Jeff Koons – ‘Art is a Vehicle of Acceptance’ | TateShots

Jeff Koons – ‘Art is a Vehicle of Acceptance’ | TateShots

This is a lobster that gets set up on a trash
can and a chair. It’s called Acrobat it balances itself. This is also aluminium. My name is Jeff Koons. I’m an artist. This studio is located in New York City. I’ve always had a little studio in my apartment or eventually I would have just a large building like this as a studio. I’ve been in this location for about the last eight years. Kind of the first thing you learn to do is create kind of a personal iconography or you develop a vocabulary to work with and that vocabulary lets you control physiology and the secretions that take place within the body. So there is a kind of a sense of power that comes from being able to create certain effects certain intellectual and physical reactions to work. This piece is Train and Train consists of a crane, a ready made crane and a steam engine, a 1943 Baldwin steam engine 70 feet long. You walk right underneath this It’s going to be in front of a museum so when the museum opens at noon-time and then when the museum closes and the piece will do everything that a real train does. When I was younger, art was a vehicle that created anxiety and, you know, whether you could draw something just perfect or it’s about performance, in a way and you start to understand about the history of art other artists, their involvement with art how it connects you to other disciplines in the world and this starts to erode away at the insecurities and anxieties that you have. When we work on smaller domestic size pieces, they will be cast in up-state New York in aluminium. We will bring them here and we will do the rest of the metalwork here on site and then we prime them. This has just been primed. Actually this is a base coat of paint. This piece has been primed, and now we’re going back. We always get different over-spray each time we paint or prime something and we have to work the surface to get everything correct to go on to the next stage. What art is able to do is, it’s about acceptance and people talk about aesthetics and all these different things but at the end of the day what art really is, is a vehicle of acceptance. First you accept yourself, and eventually the highest state is the acceptance of others. You know, usually a painting maybe will be a year and a half. I would say on average a painting is about nine months to a year but sometimes a painting will be here a year and a half. Some of these paintings I’ve worked on, I’ve put in storage, then I’ve brought back out to finish the work on and if you look at Popeye here in the front, he’s here very virile and making, showing his muscles but if you look in the background there’s
also this ghostlike figure of Popeye floating up off the picture plain in the back. My relationship with art is changed every day and every day you wake up, your relationship is a little different with it. When I was very young, I kind of got a sense of self through art. My parents let me know that I could do something and I was proud of that and I just started to trust in this activity and it gave me a sense of who I am.

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  1. the train was kinda cool but it sucks those people have to be in that building. Going to get the colorful lung from all that paint.

  2. Thank you. Much like Warhol, Jeff is an orchestrator of huge ideas about space, color, kinetics, time, composition etc..
    You cant do grand things (scale and concept wise) by yourself. Thanks for being sharp enough to notice that.

  3. Envious are we? Dont rip a guy for loving what he does and getting paid millions of dollars to do it. Marcel Duchamp once said "The artist of the future will merely point at what he has done and say its art, and it will be art. He will no longer have to wait on the judgement of others to confirm his life's work and passion."
    Think about that.

  4. stinkriverstudios, I fully understand your point, never expect from an xxx star(Cicciolina) to have a fair character !!!

  5. Thank you for understanding, I begin to feel it's not that much FUN being an xxx actor, it's like calling an escort home and worse – with no privacy !!! kind of mechanic, don't you think ?stinkriverstudios ?

  6. Well said my friend. MY jury is out on Koons as a true artist. I guess he is by definition but he frustrates me. Overall, I love what he does I guess because it is conceived, composited, and ultimately cretated from his mind if not his direct hand. I prefer that someone's hands touch something they call artWORK. The definition of art has been defined by the individual, whether we agree with it or not.

  7. It's called Conceptualism, that means that everything is fair game and can be interpretated as art. You obviously don't understand art or the history of art…do you.

  8. Koons is going down in history as one of the greatest artists it or not. he sells at the highest prices, and gets his name and mug in the books. whoever can do that for the longest amount of time wins. picasso is the most referenced artist in books…and therefore is the most recognized, known, and important. more than art, this guy has mastered marketing and image.

  9. Yes. I see exactly and your right. I think the novelty and glamour wears off quickly. Actually a nightmare to live that type of existance. Thanks for your intelligence.

  10. Yeah, it looks excellent from the outside… hot girls, travelling all over, money and comfy life but I think John Dough, the xxx star said it clear after years of performing: "I started getting more satisfaction masturbating then banging all of those hot girls from VIVID…" Hmmm??!!!

  11. The emperor has no clothes, people. This hack has his own little sweat shop going and no matter how well he can sign his signature, it is NOT his work. It is just sick and sad that imagination with no technique seems to be the pinnacle in the art world. He is is just smoke and mirrors and the suckers who bought into his junk don't want to see their 'investments' plummet. You want someone with cred, remember; Nobody touch's Lucien Freuds brushes but Lucien Freud.

  12. @CatZula Yes, they did. Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Carravaggio, Rodin,… Yes, they did. There were a few, and I mean a few, that did not but you could count them on one or two hands. It is more than safe to say that "the masters" used, exclusively, assistants and apprentices. Look them up and stop embarrassing yourself on here.

  13. Indyrichboy has Mr. Koons down pat…..he is the hack of all time in the art world. Whenever I want to get really pissed off, I just turn on a video of Koons discussing art, and very soon I'm filled with disgust and peeved with the notion that this prick has made millions on trash.

  14. There we have it people, mr Koons has found the meaning of art!
    "A vehicle of acceptance."
    Why on earth have people been debating this topic for so long when they could have simply asked Jeff Koons? Jeez…

  15. lol why all the hating? Im sure he wouldnt give two shits what anyone thinks, i would definately like to see his bank account, and most of his work I think is really good.

  16. Ever seen this bozo's "drawings" for his pieces? They're all crude and dimensionless, like the stuff you see hanging in a kindergarten classroom. He should have become a critic or art historian and remained far away from the studio. His success is the result of hype, self promotion and clueless collectors who think Warhol was being serious. Take a look at the art collected and purchased by the artists themselves. Warhol's apt was filled with paintings and drawings by Renaissance artists.

  17. @helloterrible Agreed, but this guy has no actual art making skills. He simply has ideas (often derivative) that are realized by skilled laborers. The contemporary art world seems to be the only arena in which a person with absolutely no skill can be heralded as a genius. I don't know any professional musicians who can't recognize simple notes in a scale or chord progressions. However, I know dozens of professional artists who can't even execute their own ideas on paper in the form of a diagram

  18. The difference is that Warhol and co. knew the kind of chaotic culture they were creating (or promoting…ironically or not). They were clearly aware of the bubble they lived in. I get the impression that Koons is just totally unaware of everything around him.

  19. This train piece infuriates me. The LACMA pitched tens of millions of dollars (I cant remember, it was either 10 or 40 mill) to buy/install the piece. And for what? The public either doesnt understand it, or hates it.

    Can you imagine what all the young, aspiring artists struggling in this economy could have done with some of that money? All the great, new art that could be made if LACMA invested that 10 million into a generation who actually needs the money?

    These institutions are clueless.

  20. Koons has a history with LACMA director. Deitch helped him out in years past with those gawd awful chrome "balloon" sculptures. It is no surprise the two have buddied up again…more than anything these works point to the nauseating politics behind major American art institutions

  21. CatZula, are you still here talking about this? It's been like two years now. Jesus Christ, if slamming Jeff Koons is the biggest priority in your life, you need to get a new one. You're just some douche who's butthurt over the way a certain artist makes his work. Jeff Koons couldn't give a shit if you don't like his methods, and neither do I. I enjoy his work. Maybe if you weren't such an asshole, people would listen to you. If you love hand-made work, stick to other artists and STFU already.

  22. Jeff, you're not an artist, you're a fucking plant manager. I see the picture of Lawrence Weiner to my right here, I wonder if he thinks Jeff Koons is an artist?

  23. .
    I'm a bit apprehensive of those artists who pay others to employ "their" specific ideas and subsequently claim them as their own.

  24. This is minimising the impact he has on the culture. An artist who has been working at his or her own art for years, will understand what one needs to go through to get to true freedom of expression. He is inspiring, at least for the ones that really understand what this is about.

    People use art and culture to nurture their humanity.

  25. I truly believe and have good reason to believe that it is an inside trading secret society kind of deal. Not sure about this case in particular but high art in general. Or in other words, expensive art.

  26. So telling, Mr. Koons spends the whole video talking about making his art, while other people are in the background actually making it.

  27. all this guy does is take other peoples' images and mash them together. uncreative, unoriginal and talentless. how does he not get sued by these properties? 

  28. He does turn out a very high quality product and that you can't deny.
    As far as him not doing the work you must be unfamiliar with art history as many famous  artists use helpers who did everything from mix paint or carve the rough fiqure of a sculpture especially if they do large works or have many projects going.
    An example would be the sculptor who did the Statue of Liberty of course he was not going to do all the work himself.

  29. I love him being a perfectionist, his works are impeccable sublime. Perfect reflections, inapprehansible amenity, perfect illusion.
    Would like to have him pay a visit to our studio. 🙂

  30. He's a hack, and if my father bankrolled my 'visions'.  If I 'tell you' what I envision, then you do the drawings, and those drawings go into a factory and the factory makes the work.  Then ships it back to me, I put it on a pedestal and say…"I am an artist, this is MY art?"     "Speak softly and carry a big check book"   He is an idiot magnet, and I suppose I should be grateful, that he pools a certain…mmm, dare I say..eliminate in the art world.   I am grateful for the removal of these art-sheep.  He knows it's a shame, he's demeanor is a shame, it's all thought out and part of his act.   But go ahead, and line up and eew and ahh at super sized, 99cent store toys.   

  31. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Mr. Koons give a talk at MICA while I was studying there… It was just amazing watching the mindless sputum dribbling out of his mouth as he attempted to discuss his work… and then the deer-in-headlights look on his face when the students began tearing him apart with questions about his work and the bullshit he stands for.

  32. I bet everyone of those artists who work for him absolutely hate him, but hey, they need the money because they don't kiss ass like Jeff Koons does.

  33. He is nothing but an x wall st idiot who has crews of real artists do his work for him…please! overblown his work is…he thinks himself an IDEA man, he is not an artist, atleast Warhol was an innovator and graphic designer and then..a real fine artist that helped create a new form of art, not this copycat fraud……….

  34. The workers perform similar tasks to a factory worker, and are most likely getting more pay. Personally I think it's really interesting to see what an artist (especially of Koons calibre) can do with practically unlimited money.

  35. fuck its unreal how telling modern art is about society, the farther technology has taken us the more and more detached from reality weve become, people applying meaning to aluminium inflatables balancing on trashcans?!?!?!?!?!? WHYYYYYYYY fuck you contemporary art, fuck you

  36. He is just a businessman, with slaves under his feet. he don't want coworkers or helpers for HIS work, he want painters and slaves.

  37. "the iconography helps to ..control the secretions of the body", Hope this guy doesnt work anywhere near kids. "Insecurities and anxieties may erode away" with the creepy Mr. Rogers routine. I'm not accepting it.


  39. You know jeff, i used to hate you. Like a lot. I would talk all kinds of shit about you. But really jeff, i understand you now. I get it! For so long I thought that art was a meaningful pursuit and something iwanted to do. But i can't. Like you said, all there is is the performance of being an artist. Thats it. There is no honesty, no sincerity, no fun. at all. It doesn't give me a catharsis, or a sense of purpose. It is truly a failed pursuit. Shit, I can't even feel excited knowing that no matter how hard i try, all art can ever be is a great social media moment. Find me on social media by the way, I want to friend you on facebook, and i have tried to contact you on twitter but you blocked me. DIck. Sorry. I just want to understand how you can keep going. Really jeff, I losing it. What is the point? Why make art? Why do anything JEff? I can't just move to new york, marry a pornstar and be happy. Contact me when you can. I hope you can help.

  40. Love this video. Also love all the haters. Why tf does this guy bother you so much? No really, trace back your questions and realize the source of it all.

  41. everyone talking shit about him seem to care more about drawing than art. i don't like his shit either but you're all a bunch of boring conformist art student jocks if you think the act is more important than the idea.

  42. It is astounding that such a giant of the artworld can so disconnected with the society in which he lives and thrives so very well. It seems very wrong that someone so handsoff, irrelevant, vacuous and inarticulate has been allowed to rise to such heights. Shame on the art establishment.

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