100 thoughts on “Make art from something you’ve never seen. | David Brooks | The Art Assignment”

  1. reminds me of the pokemon drawing game. 
    it's a simple game. one person describes a pokemon, the other person draws it based entirely on the description. 

  2. all i can think of right now is wanting to depict my dad, who died when i was 4. he existed, but i will never see him, or know him.

  3. I'm really tempted to do something with the music video for Wrecking Ball… I hate the song so I never looked up the music video (and also why would I want to see that?) but I've seen tons of parodies and heard about it.

  4. I liked his sculptures and using the weight of the animals.  When you mentioned taxidermy I was a little worried that the artwork would be a still life of cats playing poker.

  5. i will never see myself wright easily anything without grammar or spelling mistakes using my hand, a piece and a pencil, scince i'm dis graphic. 

  6. I always wished I could draw, but never more than now. There's so much incredible stuff out there that I've never seen that I'd very much like to, and my very limited writing skills can never capture the eye of the consumer like a gorgeous painting or an intriguing sculpture.

  7. As a chemistry student my mind leaps immediately to electrons, chemical mechanisms and even atoms and chemical bonds that i know exist but will never be able to physically see them, only seeing the effects of the reactions and the densities of the charges.

  8. This show is so good! I love seeing what all the current artists are creating and thinking about. Thanks for doing it. 

  9. I find this assignment amazing because it makes me realize the inevitability of never seeing all the amazing things in the world. However, I also can't seem to pick anything without thinking, 'Well, you never know. It could happen.' 

  10. My submission is just a sketch of my heart, which I have never seen, and likely never will. While others, including myself, may have you believe my heart is made of stone, you will see that it isn't completely stone. (I think you need a google account to view it)  #theartassignment  

  11. im going to draw my own digegstive system i was going to do diffrint parts of my body but i dont have enuff time
    so im going to limit myself to the digestive system ill put it on tumblur and the link it in the coments

  12. Since I was born with one working eye, I was thinking about doing something about the thought of seeing in 3D and how it seems so foreign to me, even though i'm living in a 3D world. The only problem is how I would draw a 2D picture of something that I think is 3D without making it look like a 2D view of the world I have now.

    It's like a visual explanatory gap like trying to explain colors to a blind person.

  13. I had an idea:  What if a couple of us got together & drew each other?  Anyone want to go for it? Methinks it would be best if we did not do it off of pictures, but rather described ourselves to each other & work off of that.  Drawing is not my strong suit, so my picture of you is likely be very bad, but it would still be an interesting exercise.

    Edit: I am in California, if time zones are going to be a factor.

  14. 1) I haven't done an Art Assignment yet but I'm excited about trying to figure something out for this one. It intrigues me. 
    2) Every time John Green calls out the patriarchy, the tiny cartoon cheerleader who lives in my heart does a celebratory backflip. She may or may not resemble Buffy Summers. 

  15. The first thing that popped into my head was snow, since it's summer here in Australia but winter is all I hear about/see on the tv and internet.  I tend to feel disconnected from depictions of snow-covered places and snowy Christmases, like they're just parts of stories and tv shows and fairytales that don't really exist, at least for me.  Or even just the saying "you special snowflake".  It's said a lot but really, I have no idea what's so special about snowflakes.  I've never seen one and probably never will.

  16. Ooh, another really interesting assignment- I have a few ideas already- music related. I want to post my gif from the last assignment first, though- still working on my description. Looking forward to trying this one as well!

  17. Does it have to be an "object" or can it be an idea. For instance, While many people talk about "the injustices of the patriarchy", I'm not sure I've ever personally encountered it. It must exist if so many are affected by it. I'm just brainstorming here, but there seems to be untapped potential in the realm of the social world.

  18. This is so interesting and for some reason the video made me really emotional.. my brain just exploded with ideas and thoughts, and yeah..  I'll do this assignment 🙂

  19. Ah I am one year away from having my teacher's license and I CAN'T WAIT to be able to use these videos in my classroom! This is such a cool combination of science and art! 

  20. 4:15 The actual art assignment.

    Although I was interested and engaged by what he had to say, it seems perfectly reasonable to want to get straight to the meat of things. I figured I'd just make that easier for whoever is looking to do that.

  21. I love what Mr. Brooks said about how the human mind doesn't have a choice about making some concepts theoretical because they're too vast: "perhaps they don't even exist". It makes me think about how people can so easily be in denial about hugely negative things that happen in the world because they're far away or just too terrible to imagine. This may be the most thought-provoking assignment yet!

    My first thought on doing this assignment, though, involved YouTubers – people I "see" 2-3 times a week, but will probably never actually meet (unless I get myself out to VidCon). Or a character in a novel that can only ever really exist in my own mind, brought to life by the words on the page and by my interpretation, which is shaped by my surroundings. I don't even know where to start with this one…I'm really looking forward to seeing others' submissions.

  22. Maybe I'll submit a blank piece of paper with the description saying that I bought a piece of paper to creat the most amazing masterpiece but I didn't so now, we will never see it. 

  23. the show in which John wears fancy clothes to try to mask the fact that deep down he is a nerd. Great stuff though 🙂

  24. Regardless of what kind of family you find yourself in (with your birth family, adopted,from a sperm donor,etc.), we all have something in common: we'll never know who our "siblings" would've been. Of the thousands of eggs your birth mother has or the sprem your father has, the people you grow up with could be so different. They just were never made. It's crazy! I want to find some way to represent that!

  25. If you want to see more art that's a representation of or claims to be something that it isn't initially portrayed as that thing.  Look up Michael Craig-Martin's work "An oak tree".  It's made me simultaneously laugh and question life.

  26. This is one of the most deceptively difficult Art Assignments, because to make it unique, you really have to think.

  27. This reminds me of the overstuffed walrus at London's Horniman museum. Basically a walrus was hunted in the wild and sent back to England to add to their collection. The taxidermist had never seen a walrus before, in pictures or in the flesh, and so didn't realise that it has a lot of loose skin which meant they overstuffed the walrus, completely filling out the skin. The animal is still on display and is a fantastic example of interpreting information the best you can, however misguided it may turn out to be.

  28. I'm very excited to do this. Although I know many people will probably be doing places or animals. I'm hoping that emotions are avaliable to be in this spectrum.

  29. But how do I know what I don't know. I honestly can't think of anything I know exists without ever seeing it. Can someone please help me? 🙁 My brain hurts…

  30. I love that he's discussing Durer. 🙂
    And that disconnect/abstraction with things so big and outside of ourselves is so true.

  31. Here an interesting story about stuffed lion in Sweden:

  32. So if I have seen pictures, does it count? What if I try to get it from a unique angle I have never seen in a picture?

  33. now this sounds interesting!
    One question, does it have to be, like, an object or could it be something more abstract? Like an emotion or ideology? After all I might learn about certain religions or beliefs but never actually grasp them for what they are…
    Also just wondering if a certain medium is supposed to be used here, the artist does sculptures but would painting or even just using words to describe something also be an option?

  34. Taking a leap from the deep sea dive, I filmed my submission today using a game in which Person A describes a picture in sign language to Person B and B must then draw what they interpret from A's description. Tomorrow's task is captioning ready for upload on Tuesday! (Monday US time)

  35. My sister is pregnant I am thinking about drawing her unborn child i have seen no ultra sounds or anything just her and her husband.

  36. It'd be cooler if the sculpture and the animal not only had equal masses, but also for example inertia tensors 😉

  37. I love this channel, its so innovative and unique, and yes, i'm definitely doing this assignment, it inspired me a lot 😀 

  38. Would it count if I did an abstract drawing of My mothers face at my wedding, as I have never seen that and never will

  39. #theartassignment  

    It took a while, but my wife and I finally finished the fourth assignment. Visit our blog to see our depictions of each others descriptions of things. http://davidandlucy.blogspot.co.uk/

  40. haha I was actually looking up pictures of narwhals to draw and then he said not to necessarily depict something so exotic like a narwhal. I'm excited to try my first art assignment though!

  41. Could we do something like a mythological creature? For instance, in Harry Potter, they mention so many creatures like bowtruckles and hinkypunks but we never see what they look like

  42. This is such a great idea for an assignment! So interesting to think about our relationship to the visual world and how we work out the value of seeing something physically- so glad this channel exists!

  43. Just finished this one!  Thank you so much for such great inspiration, Mr. Brooks! The Art Assignment #4: Never Seen Never Will

  44. I've never been inside a sewer system, and I'm not sure I've even seen many pictures. Are you allowed to have seen pictures?

  45. Finally got around to completing my assignment! I experimented a bit, and I really like how it turned out: http://acvart.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/never-seen-never-will/

    When I got the assignment I immediately thought of the Crystal Chandelier Ballroom, which I once saw on tv. Though I'll never get to see it in real life, the idea that this beauty exists, deep, deep below the normal places where people live and work and go about their business, continues to fascinate me. It’s as if beauty doesn’t have to be observed in order to be real and meaningful, it exists for its own sake, and just knowing that it does makes me inexplicably happy 🙂

  46. @The Art Assignment Karl May wrote series of books about Winnetou, a chief of an Apache tribe, in the 1870's without ever visiting the places he described – it seems very similar to the rhino example you mentioned. His books are very popular in the Czech Republic and Germany!

  47. I am going to draw Sarah and John. Because I know they exist, I have seen their face as pixels on the screen, I have read things they have created; thoughts, nursed, delivered from their brain. (to quote shakespeare) But I have never see them. Or ever will. And I guess it will be kind of fun.

  48. 06:13 strange to think that I have never seen the Petra which exists in my country not far from Amman (the city where I live) while I have traveled as far as Virginia (where I am right now)…when I first heard the assignment I was like "I'm 21, I'll probably make sure to see everything before I die" for me to realize I haven't seen something people travel to my country to see… I think I agree with Sarah when she said this makes you think of how short your life really is and to come to the realization that you will not see everything throughout this short time… Scary!

  49. Yay for Albrecht Durer!!! He was my thesis topic. We had a relationship for a year and a half (until I submitted my thesis). I love any reference to his work 🙂

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