Leica Q – Street photography in Switzerland

Leica Q – Street photography in Switzerland

hello guys, Cris here! Today we’re gonna
be talking about the leica Q this little guy here for street photography is it any good let’s dive right into it okay so I did
some street photography with the Leica Q I have had the chance to have it borrowed
to me by a good friend of mine his instagram name is Todakin, i’m gonna
link it down below okay first things first! Leica Q when you think Leica, you think M9? M8? M240? M10? I mean…
rangefinder cameras? but no there’s other things to Leica and this is the perfect
example this guy is a little hybrid meaning you have an amazing lens you
have an amazing body, an amazing technology all combined and you get this
little guy here which is awesome for street photography. First, I wasn’t
convinced maybe you guys are not either I was personally a little bit… I don’t know, for me mirrorless, EVF, it’s what I use on my Fuji cameras and if I want to
shoot rangefinder style I take my m9 however they Leica Q, after I’ve
tested it a little bit in Bern this weekend I can tell you it’s an amazing
camera so I’m gonna be posting now some photos and throughout the video these
photos are unedited I did not touch them up at all they just came out straight up
the SD card into the computer into the video for you – there you go! In terms of
speed the autofocus of this camera is actually great even though you cannot
change the lens the focal length is 28mm which is actually pretty cool because, I
mean if you need to prop afterwards you can just do so but otherwise 28mm is
actually great for street photography I was a little bit concerned because I
usually should be 35mm but 28mm is actually totally fine so not to worry
it’s gonna be totally fine. In terms of grip you have this little
bump over here which is basically a thumb rest which helps get a firm grip
of the camera without adding any bulk to it and it actually is pretty enjoyable I
mean you can just hold it in the hand and it doesn’t go anywhere so that’s
great now in terms of overall functions there is an EVF which is basically you
can either shoot looking at the LCD screen or you can shoot looking at the
EVF the EVF is very high resolution I don’t
remember I think it’s 2.4 million dots I’m not
actually sure right now but maybe I’m just shooting the shit anyhow you can go
check on their website but it’s it’s a high-definition screen the autofocus as
I was saying it’s spot-on manual focus so you can go manual by just flipping
this little guy here you push it and then you you go like a normal range
finder camera and that manual focus works pretty well actually it’s it’s
actually neat you have a macro function which completes the package up here just
flip this little wheel and off you go in terms of noise because we’re talking
street photography it’s actually a beauty and it’s a pleasure to shoot
street photography with such a little compact camera here is the sound of the
shutter there you go so not much to complain about that one if you compare
that to the m9 which is not really very loud but there you go so that’s that’s
the two extremes if you will and otherwise quality wise the photos are
Leica feel, I don’t really see a difference between this and the m10
because the sensor is CMOS, it’s not CCD anymore like the m9 used to be so it’s
pretty much the same quality as we’re used to seeing nowadays with Leica and
to be honest this camera could go for a wedding, it could go for street photography, it could go for portrait I did some nice cute portrait of my son obviously
it’s not an 85mm than you have on it so and the more you zoom you have
three different focal lengths the more you zoom the more you lose megapixels basically what this camera does it simply it it
basically crops into the pictures like if you go from 28 to 35 for example it’s
gonna crop that much and you’re gonna lose megapixels so it’s already cropping
so you better off just shooting 28mm and then cropping afterwards in post
there you go so overall I advise you to get this
camera if you like to do street photography I advise you to get this
camera if you want something compact that can give you amazing quality shots
while being small enough to transport it with you because nowadays I mean we have
the iPhone we have you know all those different types of media but if you want
to take photos that you will be able to do posters with you will be able to keep
to share to have like high quality and definition pictures this is actually
amazing so go for it if you’re not into the rangefinder style type of cameras
this is great this is like an in-between and it works just great here
you go guys so this is my review I hope it helped you I hope seeing some
pictures helped you to decide to either get it or not if you don’t want to get
something as expensive as this guy now there’s the Leica Q2 that came out but
still you can go with Fuji there’s the X-Pro 3 that came out or that it’s coming
in now that’s that’s a beauty of a camera also so I let you judge maybe if
you have a chance if you can just get your hands on it go try it out go in the
streets take some shots and let me know in the comments what you think do you
have the Leica Q? I’m curious to know so if you did not subscribe you to my
channel please do I will be rolling out some new videos in the coming weeks like
share comment subscribe like always you know the drill and I see you in the next
one take care Cheers

4 thoughts on “Leica Q – Street photography in Switzerland”

  1. Hi, I am between an xpro2 graphite or with 16f2.8 and 50f2 or the Leica Q. What would you recommend? Mainly street and travel. Have a Dubai and Miami / key west / Cuba trip next year ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for your advise

  2. I had the Q Titanium, the X100F, the X-T3 as my lastest camera, then sold all my Fuji gear and got the Leica Q-P after trying those other systems and cameras out for a while. The Q-P is my favorite over them all to be honest. I also run Nikon system and now have the Q-P as my backup and day to day or travel camera and i love it. Its my most used camera and for me in my opinion its the best i had and also one of the best out there still even to this day. I was choosing between the Q2 and the Q-P and in the end i decided i didnt need the weather sealing or extra pixels that bad and settled for the Q-P. Could not be happier ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There is no quality difference in selecting a digital crop before you take the photo to cropping after, particularly for portraits. In fact, preselecting a crop is more efficient and it saves card space.

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