Lost On The First Day Of High School

Lost On The First Day Of High School

So it was the first day of my freshman
year. I was kind of confused at everything. My school was huge, there’s
kids everywhere, and I’m brand new to a brand new environment. I’m fresh out of
middle school and I have no idea what I’m doing.
So then my classes started and, you know, it was fine, I found them all. I was looking
through my schedule, and I easily could locate my teachers and I met
people. But then all of a sudden, the bell for
seventh period started to ring, and I was trying to look for my class and I was
like, where is this? Like, I was looking all around the school and I was like, um
hello? So then, I was looking around, and then all of a sudden, I heard the bell
start ringing and I was freaking out, because like, “Oh my God, where is my class?”
I’m freaking out, where’s, like, I’m gonna be late on my first day – that’s crazy! And
so I went into this hallway, thinking that it was my hallway, and I went to the
nearest classroom that looked like a number, and I went in and I sat down in,
like, one of the first rows. And the teacher was calling roll saying, like,
“Welcome to the class.” And I looked up at the board, which said 11th grade English,
and I looked down at my schedule, I’m like, “Wait, this isn’t my English, I’m in
ninth grade not 11th grade!” I turned around and asked one of the girls in the
back, “Hey is this the right class?” And I showed her my schedule. And she’s like, “No, this is the wrong class, you’re the other hallway down.” While the teacher was
taking roles, she asked, “Hey, did I not call anyone’s name?” And I looked at
her, and I started to get red. And then I heard people, like, laughing in the
background and I was like, oh no I’m in the wrong class, oh my gosh what am I
gonna do? She was like, “Um, let me see your schedule, just give me one second.” And the girl looked at me and she’s like, “So what are you gonna do?” And I’m like, “I don’t
know, what should I do? I’m in the wrong class!” And so she’s like, “It’s fine,
whatever.” And I’m like, “No, not really!” So then I just like got up and left and
I heard people start, like, laughing and, oh my god, it was so embarrassing. But
eventually, after asking an administrator and looking all over the school I
finally found my class. And since then, I’ve been so glad that I finally found
it. That was pretty bad on my first day of
freshman year, walking into the wrong class.

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  1. This same thing happened to me on my first day of middle school and I think I was extra scared because
    1. It was actually the end of the day and I was trying to find the door to leave
    2. My school is a middle and high school, so I got lost in the high school section
    3. Again, first day

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    Lost On The First Day Of High School

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  3. So this was my first day of 6th grade and I didn’t go to open house, because my parents are working and my parents friends couldn’t give me a ride. My schedule came in the mail and I thought that I can find these classes easily. My sister told me the directions, but as soon as I got dropped off, I forgot what were the directions. So I came into this room that looked like a classroom and I sit myself down…I looked at the White board and it said “Welcome to 8th grade AG (Academically gifted) English!” So U immediately told the teacher and she said 6th graders are downstairs on the opposite side of the school…I feel so embarrassed

  4. Same for me it was my first day of middle school and I was confused where my 4th, 2nd, and 8th period and I was late but now I know my schedule.

  5. Central high….idk if that’s just a title or if it’s the real school but there’s a school in providence RI (my town) called…well, central high school. This should be a nice story..

  6. the grade 11 not caring really hit me. i remember being a fresh man and thinking everything you do will impact ur future and now im in grade 11 and im like……. meh

  7. Don’t worry you’re not the only one, back in my high school, I was lost on the first day of high school… so I asked a teacher where is my class and he showed it to me… of course it was maths…

  8. Yeah im in year 7 and i had an art class, everyone was there except me and my friends so i turned up late. The teacher is chill so its all good

  9. I want to share a story but I can't for 2 reasons
    1. I don't have an iPhone
    2. My sister watches this channel and the story involves my crush and she doesn't know I like someone

    I can share it in the comments if you guys want 🙂 Just ask me because I don't just wanna write a comment and have nobody read it 🙂

  10. I don't get it you got lost on your first day of school cause of a HUGE school even Harry Potter knows his ways around his HUGE school

  11. I'm sorry I'm late but It would be a honor to make a little story on story booth about my past but I'm just scared I might get in trouble, I'm gonna ask someone if I can do it

  12. Bruh my one is even worse the schedule in mine was all wrong like the room is supposed to be 199 it says in the schedule but its 202.

  13. I got lost in second grade because my old school is ALSO really big and the principal made go in an entrance I Never went through so I went to the closes class and asked them for directions and the teacher sent one of the students to bring me there

  14. Today I literally though my 6th period was my 5th and walked into the class and was like nope wrong class and I had to walk all the way back downstairs

  15. You shouldn’t laugh at a freemen for not getting the class right, they are new and most often scared! It’s so mean 🙁

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