Mere Sai – Ep 599 – Full Episode – 9th January, 2020

Mere Sai – Ep 599 – Full Episode – 9th January, 2020

Flies the parrot! Flies the cuckoo! Flies the donkey? My turn!
It is my turn! Flies the cuckoo! Flies the bird! Flies the donkey! Flies the elephant. Flies the hen! Kids, look what I have
brought for you. Colors?
– Colors? You may make great patterns
using these colors. Here. It was great when
we were kids. Sai used to bring
something for us. Yes. Keshav. No matter how much
you grow up you will always be
a child for me. I have something
for you as well. Here. Thank you, Sai. Sai, you do like
rangoli patterns, right? You encouraged Pari
to make some. ‘Rangoli’ is a thought,
Tatya. It shows unity
in diversity. The pattern becomes beautiful
by the use of multiple colours. And the people of various
religions and sects make this world beautiful. All they need is harmony. You will See.
Sai will help me. I will get justice. He will help me.
– He will help me, not you. Calm down. What is the matter? Sai, we have come
from Sakori village. I am Laxmichand,
a money lender. And he is Baliram. Sai, I am a poor weaver. I sell blankets.
This is how I earn my bread. A few days ago,
he took five blankets from me. And he said I can take
the payment after four days and when I went to get
the money he refused to pay me. Why did you refuse? Sai, we must pay
for things we use. I took blankets
from him and left for home. And there is a forest
on the way and it was burning. And four blankets
got burnt to ashes. This is all
that is left. I am willing to pay him
for this one. And why should I pay
for blankets I never used? This is not right. Once you took
the blankets you must keep them safe. Why Baliram bear the loss?
– Yes. No, Keshav. Laxmichand is right. The blankets were burnt
before he could use them. So why should he pay Baliram
for those blankets? Please do not say so, Sai! My hard work
will be in vain! This money feeds
my kids and runs my family. He is lying, Sai. How can it be that
four blankets burnt out and only one survived? And no other belonging
of his was burnt! I had four carts. My servant put these
blankets on a cart with oil. It could be that blankets
were burnt as the oil was spilled
on them! And I am not cruel!
I am paying you for the blanket
that is left. Even Sai says I must
not pay for the rest. You are right. Those blankets
must not be well made as they were burnt
so easily. May I please see this blanket?
– Okay. Let us burn
this blanket as well so that Laxmichand
does not have to pay at all. Sai, you bring justice. So why do you do this? Baliram, if your blankets
are poorly made then you must admit
your fault. Let us test it now. Tatya, Keshav. Get me a burning ember and some oil
from the vessel. Sai!
– Yes, Sai. – Yes, Sai. What is Sai going to do?
– Justice. “Sai!” “Sai!” “Sai!” “Sai!” “Sai!” “My Sai!” “Fate is what
our actions entail.” “In life one must face
consequences of one’s deeds.” “For all you have
is the present.” “One who does good deeds
has a blessed life.” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” Laxmichand. Baliram’s blanket was
unharmed by the fire. Do you understand? Nothing can defeat
the truth. When we work with
complete devotion it cannot be tainted
by anyone. Not even fire. Even the five great elements
honour truth. And hence you must
tell the truth. Sai, I lied. None of the blankets
were burnt. I was driven by greed
and arrogance and I chose
not to pay Baliram and he could do nothing
to me! But I had forgotten that all are served justice
in your presence. Forgive me, Sai. “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” Baliram. This is your hard earned
money. Forgive me, Baliram. I made a huge mistake. No, Laxmichand. You spoke of the truth
and you have paid me. This is a lot. Laxmichand, here. “You have guided the ones
who were lost.” I thank you, Sai. May Lord Ram
watch over you. “You have helped the ones
who are devoted to you.” “No one can ever know
the myriad ways you work!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” Sai, tell us. What should we make
that would be special? Sai, please tell us.
What should we make for you that shows
our love for you? A lotus. “Sai!” I will be back soon. Yes, Sai.
– Yes, Sai. “Sai!” “Sai!” Why are you so sad? No, dear. You must not cry.
Calm down. Tell me, what is wrong? Only then I can help you. My brother has changed. What do you mean? He did not speak to me
all day yesterday and he did not even play
with me. And at night.. What happened? We brothers sleep together but last night.. ‘Datu, Hari.
Go to sleep.’ ‘Datu, why do you sleep here?
Get inside.’ ‘I am fine here.’ ‘What is the matter,
Datu?’ ‘You would not sleep
with me today?’ ‘Come, Brother.
I cannot sleep without you.’ ‘You used to fight me
to sleep there.’ ‘Well, there will be
no more fights.’ ‘Go to sleep.’ ‘What is this, Datu?
Come on in.’ ‘I am fine here.’ ‘Datu..
– Leave him be.’ ‘He will come in
when he wants to.’ ‘What do you care
if I am away?’ ‘Why do you say so?
Are you angry at us?’ ‘I am sleepy.’ Why is my brother
straying away from me? Come with me. ‘So Datu is angry
at his family.’ ‘I have got the news.’ ‘Now I must tell
Master of this.’ Kids, is the ‘Rangoli’
ready? Yes, Sai.
Take a look. What do you think
of the rangoli, Sai? Sai, how does this
show love? What binds people is known as love. Love keeps us together
even when we are apart. Just like this stem
of lotus. It keeps the flower connected
to the roots underwater. And in a similar manner,
we may feel that our kin
are going away from us but they are always
bound by love. And nothing can separate them
as long as they are alive. Be it your parents,
your friends.. “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” Or your brother.. Sai, you mean to say that brother will always love me? Am I right? “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Hail Sai!
Hail Sai!” “Sai!” Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord! It means that
the future predicted by priest will soon shape
in reality. And that vagabond mighty try to defy the priest! But that seems
impossible. And I want him to fail and then I will have him
exiled of Shirdi. But, Master.. If Datu’s family
is able to convince him or if Datu comes back
to his family what will happen then? Fool! What do I pay you for? Master.. You must ensure that Datu plays his part. Do you understand? Yes, Master. Praise the Lord. Yes, Master. ‘How should I do it?’ What are you doing? I am washing
my clothes. What happened to you? You are washing
your clothes now? You never did
that before. What is wrong
with you? You used to tell me
to be responsible. Well, I am trying
to do so. Staying away from Hari?
Sleeping away from us? And now washing
your own clothes? Is this how you become
responsible now? Is this what I wanted
from you? No, Datu. I am your mother. And I know you are
upset about something. Tell me, what is it? It is nothing. Kids must not keep
anything from their parents. What if parents
keep something from their kids? It is wrong. There is but a difference. It is up to the parents to decide when to tell the truth since they know well
about the betterment of kids. An adult will side
with adults. Datu, do not speak
rudely to Sai. I do not want to speak
to anyone! Datu!

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