sahaj samadi but I want to experience TM meditation so can I go for it because TM is more effective then sahaj samadi so me that should I go for it or not

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