23 thoughts on “LAPD Officer On Leave After Bodycam Footage Allegedly Shows Him Fondling Deceased Woman’s Breasts”

  1. They're only catching 2 minutes of breast fondling after the camera is shut off, what happened after that? did he have sex with her? He should be charged and arrested as a sex predator

  2. Body cams should be checked all day every day after every time they go out that means they should have the footage of me being beat and slammed in the SUV door and being beat over a bicycle light and restraining my 8month pregnant girlfriend but they claim they know nothing no footage even had the copters out for lil me walking my pregnant girlfriend home from the Compton station

  3. If he can he could had took his body cam put it on the floor facing it and just do what he did then he wouldn’t get fired

  4. Then they ad the fact hes a veteran who gives a fuck man i am to wtf did i do just smoke afgani hash and drive tru the street in a stryker ww2 now those are real vets

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