Minolta MN35Z Hands-On and Opinion

Minolta MN35Z Hands-On and Opinion

Hey, this is Scott of photography Banzai. In this video we’re gonna talk about this Minolta MN35Z camera. Thanks to Camera Craft
in Rockford Illinois for letting me try this out at their shop. Minolta the brand name is no longer the original Minolta camera company. It’s now
owned by the Elite Brands company. another camera related company that this
brand owns is Rokinon. They make different lenses. They import that from
the Samyang company, which is based in Korea. Anyways, this Elite Brands owns
Minolta and they have a few cameras now. So it’s pretty interesting to see that
brand still existing in some fashion. I wanted to check it out just to see how
it all works. This camera is very similar to in the
Nikon’s B500. It does not have the viewfinder. It does have that long
telephoto zoom. Specification wise, 20 megapixels 1/2.3 inch sensor. Very
standard for this type of camera. ISO range from 125 to 6400. However, the
auto ISO only goes up to 1600. The lens is rated 35x zoom. And the equivalent
focal length and full frame terms is 25 millimeters to 873 millimeters f3 to 5.9.
That’s very standard in this type of camera. Basically, you get a decently wide
focal and plus a very long telephoto. Video wise, you have up to 1080p at 60
frames a second, which is a little better than some cameras of this type. Does have
Wi-Fi and bluetooth capability. Also a USB 2.0 connection. Which works for power.
It actually does not come with any type of separate power charger for the
battery. So you have to use the USB connection to get power. But you can buy
a separate charger if you do want that capability. I would suggest of course always with these type of cameras buying a second
battery is a good thing. The actual battery is an NP-120 rated at 1700
milliamp hours, which is actually a pretty solid amount of power for this
battery. My favorite thing about this camera is actually the grip. It’s very
large. It’s substantial. Great in my hand. Really depends on you, of course. But I
really like the grip on this camera. The case itself feels solid.
Nice thick plastic on it. However the buttons are a little spongy,
I guess you could say. And when you press one of the buttons on the
back another one up above it moves a little bit. So it probably has some type
of gasket connected all between those. It just kind of signifies it’s a little
lower end quality wise inside there. The tripod socket is not in line with the
lens… This camera takes SD cards. The slot is where the battery compartment is. In the
manual it says up to 64 gigabytes. I would assume you could get larger cards, but
they only guarantee up to 64. There is a little bit of internal memory in this
camera. If you do forget your card, you could potentially take a few photos at
lower quality settings. With cameras like this… They have the contrast detect
autofocus. It’s always a mixed bag with focusing. You will potentially have some
issues. Of course with that, especially when you go to the longer focal lengths.
I did notice a little bit of stuttering. A weird motor sound when I was all the
way extended with the telephoto lens and also trying to focus indoors.
One of the biggest negatives of this camera is that you cannot select the
focus area. You can’t move the focus point around manually. That really limits
your creative options because you’re basically letting the camera decide for
the most part. Now, you can use the center area. Which I guess you could use that
and then recompose your photos… Which is the main way you can get the artistic
control. You can also use face tracking, wide area focus, and also tracking
autofocus. There are a few special modes with this camera. I think they’re the
most interesting features. You do have the panorama mode. I did try that out.
You have to move pretty slow with this camera to get a full panorama. The most interesting
feature I think of this camera is actually the GIF capture mode. You can
take those JIFs or GIFs… whatever you wanna call them. But it is pretty
limited you only get one second or three second intervals. And then it takes all
those frames and puts them into a GIF file. I did try it out two times. Actually
went back to the camera shop after I saw it in the manual. It’s like… “What is this!?
It has GIF capture? Gonna go back there, try it out…” And I did.
It works pretty well actually. But like I said, it is pretty limited as
well. It also has HDR mode, so you get somewhat better dynamic range. Because it
takes multiple photos and puts them together. It has time lapse.
I really didn’t try it out too much, but it is in there.
That’s nice to have. Overall, I’m relatively impressed with this camera. Given the price and it’s pretty similar to that B500 as I mentioned, from Nikon.
I think in this case we really don’t know how reliable this camera will be. If
you can find it at a low price I’m sure as time goes on it will definitely drop
in price quite a bit. It might be a decent option to consider over the B500
depending on price. If you want a dedicated camera with a large optical
zoom lens. It does have the image stabilization in there. I think you will
potentially get better images from some phones, but you won’t get that optical
zoom. So that’s the largest selling point of cameras like this. Especially ones
without the viewfinder. You want a low price as possible and you want that optical
zoom lens. Now, this one does have a few of those interesting features like I
mentioned. But it is a very basic camera. Just like the B500 is a very basic
camera. I have a hard time recommending these cameras… If you even get them at a
low price, it would be something fun to mess around with. Especially in good
lighting, you’ll get decent results. Just don’t have your expectations very high
when you buy a camera like this. But it does give you some versatility over a
phone. That was a look at the Minolta MN35Z. Again, thanks to Camera Craft for
letting me try this out at their shop. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. Hope you enjoyed this video.
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8 thoughts on “Minolta MN35Z Hands-On and Opinion”

  1. Great review, i just received this camera as a gift. Im 100% a beginner. Would you be able to do a review or informative video on their lenses. Ive tried to research and it only brings me to mostly sony lenses…thanks again great video !!

  2. Can you please help me everytime I flim a video it look like my skin does not have texture even a blanket and do I need to change the mode it is really getting on my nerves please help

  3. My " old" (and by that I mean, previous) Praktica Luxmedia Z35 is EXACTLY the same, just with the Praktica name on it and obviously, not the Minolta! What's going on?? Did the same company that bought Minolta also buy Praktica?

  4. By the way, this camera, or at least, my Praktica Luzmedia Z35, gave me a wonderful introduction to the world of photography. It does have its limitations but as long as you don't expect miracles from it, it's a perfectly good beginners camera imo.

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