100 thoughts on “iPhone X Camera Test!”

  1. nice deal for the iphone x:

  2. Hiii. My name is Filipe., I'm subscribed to your channel, I love your videos📷😍

    I have a suggestion: you could put Portuguese subtitles, please! 💗

  3. Remember watching this video a year ago and watching a ton iPhone X camera test videos and being and getting really existed about getting it especially since I was watching this on my iPad probably and then here I am now in 2019 holding an iPhone X whilst watching this but the only depressing things is that since the existence of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR I no longer have the best phone in the world or at least the best iPhone in the world

  4. I just got an iPhone X but my pictures look very grainy and have lots of noise in them. I’ve been taking the same pictures with my iPhone 7 for comparison and the pictures on my iPhone 7 are so much clearer and better quality. Idk what’s going on but I’m very disappointed 😭

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