Italy’s Most Important Art Fair: The Venice Biennale (Part 1/3)

Italy’s Most Important Art Fair: The Venice Biennale (Part 1/3)


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  1. Well for one, this is JUST Venice. Why don't you go check out southern Italy. Still beautiful of course, but poor as hell.

  2. I love Tuscany, have stayed in ilboro for a couple weeks.. Florence is real nice as well. Italy , France, Spain, they are all leagues above United states. It's sad we are such a country of industrialization, there's no culture.

  3. I would like to understand, please teach me:
    1. What is art and what should I understand about it?
    2. How does a map (drawing) of the world painted yellow achieve whatever you explained in question 1.

  4. I gave a vote up on this post because i like what he said. Are you not doing what you are saying commenting on a comment because it has other comments on it. As for what you say about art at what cost though? We have ruined what art should be and instead its nothing but a means to make money.

  5. Which art in particular? Why are you choosing to fixate on this? I don't think you know what you're talking about.

  6. Of course, thr is beauty in everything, just that when something gained attention, it is easier to find the beauty in it. Art has lost something, yes, rich artists give less patience into their work, and the main thing the world has lost right now IS patience, u know with internet & planes things go faster.. Therefore, the audience, that is looking for a balance btwn resemblance with themslvs and spectularity, would dfntivly choose art in which the use of patience is subminimal during creation.

  7. He knows what he's talking about, if you know about art, then it would be much harder for you to admit some of that, but the admiration for the use of patience and care has been lost these past years all around the globe. So pple give a lot of attention to random artists just cause they have encountered fame during their career.

  8. Wow dude. What an incredibly vague thing to say. Past years all around the globe? I bet you think music has gotten worse too. Art hasn't "gotten worse", you haven't noticed it. Unless you're saying something else.

  9. Art is for anyone and everyone that looks at it, hears it, feels it, makes it, talks about it, buys it or thinks about it. And that is exactly what it's for.

  10. Really? does art need to be 'understood'? By some elite I assume? This is the internet YouTube to be exact. People can say whatever they think about it on here.

  11. I like commercial, fully formulaic art.
    It does what art is supposed to do, which is to excite the people who experience that art.
    It does get boring quickly as more and more people jump on the band-wagon though.

  12. Sono veramente onorato che venga rappresentata la Biennale su questo fantastico canale!
    Eng:I'm proud that the Biennale has shown on this amazing channel 😀

  13. If you look for the opposite of what you describe and dislike I,m sure you will find. Chances are your only looking for what you dislike.

  14. spoiler: true art is one of the only truely self-fulfilling act of personal expression left in our cultures.

    the moment it's diluted with any other intent which isnt complete selfishness, ei money/fame/commercialism/etc, it becomes something else. not art
    youd be surprised how many people still see this

  15. Creating beauty is art, and some art is very beautiful. Some is not. Autonomous artists, such as myself, start and end a piece without a meaning, but sometimes the sub conscious molds one without you realizing it until the piece is done, but yes… A lot of shitty art makes it and is just commercialized. Peace, yo

  16. Venice is such a shit place. Literally smells like shit, people are rude even if you're a local, very few Italians really live there. I had to spend any real amount of time in that hell hole.

  17. i understand this as much as I understand a bunch of paint splattered on a canvas. oh modern art… wtf

  18. completely agree we have lost the patience. Also to what you said once the artist becomes rich he knows that he could finger paint on a canvas and people will buy it no matter how bad it is that's the beauty and bad side of art unfortunately.

  19. Yeah, the North is great, but go south of Molise, and Campania, and things get rough. Naples is a shithole. A lovely Shithole filled with garbage and gangs.

  20. i dunno because art can be "anything" and the fact it is so arbitrary makes it so. so yes if i took a shit in my toilet and then smeared it all over a blank canvas it can be art thank your for helping me realize art is shit literally as in no one gives a flying fuck about art. or in this case a flying shit would be art

  21. What Art is like as life is depends on the perspective u look at it btw talents nowaday counts less than p.r. and merchandising, being an artist in Italy i feel very inspired everyday by the timeless beauty but at the same time u re always in the shadow of 1000's of great artist who gave to art an abnegation impossiible in this times and living in a place so saturated by art makes what u create difficult to place.

  22. Art is important. It allows us to perceive things in a different way, from another persons perspective. It helps people better understand one another as well as appreciate aesthetic beauties of life. Without art life would be boring, grey – dull.

  23. How can you not find this interesting? I went to the 54th biennale and I would definitely go again if I had a chance, it was amazing.

  24. Art is beautiful to the mind who accepts it as art. Even if it isn't beautiful by mainstream status.. it is beautiful because it is the manifestation of the artists thought and discourse.

  25. Obviously artists are supposed to show what the public wants, and these people would never be too openminded. So yeah, Italy's Most Important Formality Fair…

  26. Cool story bro however the reality is that, in this world cup of art, what artists choose to show is often divisive and alienates them from the psyches they might be said to represent. I think a lot of it is shit and drivel personally but your statement is wide of the mark and shows, perhaps, some predisposition of negativity towards this community as a whole rather than any real understanding of this event.

  27. Ur right, my comment does show a lot of negativity. I'm sure the society lately has dvlped an acceptance for a wider field of mind, which is shown especially in art. Yes pple might be more openminded today than befor. But to cope with that, other pple have to create an illusion of their acceptances. Therefore comes hypocrisy.

  28. Key word: looks. Do you like tourist traps? Shitty food? Tons of tourists and the constant smell of raw sewage from the canals? Take it from me; it sucks.

  29. VICE you made a huge error in your title. The Venice Biennale its not only "Italy's most important Art Fair". It's the world's most important art fair, the most prestigious and influential Biennales of all.. anyone who knows a thing or two about art knows that

  30. The Venice Biennale is not an art fair. It's an outdated homage to nationalism circa 1895. Documenta is more relevant and interesting. Also, Venice gets more tourists per day than its active population, it smells terrible, and is sinking.

  31. you think its by pure chance that car designers with all their unique identities arrived at where they are by chance? foolish women. there is very, very little redeeming about modern art. I want to recommend my favorite artists Gabriel Orozco, Margarita Dittborn, Gabino amaya cacho, Al borde and Julio Bittencourt


  33. It very important that you change you title: a Biennial is very different than a fair. Biennials are big exhibitions and fairs gather galleries together to sell art.

  34. Hate subtitles. … we stupid Americans who dont speak the local cannot enjoy the visuals be a use we are keeping up with the obnoxious sub titles…. see we are privileged western slobs over here…. we are a product of our socialization.

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