Lousy Neighbour. Russian Movie. Romantic Comedy. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

Lousy Neighbour. Russian Movie. Romantic Comedy. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

STAR MEDIA presents A big city is a wonderful place where
luck and success await you at every turn, you only have to believe in it! And also, you can meet the person
of your most intimate dreams by a complete accident. Of course, there
is the danger of taking the wrong turn and letting your fate go, but…
I’ll make it! I’ll definitely become
famous and meet the love of my life! Well, call me when you are and you have. When the apartment is free,
I’ll rent it out. But for now… get out! You’ve been here for free for
two weeks already. Come on. You going? – Where?
– Down. No, I came to this city so
that I only have to go up! Hey. I wanted to give your
bottle opener back. Thanks. You’re welcome. But I
already bought a new one. What for? Look how cool its handle is. I liked it a lot, too, but
then it turned out I couldn’t actually live without it for two weeks. Sorry. I had some trouble at work. And Vasilyevich kicked
me out of the apartment. How are you doing with him, by the way? – I’m okay.
– Okay, really? Hold this, please. Look, I only have to leave my things
somewhere for like two hours. Okay? Hey, could you leave them somewhere else? Nope, I don’t have any other options. And I can’t leave it at
the staircase, because… Vasilyevich might take it
as payment for my debts. Oh! Well, or the crow will steal it. Hey, what was your name? – Katya.
– Misha. Glad to meet you, Michel. You see, well… I… Look, I promise, just a couple
of hours. I’ll find a job soon, some place to live, and I’ll take
it all back tonight. Okay? Bye. LOUSY NEIGHBOR Well, Sveta, congratulate me. I’m homeless
and I have no money for a new apartment. But that’s temporary. Don’t worry,
I left my things with a neighbor, I’ll sort everything out. You can’t imagine how
many jobs there are here! And one of them is definitely mine! They’re just sitting there,
waiting for Katya the Magnificent. And me, I’m right here. I’m actually a professional make-up artist. Make-up? But we aren’t making a movie here. Yeah, I know! But I’m great at
cutting hair, dying it, toning it, putting streaks in it… Whatever you want! – That’s great.
– Thank you. You know, I also specialize in festive
attire. Suited to every fancy. Festive, that’s good. You know what?
I’ll have our accountant talk to you. – What do you mean?
– Well, our accountant, Natalya… There’s, uh… Her husband’s
anniversary is coming! Oh! Really? And she’s going to a restaurant.
And you’ll make it festive. Okay? No problem. Natalya… Marina, call her! – Natalya!
– What are you yelling like that for? – Your director is something else.
– Come on, it’s not getting any worse. That’s because it can’t any worse. – I’m listening.
– Hello, Natalya? Hello… My name is Katya.
Come in, please. Take a seat. – Make yourself comfortable.
– Why? – Is it your husband’s anniversary?
– Yeah, thanks. Great! We’re going to
completely transform you! You’ll be great! You’ll
be a real looker! Right… You simply won’t recognize yourself. Who’s that? Blackberry? With the lips. Well?
Here’s your order. Voila! Well, isn’t she a beauty? It’s so unusual… I don’t look like
myself at all. What will Vasya say? Yeah, Natalya, now someone’s
definitely going to steal you from him. Who is… Who is stealing who from me? What the… Who is this?
What the hell is this? Vasya… Vasya, don’t make a scene,
it’s an experiment, right? Right. What is this, experimenting on humans? Vasya, I tried to resist, but the
girl, she said she knew better. She said I’d be completely new. I don’t need a new you,
I want my old wife back! Wait, why would you want your
old wife back? Look at this one! I don’t need this one! Vasya… What are you talking
about? I didn’t want this, Vasya, she insisted on it! You insisted? Yeah, I ins… insisted.
I have taste and an education. Have you ever dared to imagine
seeing your wife like this? Thank you. You ruined my birthday. – Vasya…
– And I’m divorcing you. Vasya! What are you talking about? Natalya… Well, thank you.
I was looking for a barber, but now I’ll need to look for an
accountant, too. Thank you. Thank you. – I’m next, right?
– Wait there, I’ll call you. Okay. – Funny…
– What? The “Good Morning!” program, the
producer’s last name is Gutennacht. Oh, right, that’s funny.
Yeah. Is that your portfolio? – Yeah.
– Can I have a look, please? – Oh, sure. Of course.
– I’m just curious. Thank you. – Wow! Your works are good.
– Thank you, I worked hard. Yeah… And I don’t even
have anything to show. Why not? I got my suitcase stolen
at the train station, can you imagine? And I had everything in it, the portfolio,
my things. They stole my money, too. I spent my last money on
the Metro ticket to get here. Look, it’s not like I’m rich
myself, but I can give you some. No, no, of course not. I’m not
talking about that. I just… need a job. I see. Everyone needs a job these days. That’s right. Well, someone’s going to get
lucky today. With the job, I mean. Really? Why do you say that? Well, look, no one else has come, and they need a make-up
artist at “Good Morning”. So, there’s only two of us left
here. One of us is going to get lucky. Well, you, obviously.
You have the portfolio. Well, we don’t know who they’ll pick. Yeah… yeah… My dad is disabled. He needs
a prosthetic leg urgently. My mother’s going blind. Can
you imagine? She needs surgery, and I don’t have a job…
I live in Beldyashki… Hold on, wait! You know
what? The job is yours. Are you serious? Yeah! I think fate always
gives you a chance. Really? The chance is yours,
and I have a ton of options anyway. So good luck, break a leg! See you! – Thanks a lot!
– Bye. Christ, what a good girl. I’m the only left. Right… I’ve been there.
They told me to wait there. And here, they told me
to express my worldview… Well, what is it? The more
I try, the closer I am to success! Oh! Hi. What? You want to steal it? No way. It’s my little door to big opportunities.
And I’m definitely opening it. Got that? Don’t jinx it. Hello. Hi. Excellent timing,
because I’m just about to leave. Oh! Those are all my things,
right? Have you brought it? Yeah, yeah, yeah… – Why is the bag in the basin?
– Blackberry leaked over it. Wait, did you break the jar? – Yeah. Wait, you have no idea what I’ve got
in there! I have all my ID in there! Oh… I washed the floors. Okay, okay, okay. Right, I think that’s it. Let’s go. Not my mug! Oh. I picked the first one I saw.
But… sorry. By the way, I wasn’t the
one who broke the jar. – Right…
– Running late? Oh! Let’s do it like this: you go
to your meeting, and I’ll clean up. Don’t worry, the apartment will
be safe and sound in my hands. And, by the way, I don’t have
anywhere to spend this night, so I’ll crash on your couch…
All right, all right! You’re staying. – Really?! Great!
– Really. Don’t worry, everything’s
going to be tip top! I liked the movie. Why were you so gloomy? Oh, trouble at work. Trouble? In your department?
I haven’t heard anything. Well, it’s not trouble,
exactly… I’m just really busy. As my mom says, you
should leave work at work. My shift starts at 12 tomorrow,
so we can go to your place. No. I just took too much work home. I’ll be busy doing it all night. Too bad. – Good morning.
– Good midday! – Midday?
– Yeah. Look, why did you wake me up, then? My meeting’s only at three!
And you yourself that… I told you not to touch my mug,
and you broke it on purpose. Come on, no! I just did all of your dishes. Have you noticed how
squeaky clean everything is? You can now drink coffee
from any mug you want. I don’t want to drink it from other
mugs, I want to drink it from mine, the blue one. And where
did you put my coffee? – Put it?
– Yeah. – I didn’t put it anywhere, I threw it out.
– Why? Because it smelled terrible.
I thought you were going to get sick. Smelled terrible, is it? Just so you
know, it costs 2000 rubles for 100 grams! It’s a unique kind of coffee. It’s
called Kopi Luwak, have you heard of it? Oh, is that the one squirrels crap out? Squirrels? It’s civets, from Sumatra! Don’t be so upset. Besides!
Besides! I have an alternative. Great coffee with black
currant aroma, no civets! I want to drink my coffee from my mug. And I want my toothbrush to be
exactly where I left it last night. Alone. I understand. I won’t be here by tonight. Yeah… That’s pretty beautiful. Wow! Thanks, I’ll think about it. What are you doing here?
Who did you bring here? What is going on here? Who is this? You have to try this mattress. – It’s good, huh?
– Yeah! Sir! – Who did you bring here?
– Honey, it’s about the room. What room? We’re renting it out to
grandmas, not beautiful young girls. You’ll be sleeping with everyone soon! How much? Try it on. The
color suits you so well. Wait, no more trying
things on. I’m saving up. Until I find a job,
that’s out of the question. Where have you been already? I’ve been to 15 parlors, 4 beauty centers,
and two TV companies. Now that’s just bad luck. Bad luck is right.
And I have to fight it somehow. What are you going to do? I have to convince myself that
I’ll definitely find a job soon. And that’s why I can buy this dress. Now you’re talking! Misha! Blue mug. Oh… The civet coffee… I’ll get it. Once I find a new job. It’s all so bad. All right. Stay here. Are you hungry? Starving. Let me make something! I bought
some lavash. What do we have here? Oh, quark, pickles… Great.
Have some greens. Oh! Garlic. Garlic… Garlic. That’s a
pretty strange combination. It’s an incredible combination.
What are you talking about? I’ll make you some cold whirls.
You’ll be licking your fingers! All you need is taste,
imagination, and moderation. Yeah, moderation is your middle name. Look, you have to enjoy life.
By the way, you haven’t told me what you thought of my new dress. – You have a new dress?
– Yeah. You don’t have a job or a place
to live, and you’re buying dresses? Well, I bought it exactly so I
could find a job and a place to live. You know, fate has a way
of solving everything. It’ll see how much I believe in it,
and it’ll just hand it all to me. And you know, a girl in a
dress like that is a lucky girl. Fate will hand it all to you, huh? Well, just imagine for a second: a
famous designer sees me in this dress and goes: “Katya, you’re the top model
I’ve been looking for all my life! “Let’s get to work!” The ultimate dream. What’s wrong now? Those earrings don’t look good on you. – Why not?
– They make you look vulgar. Now these, they’re right for you. But I don’t like these. Where are you and Misha going? – I don’t know. I’ll come see him.
– Weird. Mom, what’s weird about coming to see
a guy I’ve been dating for six months? Nothing. I’m just trying to
save you from a grave mistake. What mistake? I’m sure
Misha is about to propose. Well, we’ll stop talking
about mistakes when he does. Mom! There are many people who are perfectly
happy living in civil marriage. That’s not true! What, am I not
a good enough example of that? If you weren’t so stupid,
you’d go register it first… And then my life would have
been completely different! Mom… Don’t worry. I remember all of your advice. Those earrings looked great on you, too. Hello. Hi. And you are… who? And who are you? – Those are my slippers.
– Oh! They’re very comfy. Hello… Girls… This is Katya,
she’s my former roommate. And this is Olya, my… Girlfriend. I wanted to surprise you. Oh! Well, I have a meeting.
I’m going. I’ll be back late. Try the whirls, please.
They’re… they’re really good. That’s it, that’s it, I’m
gone. I’m totally gone. I think the surprise worked out. Hey, Sveta, I’m coming to your place. …she’s hysterical, unorganized!
She calls frivolity levity! How do you put up with this? What do you want me to do,
throw her out onto the street? She asked to live here how long? One
day. And how long has she been here? It’s time we set up a deadline for her. You’re right. – We had some sauce, too.
– “We?!” It’s “we” now. Disgusting! How do you even
mix that? Quark and pickles! That’s what she’s like. Disorganized. You have to make my Oleg just
lose it from my new image. Look, if you don’t stop spinning, he
definitely will lose it. And you, too. Maybe he’s the man I’ve
been waiting for all my life. Well, you’ve found him, haven’t
you? So be happy and keep quiet. No, you don’t understand, he’s so
kind, gentle and polite, so tender! I’m jealous. Of all the men in the
world, I only talk to one boring guy. All right, I have to go.
Mom’s waiting. Promise me! – Okay, what do I promise?
– Promise me she’ll leave today. – Not going to happen.
– Why not? Because it’ll already be
tomorrow when I get home. So you want here to keep living with you? Of course not. Olya, what
are you talking about? No way. So talk to her! Got it?
Or I won’t kiss you. Okay. I’ll talk to her. Honest. Bye. What? Morning? Already? – What is this?
– The alarm. It’s my alarm! What’s it doing here? – Sitting.
– Sitting, huh. Well, I have to get up early
tomorrow. So I took it and set it. When are you finally going
away from my apartment? Alarm, please, show me that hour of joy. Relax, Michel, the alarm
doesn’t show nonsense like that. – I talked to Mom.
– About what? Misha! I kissed you. Was that what you talked to your mom about? Misha, stop staring at the
screen or I’ll get offended. Look, could you kiss me again? Because
I still don’t understand anything. No way! Mom is expecting you to
come to dinner tonight. You got it? I got it. Your mom is
expecting me to come to dinner. What does dinner have to do with it, Misha? She’s come to terms with your existence! Come to terms? Well, or almost come to terms…
You have to pass the test. First, bring her flowers.
She doesn’t like roses, she thinks daisies are cemetery flowers,
and carnations are too officious. Sorry for interrupting. How are things with our control
optimization program? Well, almost ready. I’ll be
ready to send it to the client the day after tomorrow. Great. Oh, Misha, you’ll have to
go on a business trip tomorrow. Okay. Right… So I told you about
dinner, told you about the flowers… Oh! Put some decent clothes on. Wait. What do you mean, decent?
Do I put on a suit with a tie? Why a suit? Just put on the sweater
with the bear that I gave you for your birthday, Mom helped me pick it. And the shaggy brown
pants. You’ll be stylish! Yeah, shaggy pants are really
stylish. Tell me, would you like me if I was dressed like that?
Like, the pants and the sweater. It’s not me who has to like you, it’s Mom. And then you’ll propose
and we’ll get married. – Do you have any wedding rings?
– Come here. – There, that. Can I have a look?
– Here you go. Michel! I’m home. You’re having a laugh? You ruined my stuff! Wait, wait, don’t get so agitated. Okay? – What the hell did you do?
– What did I do? I decided to do some laundry,
and some of your things got there by accident. It’s not like I wanted
to do it. I didn’t think that… There! You never think. Wait, what’s the problem? You
can always put on something else. You just don’t get it.
You’ve ruined my life. – Michel?
– And don’t ever call me that stupid name. Sorry. Katya, come on. Listen, don’t cry, please. I’m sorry. Look, it’s just this stretch of
bad luck! It happens to everyone. Whatever I do, it all turns
out wrong. No apartment, no job. No money, and definitely no love life. You need a reboot. – Yeah…
– I’m saying that as a professional. Come on, it won’t help, Mr Professional. Yes it will. Now, if your
hardware’s busted, that won’t help. But you’re doing pretty good on hardware. I mean, you reboot, and
the program starts over. Is that counseling to be paid for? That’s your phone. – Hello.
– Misha, where are you, in the Metro? Look, I haven’t even left yet. What do you mean, you haven’t left? Do you realize Mom’s going
to get a migraine now? I already did! Well, who did I make this all for? Who? Has something happened? We got into a fight with Olya… Well, you’ll make up. Not
like it’s the first time. It is. Wait, how long have you been dating for? Six months and seventeen days. Oh, come on. And you haven’t fought once? What would I get into a fight with
her over? She doesn’t touch my alarm, she doesn’t break my mugs,
she doesn’t do my laundry. The perfect woman. Yeah. Maybe… Hey, don’t be so down.
We’ll come up with a legend. All right, so you left the
house early as always, let’s say… two… and half hours early. An old lady from your
building had her cat run away. No, no, wait. The cat ran away
because it was running from a dog. He climbed on a tree,
but couldn’t get down. And you’re a good neighbor, you
decided to help the old lady out. And while you were climbing the tree,
you tore your sweater and your pants. But the important thing is that the
cat was saved, and the owner was happy. But, you had to go home
and change. That’s it! And you believe that crap?! That
he couldn’t get here on time because his pants shrunk? Have you find yourself
a boyfriend who only has one sweater? And even that one is the one I gave him. By the way, have you thought about why
that suspicious girl does his laundry? Think about it. Olya. Olya girl… I’m sorry, I’m stupid.
I’m just… stupid and kind. I can’t just throw someone out if
she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Well, a kind husband is better
than an angry one. Right? Sorry I’m not doing it all formal-like. Misha… You’re so silly! I do agree to marry you. Oh! Did someone propose
something like that? Michel, you home? Oh, hi. Listen,
I have something great to celebrate. Well, a girl at Sveta’s work took
mother’s leave, and now they have an opening for a make-up
artist. I have a job now! And you didn’t believe in my new dress. Did you touch my computer? I did… I turned it on to look for
an apartment on the internet. Why? You destroyed the data
optimization program! Did you check the hard drive? Yeah, lecture me, why don’t
you. Don’t touch anything. I’ll have to do the
calculations all over again. The project will have to be
delayed by at least two days! Well, let them wait two
days. Let’s celebrate. I promised to send it tomorrow!
I’d never let down the boss before. Right, so I’m going on a business
trip for a day, and when I’m back, I really hope that you aren’t. Okay? Maybe we should?.. Sorry. Especially now that I’m getting married. Katya, I’m begging you, let’s
get together at your place. Where else can I throw the party? At home? Surrounded by my parents, my
grandma and two younger brothers? – Close your eyes.
– I can’t close my eyes on this! A relationship is supposed to develop.
Well, where? Where do I develop it? All right, wait, wait, don’t move. What do you mean, don’t move
I made a promise, for one! And after all, who’s been talking
to people for you, who got you a job? Thanks, friend. Sveta, I’m really very grateful
to you, but we can’t do it because I’m getting out of there tomorrow. – Let’s celebrate before I leave.
– No. Thanks a lot. Oleg is very happy. You’re welcome. Who are these
people? Why is it so loud? I don’t know. They’re Oleg’s
friends. I’ve never seen them before. Oh, nice! Katya, someone’s banging at the door. – Good evening. How may I help you?
– What is this? – What do you mean?
– That cacophony there! – Oh, you mean the music?
– That’s music? My Clotilde’s been shaking all
evening from that… that horror! – Maybe she just wants to dance?
– We demand you stop that racket! Well, friends. Learn to have fun quietly. Hey, lady of the house, got
any coffee for tired lovers? I do. But it’s with black currant aroma. Oh, black currant, nice. Katya, some cops showed up. – Hi.
– Hi. Where is Gorbushkin, KV? The owner. We’re all guests here, she’s the owner. All right, then, everyone go
home. And I’ll have words with you. Home! Now! Thanks a lot. It drew
us closer to each other. – Papers, please.
– One moment. – I… I’m the owner. What happened?
– Papers! Here you go. If you’re the owner, who’s she? Hi. What the hell are you doing here? She’s… an imposter. We’ll handle it. It’s not a disaster. In a couple of
hours, the calculations on my computer will be ready, after lunch we’ll send
the finished program to the client. You’re welcome. – Hi.
– Hi. Moving out? – Yep.
– Need some help? Yeah, there’s a lot of it left. Thanks. – Wait, that’s my suitcase.
– Well, yeah. Your things are in there. – Why did you take my things?
– I didn’t take them, I packed them. – You could have said thanks.
– Thanks? For what? Well, Gorbushkin, KV kicked
us out, effective immediately. I spent all night packing. What do you mean, us? I
have nothing to do with you. I tried to explain that to
him. But he wouldn’t get it. I don’t even want to think
about what you did this time. Wait, where’s my computer? Oh, it’s okay. It’s back at your place.
Gorbushkin left town until the weekend. So call him when you want to get it back. He closed the third lock, and
we don’t have the key to it. Okay. Don’t be so down! Look, it’s a
new page in your life, after all. A new house, a new view. New
neighbors! What else do you want? Katya, you’re not a person,
you’re a cataclysm. – Where are you going?
– Look, I haven’t decided yet. Well, maybe we could go
to the Metro together. No, I’m definitely going
in the opposite direction. – Done.
– Thank you. There. Sveta, is it always that busy
here? My back is killing me. No, that’s just once per
quarter, when they’re making the “Fashion Action” special edition. Look, another one, “Fashion Action”! Who’s the genius you have
coming up with those things? You could have come up with
a stupider name if you tried. Well, at least it rhymes, sort of. You know, if it rhymes, it still
doesn’t mean it’s not stupid. Really? You’re our new
make-up girl, I take it? I’m the new make-up artist. And you? I’m the genius you were just talking about. And also the owner of
this fashion establishment. Katya. Vitya. Well, honey, you
didn’t like the name of my magazine? No, no, that’s not it… Of course
not. I just thought it’s possible to come up with something more
vibrant, more creative, you know… Can you propose something
“vibrant and creative”? Yes. But I’ll need some time. Well, you do have time. Until tonight. – What’s happening here?
– “Fashion Action”. Right, girls, I wish you
all get inspiration. Yasha, I’m expecting
beautiful pictures from you. – As always.
– Come on, come on, back to work. Don’t even think about it. – Hi.
– Hi. Congratulations on the new
apartment. I’ll just be a minute. I bought some slippers for
us two. Tada! Here you go. – Are you sick?
– No. Why do you say that? It’s been three days since you moved,
and your apartment is such a mess! I mean, your love for
cleanliness is pathologic… Look, uh… Thanks. I had a lot of work. I have good news.
My mom almost forgave you. I’m off. We’re meeting up at
our cafe at 7. Don’t walk me out. There, Katya, come in. This here
is our table. Have a seat, Katya. Well, you can order whatever
you like. Don’t be shy. Here you go. Just a green herbal tea for me. That’s all. That’s all? Well, bring us a
bottle of red wine for starters. There. Katya, I wanted to say something…
Maybe we really should have a drink. Have dinner together. We’ll
talk and all that. Katya? I’d start from point three. You
wanted to discuss your magazine’s – silly name, right?
– That’s right… That’s right. Well, let’s start with point three, then. – Hi.
– Hi. I was going to see
you and I remembered how we met… Oh… I remember. At work…
One of my IT guys introduced us. Nope. There was a corporate
party at this cafe. You were scared of walking up to
me. So I walked up to you myself. You were in that corner.
Remember? Under the lamp. Yeah, of course. We have a reason to drink champagne. – Waiter? Can we have some champagne?
– Yeah. Katya, incredible prospects
await you in my holding. Katya. I always know how to value
smart and beautiful girls. – Can I go out?
– Katya? – One minute.
– Katya! But I was just… Katya! – Excuse me, is that the only exit?
– Yeah, that’s the only one. No. Here’s my exit. Hi. You again? I’m sorry for distracting you,
but I need your help. Tell me, please, why is it that
you always need help from him? Well, because he’s always in the
right place at the right time. – Right for who?
– For me. Anyway, I have to get rid of
a very annoying suitor. But he can’t know about it.
Otherwise, it’ll be a disaster. – What do I have to do with it?
– Everything, he’s got great plans for me! Oh, thank you. I like this job. I need money.
So, we’re walking up to their table, I’ll introduce you as my fiance. Sorry.
Right… Like, we met here by accident. You’ll play jealous, I’ll give you excuses
about how this is a business meeting. How do you explain that your fiance
is at the cafe with a different girl? You’re not his girl, you’re
his cousin from Beldyazhki. Olya… So I’m his cousin. And
I’m from Beldyazhki, to boot. Come on, come on. It’ll only take
a couple of minutes. I promise. Let’s get a move on. Come on. – Let’s go. Put your coat on.
– Why? Just put it on. – Viktor…
– Katya… I want to introduce you to my fiance. Misha. We met here by accident, he came
here to have dinner with his cousin… The thing is, he’s a bit jealous, and
he won’t believe me when I tell him you’re my boss and we’re
having a business meeting. – Do you believe me now, honey?
– Yeah. That’s too far. Oh… Olya! You know, I have to get going.
Thanks a lot for the dinner. Olya, come on, what is it? Do
you remember how clumsy she is? She puts on her pants over her head. So you even know such things
about her? Mom warned me… Wait. I’m serious. I’m not
guilty of anything. Honest. You’re the best. You’re the only one.
Otherwise, would I have waited so long that your mother got a headache? Why am I supposed to believe you? Because I’m predictable, I’m
logical. I’m honest, after all. What, am I supposed to forgive you now? Oh, Michel. Listen, it all went
great. I think he bought it. – Really? I’m free to go?
– Yeah. Thanks. Good evening. See you. Michel! Michel! Sorry. I’ll just be one second, really.
One second. Come here one second. Listen, do you happen to
have my toothbrush at home? Are you sure now is the
best moment to talk about it? I know how stupid it sounds,
but it’s a gift from my grandma. – It’s important to me.
– I have your damn toothbrush. That’s it, great. At
least I’m calm now. Sorry. Stop trying to cheat me.
I know what that farce was about. It was to make us get in a fight so that you
could marry her with a clear conscience. Olya, you’re taking it all wrong. And he was never going to
marry anyone anyway. Or… You discussed this with her, too? I don’t even want to see you anymore. Olya! It’ll be okay. You’ll make up.
I promise. That’s for sure. Stop bringing chaos into my life. I’ve always said that workplace
romances don’t work out. Stop pouring water. Mom, he’s such a good guy!
I was going to marry him. You were! Every stupid
little girl wants to marry. You try getting the man to
do it! What a fox, that one. She snatched like it was nothing!
Give me something to drink. Mom, what do I do now? Don’t cry, honey, don’t cry.
He’s a good guy, you know. He’s polite, he makes good money…
Okay, so tomorrow you say sorry. You say you weren’t right. And
then you propose you celebrate getting engaged at his place. What do you mean? What, you really don’t get it? You said all the time yourself: only
after the wedding, only after the wedding. And I was right about it! But in
this case, it’s out of control. Have a drink, my girl. I told you it was a bad
idea. Viktor’s bed is his HR. If Aglaya finds out about it, she’ll,
I don’t know, claw your eyes out! Wait, why? it was a
business dinner, by the way. And we were talking about
the name of the magazine. How did you do it? It was pretty hard, to be honest. Michel
was having dinner at the same cafe and played the part of my jealous fiance. Michel, jealous fiance?
Please, he’s a complete wuss. You laugh all you want, but
he was a total knight in there. And I’ll say this: yesterday’s
incident and the fact that Michel was there proves my theory that… The Universe loves you. Karma
exists, and fate takes care of you. That’s right! Thank you. – Hi.
– Hey. – I’ve been looking for you.
– I… I was delivering an order. I was in the wrong last night.
I’m so sorry. Forget about it. – Really? You’re not angry at me?
– No. Okay. So we can finally
celebrate getting engaged? I… I’m finally staying
the night at your place. Olya… Olya, I’m sorry, but it won’t work. – What won’t work?
– Everything. You don’t love me? I was so stupid. Mom was right. She puts on her pants over her head, huh? She’s disorganized? She left
her toothbrush there? Right? Olya, people are looking at us. Romantic relationships
between coworkers are forbidden under the threat of being fired. Need: head of IT department. Urgent. Yeah, I quit. Well, because of the circumstances.
Why? I’m always ready. And I have a resume. Right, great. Thank you. Hi. Are you helping me? I’ll get you something to eat next time. – Good afternoon.
– Hello. – Hello. Which way is the IT room?
– To your right and then turn left. Thank you. Got it. Thanks. He’s coming. Probably some old buzzkill. He’ll mark it down when you come or go. – Hello.
– Hello. – Hello.
– I’m your new boss, Mikhail. – Roman.
– Igor. Okay. Well, what’s it like, working here? Well, there is something
unusual here: lots of ladies. And then… you see? You know, let’s get more informal in here. – Igor.
– Misha. – Roma.
– Misha. You see, these are magazines, glossy mags. When they send them out to be
printed, it’s complete chaos. Everything disappears and goes missing. It’s one crying fit after the next. – Yeah. It’s okay, it’s okay.
We can handle disorganization. Now, the ladies… That’s harder. – Got it?
– Of course. We’ll do some nice work here. – Well, what are you doing here?
– What a weird question. Working. – I work here, too.
– Since when? Since today. That’s an interesting coincidence.
Maybe you’re following me. – Have you made up with the fiance?
– No. – Why not?
– I don’t have a fiance anymore. Now that’s just sad. She’s just
perfect for you, you said it yourself. Exactly. It’s just that at one
point of my life, a virus appeared. Maybe the Lord wanted
to change your program? My program was doing
fine until you showed up! What a dumbass. Do not enter!
Cleaning motherboard contacts. Trespassers will have their social
network sites access revoked. There… – What do you think?
– About what? Well, like… magazines, girls, pictures? Well, number one and two
are definitely a “yes”. To yes! Come on. – Misha, do you have a wife?
– Nah. Didn’t work out that way. – To that!
– Okay. What, she left you for someone else? Oh come on, did you leave her? Not really. I just… at a certain
point I realized… she didn’t really see me the way I was… Like, seriously. She was trying to mold
something out of me with her mom… And she’s boring… boring…
Especially compared to… My gut tells me you met a non-boring lady. Yeah… I mean, no. Honestly, I absolutely
cannot have a relationship with her. Okay. Trust someone who’s got
experience in this: you’re in love. God no! Seriously. Come on. Misha, have you lost your mind?
Why the hell didn’t you warn me? What do you mean, warn you? I
paid for three months in advance, after all. What are you barging in for? I called you! You couldn’t be reached. So what? Now you can sleep in my bed, huh? Such are the circumstances.
I’m divorcing my wife because I fell in love with someone else. And that someone else doesn’t
have any real estate, does she? It’s not their real estate
that makes you love women. You shouldn’t love women anyway. I already packed your things. Anyway, dude, we’re staying here
and we have nowhere else to go. I’ll give you the money
back, just for two months. Thank you. Goodnight. Look, how about you dye my hair blond? No. I barely forced
myself to agree to that. You better tell me what kind of
glitter you want, the vibrant kind or… This one. Hello, creators of beautiful
faces. Right, we need help, now. What do we get for that? Ask my boss that. He
suddenly became homeless. Is anyone renting out an
apartment? Does anyone know? Is he cute, at least, that boss of yours?
If he is I could let him stay with me. Hey, Roma! Barging into
our creative space is wrong. We have a creative process going
on. Come on, we’ve heard it. Bye. What? You’re all right without
the lips, too. Take a hike. What, Misha’s homeless again?
Right, I’ll go make some tea. And don’t look at me like that. – Yeah?
– Hey, Misha. Yeah, this is Katya. Hello, Katya. I heard you were looking for an apartment. Well, there’s something… I’m going
on a business trip for a few days tomorrow. So you could stay at my
place while you’re looking for your own. No, no, no, no. Thank you so much,
but I’m not taking anything from you. – Well, suit yourself.
– Right, have a nice trip. Misha, I don’t understand you. A beautiful
girl invites you to stay with her, and you go: no, no! He said he didn’t want an
apartment with girls, right? Yeah, I’d rather stay here
and sleep on the chairs. – Yeah…
– Yeah, the chairs are better. Hello. Hey. Look, I… My offer
still holds. I was just leaving. What? You know what, I agree.
I’ll just leave my things. Okay? – Okay.
– So do I come pick you up? Yeah. Actually, don’t. Let’s
meet in about 15 minutes. I still have tons of work.
In the hall downstairs. Bye. Okay, in the hall downstairs
in fifteen minutes. Five minutes and that’s it.
Just five minutes and that’s it. Come in. Be comfortable.
Make yourself at home. We’re having dinner. Wait, that’s now what we agreed
on… I’m just leaving my stuff here. Don’t talk nonsense. You helped
me out when I had it rough. You did. I want to pay you back
the same way. Besides, it’s much easier to find a
new pad if you’re already got a bed. Should I rhyme my sentences too, now? Oh, look, your reboot’s started. It’s not a reboot, it’s a system crash. Right, life expectancy of trees.
Dragon tree, 6000 years. Baobab, 5000. Plum, fifty…
Wow, what a loser. – Misha, are you sleeping?
– No, of course not. I’m not. – Why not?
– I’m thinking. – About what?
– That I don’t know you at all. What’s stopping you from
getting to know me better? Nothing. Tell me. What do you want me to tell you? The most interesting thing you can
think of. Tell me whatever there is. Well, my grandma worked
at a children’s theater. – An actress grandma?
– Yeah. Can you imagine? She’d take me with her all the time.
I knew her entire repertoire by heart. But the thing that I found most fun
was climbing the roof of the stage during those plays, and
walk around on the beam. The one that’s holding up the curtains.
No safety nets. Can you imagine? – You’re crazy.
– Yep. I’m insane. And it went on for a really
long time, by the way. Until one time, an actor
caught me having fun up there. Can you imagine? They’re doing
a play, the actor looks up. And then he freezes. And everyone on the stage follows suit. There’s a spooky silence.
I was terribly scared. I just didn’t know what to do,
go on, go back or fall down. And somewhere along the way I
thought, if I make it in one piece, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life. Everything will be good for me. How late? Hey. Katya! She’s not here, she’ll be
back on a different day. What do you mean, different
day? That doesn’t work for me. I have to be incredible, today. I’m sorry, I can’t help you today. Who are you, actually? Turns out I’m nobody. If you’re living in the apartment
while the owner isn’t there, you aren’t nobody. I’m a coworker, then… Pleased to meet you.
Zoya, the neighbor. Misha. Misha. You know, Misha, I
trust male hands a lot more. Please put some make-up
on me, for the evening. I’m not a make-up artist, I’m an IT guy. Well, that’s even more interesting. You know, I have so many
problems with my computer. It’s glitching all the time.
You should come take a look. I was running late for work.
Let’s do it some other time. Okay. Come on, come on. Get a
move on. We’re running late. How long do I have to wait for you? So he tells me, like, I
don’t know anything about you. I thought I was telling him stuff
about me, and he was just sleeping! Well, what did you expect,
that he’d jump you like a tiger? Well, of course I didn’t want
that, it’s just… I thought that… What are you said about, pretty
girls? Great things await! And for that, we need a good mood. Well, Katya has a problem with her tenant. What? Who hurt you, honey? Let’s talk about our
creative plans instead. Actually, let me tell you a joke. A surgeon is looking at
X-Ray photos and says: “Well, the arms are broken,
there’s a fracture in the hip bone. “The spine is broken, too. But it’s
okay. We’ll fix it… in Photoshop.” You’re all crazy. Sveta, I hope you’re the one
who does my make-up today? I don’t know, Katya and I
haven’t talked about it yet. That wasn’t a question,
that was a condition. I don’t want random wannabes to touch me. Remember what I told you?
Don’t even think about it. We’ll see how it goes. – Aglaya!
– Yeah? Do you know if Viktor
was going to come today? Well, of course I do. Of course I do. He was going to come tonight, with
champagne and his business partners. Come on, make-up, now! All right, that’s it, we’re
done with make-up, go change. We’ll style your hair
in five minutes. Okay? – What are you doing?
– I’m taking a picture of you. Why? I need to. It’s going
to be a great photo. Awesome! – Just step a little bit to the left.
– Here? No, your left. That’s right. Sure, I wanted to be a model at
one point. That was a long time ago. Well, I should set real goals for
myself. What kind of model am I? I don’t know… Lower your chin. And smile
a little bit. There you go. “Wha is that at my bower-door?
O wha is it but Findlay. “Then gae your gate, ye’se nae be
here! Indeed maun I, quo’ Findlay.” – Katya isn’t here.
– When will she be? – Monday.
– Monday. Monday… – What was that just now?
– That was Robert Burns, young man. I see… You must be
Katya’s grandmother. Right? – Yes.
– The actress. – Yes.
– Hello. Hello. You’re a very bright young
man. My name is Spark. What? Spark. That’s what my parents named me. You could call me Spark
Ivanovna, with the patronymic, – but I think it sounds silly.
– Not really. Why silly? – Well, what do I call you, then?
– Mikhail. Misha! Mikhail. Michel.
Michel, I wanted to ask you… Since Katya isn’t here, maybe
you could take me to the hospital? – When?
– Now. I have a physical scheduled. Well, I… I’ll think of something.
I’ll ask some time off work. There are many theaters in our city,
but my Youth Theater is the best. I’ve had so many parts
there… The Hare, the Inkwell… That’s right, the Inkwell. And
Bagheera, and even Gaidar’s Bad Boy… – What are you laughing about?
– Nothing, sorry. I just thought that it’s fitting that
Katya’s grandmother would play Bad Boy. – What, did Katya get on your nerves?
– No, it’s okay. Tell me, why do you and Katya
call me Michel? – Katya, too?
– Yeah. So she hasn’t forgotten.
You see, when I was young, I really liked the movie
Young Girls of Rochefort. And the leading actor was Michel
Piccoli. I liked him so much. I even chose my husband
because he looked like him. I just realized I don’t
know anything about Katya. Well, Katya’s parents died in a
car accident. She was just three. Well, since then we’ve been together.
She grew up behind the curtains. She learned to be a make-up artist.
And now she wants to be famous. No. Well, everyone wants to be famous. Just remember, Katya
always does everything right. Yeah, yeah. Hello. Come into my office. And
you, wait here, please. Come with me. – What is your relation to Spark Ivanovna?
– Me? Her granddaughter’s always
taken her to the physical. – Well, you could say she sent me.
– Her fiance. Well, more or less. I get it. More or less, huh? I propose a toast to the
anniversary edition of our magazine. – Come on, yay!
– Yay! Come on, come on. Help yourselves. Eat. Take care of our guests. – Katya…
– Yeah? You’re upset about something, aren’t you? No, no. I’m just a bit tired. Yeah, these special editions
always feel like donating blood. I don’t think so. In fact,
working here is really interesting. Really? I’m glad to hear that.
By the way, the editing staff has approved the name you
gave our special edition. Really? Really. “Fashion Whim”
has been approved unanimously. – Nice!
– Nice… So maybe we should, uh…
Celebrate it somehow? Vitya. – Yeah? Nikolai really wants to
continue your conversation. And you promised him a
surprise, too. Really? Yeah. Katya, I’ll get back to it. Well, let’s go surprise him, then. My friends, I’m asking for
your attention for a second. I’m inviting all of you to the terrace now. Because a surprise is waiting for us there. Please, take care of my boys. – You know, I’ve never even done it.
– There’s nothing to do. Besides, my boys are such little angels. You know, Katya always
babysits them when my rehearsals take place at the same
time as my husband’s shifts. Do you understand what theater really is? Well… Not really. Well, if I don’t get there,
they’ll just replace me. And I might lose the most
important part of my life. You see? Yeah. No. Katya would get it. – Well, please. I’m begging you.
– Okay. Really, you’ll do it? Thank
you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, sweeties, Mom’s gone.
That’s all, Mom’s gone. Don’t kill this man. Come closer, please.
Honey. Okay, let’s start. I have a good broker. He could
help Misha find a new apartment. Or he could stay there
with you. Think about it. Well? Did you have a wild night, boss? Yeah. That was a wild night for
sure. You see, those quiet kids… They absolutely destroyed
Katya’s apartment in three hours. I was up all night cleaning it up. What, our make-up artist has kids? No, of course not. They’re her neighbor’s. But their mom left them there,
she had to go to a rehearsal. And Katya always helps her. In the last 22 seconds, you
said the name Katya three times. What does that mean? Barsik and I decided to have
dinner, but we realized there was too much food for the two of
us. So we decided to invite you. What do you think about duck pate,
avocado salad and almond cake? Generally, I’d be all for it.
But right now, definitely not. And if you think about it? If I think about it I realize
I have too much work. And if you really think about it? And you
promised to have a look at my computer! I’ll take a look at it,
but some other time. – Barsik.
– What about Barsik? He climbed under the table. Here, kitty. Come here. Where
is he? Barsik, come here. He won’t come out of there by
himself. He’s too gentle and proud. – Well, then. I’ll do it with a broom.
– Barsik? With a broom? – What else, then?
– I don’t know. Let’s try doing it, like… With our hands. He’ll get his fur all
over everything. Okay… Barsik, where are you?
Come here. Kitty kitty. Barsik, honey, come out. Barsik. He’s scratching me. Come
on, maybe you’ll do better. Really? Come here, my dear. Come here. Yeah, like that.
Good, good, good. Slower, slower. Slower. – Let’s try something different.
– Okay. – Hey.
– Hello, Katya. – Did I walk on in something?
– We were trying to catch Barsik. – Yeah.
– I saw. Barsik… Let’s go home. Misha, my offer still stands. Katya, I swear to God… Wait, wait, I found
something for you… A broker. He’ll find a new apartment for
you really quick. No, no, no. I’m okay. I’m okay. Sveta, you took everything
that was there again. What for? – You don’t use half of it anyway.
– But I’ll always have it. – Katya, I need to talk to you.
– I’m busy. – I see, but can you listen to me?
– It’s not a good time. I don’t think there ever
is a good time with you. You won’t pick up, you
won’t respond to my texts. You even change seats
when I come to the cafe. – We’re working here.
– I can see that, but it’s important. Okay. You have 40 seconds. Okay. So I took Spark to the hospital… – I know. Thanks.
– Then I babysat Marina’s children. She got the part. I walked the dog
for the neighbor from the fifth floor, until her blood pressure was okay.
I helped someone move the sofa. I gave some money to Fyodor.
Basically, I’ve been you all this time. Great. Now I’ll be myself and no one
will hassle you with their problems. I liked it. I want to be you.
I mean, with you. Wait, didn’t you tell me I was a
disorganized hysterical airhead? I… It’s just that your program is so…
Complex. Took me a while to figure it out. – So now you’ve figured it out, then?
– Katya, wait. I know, you were so tired when
you came here, I was with that cat… I wanted to give you a
completely different welcome. Well, the welcome that you gave me… What if you surprise her? Do something absolutely exceptional. Like what? Well, what does she like?
What is her dream? She likes chaos. And she wants to become famous. Yeah, not a lot to work with.
But we’ll think of something. Hello there, sons of IT toil.
Misha, how’s the new apartment? Oh, it’s okay. Thank you for the broker. You’re welcome, any time. What
are you so sour about, huh? I’ll have to get your spirits up. – Really?
– Here, look. Wow! Misha, come here. I think I have an idea. – I thought he liked me.
– I never doubted that. Really? Why was he crawling all
over the floor with Zoya, then? Well, you said it yourself,
they were catching her cat. – And I’m supposed to believe him?
– Of course. I was the one who taught him
to lie. It was about a cat, too! Katya, I don’t think he’s lying to you. He’s got kind eyes and a nice smile. Yeah, I think so, too. Sometimes… And sometimes I don’t think so. Just don’t rush to conclusions. Time will sort everything out. Have you lost your mind?
We’ll just get fired! – That idea is genius!
– Misha’s personal life is falling apart! Be good about it, okay? Okay, okay. Okay. Good.
What exactly do you suggest? Wow! There, look. Is that you? You listen to me! We have to take
it out of circulation, now. Now! – Where are you going?
– Let me pass. What? What is it? What is the meaning of this? This… What is this? I’ll call you back. I’d like
to know what that means, too. Right. Yaroslava, call the
one responsible for this issue. He’s already in the waiting room. Come here. Yeah. I’m listening, Viktor. Why is this photograph on
the cover of my magazine? – Photograph?
– Photograph! I… I don’t know, everything was
composed already, and approved… You signed the mock-up yourself,
Aglaya Novikova was on the cover. Exactly! Wait. Go on. Well, someone made some changes
from the main computer late at night. Who? Who was it? Probably that new IT department chief. There, Mikhail Selin. He’s
the only one who has access. We’re looking for him already, and I’ve
prepared the papers for his termination. Looking for him? D-don’t do that.
Please, it’s not his fault. It’s mine. Your fault. Your fault. Right, Selin. Selin? Is this… Wait, wait, this Selin… It was
the same Selin who’s your fiance. Selin… You introduced us
at the restaurant. Right? – What restaurant?
– Wait. Oh, Selin… I’m listening, hello. How much? How? Oh, come on. And that’s just
in the few hours it’s been out? Well, yeah, right. No. Yeah, okay, bye. Well, I hope you’re throwing her out now? What? Oh, no. No, I’m doing the opposite. I’ll give her a contract for a
series of new photographs in our next special issue of Fashion Whim.
You see, it turns out that, commercially speaking, that was
our most successful cover. Aglaya! So this is how it is? Come on, my girl, what
is it? Why are you so mad? You were on the… Well, now. What are you
standing around for? Go. Katya, Katya, I have a… Katya!
Katya, in my head, right here… Wait, Katya, are you hot? I mean,
Katya, while we’re waiting for Selin, we could talk about your new contract. No, no, no, no. We’re going to talk about what’s
going to happen to Mikhail. Look, it really isn’t his fault. We
had a fight, he wanted to surprise me. I have to admit that he succeeded.
He surprised everyone. Yeah. Yaroslava! Come see me. Please, Viktor, don’t fire
him. He’s a great professional. Yeah? What’s up with our
hero, have you found him? Viktor, the thing is, Selin
actually quit this morning. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. The subscriber cannot be reached at the… Hey. Bread? Here you go. I’ll
share it with you. Have some. Good boy. Hey! What do you need my
phone for? Hey! Give it back! Give it back! I’ll remember you! A big city is a wonderful place where
luck and success await you at every turn. Somewhere down the line you
realize that it’s right there, you just have to reach out and grab it. You know, none of that matters
when you have someone to love. And it doesn’t matter that he
grumbles about a broken mug, or because you put your
toothbrush in the wrong place. Because he’s… He’s the
only one. And he’s the best. Well, thanks. Now I definitely lost him. Michel! – Why didn’t you call?
– I couldn’t. I can’t call you either now.
I told you crows steal phones, and you wouldn’t believe me.

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