Moon 65% Lit & a Flock of Geese Photobombing – Nikon P1000 Camera

Moon 65% Lit & a Flock of Geese Photobombing – Nikon P1000 Camera

~where have all the stars gone, they left
Ohio long ago, it’s been a blanket of clouds, for weeks on end, oh my~ it’s been
horrible up here in Ohio, my goodness I do believe it’s the longest stretch I’ve
had about three weeks now of no sky to see no Sun no stars planets moons or
anything and even this morning all day long I didn’t think we’d have a clearing
but here we go on this Thursday December 5th 2019 at
4:51 p.m. and the sun’s about to set in about oh four minutes or so it’s
still quite blue out though and we have a 65% moon over in the southeast sky and at the moment we are on the Nikon
P1000 recording onto the Atomos Ninja Flame recorder, monitor recorder, that’s a
cool shot that’s pretty close to the size that I see it by eye boy it sure is good to see something up
there, it’s been quite depressing to tell you the truth now that’s a sight I haven’t seen in oh
my gosh at least a month, let’s check out these craters down here, now they are
coming in a bit watery but that’s to be expected with all the moisture we have
in our atmosphere, it did snow this morning just a little bit though, maybe
an inch or two, but most of its uh already melted away boy it looks like
it’s phasing in and out there, anyway we’re gonna take a stroll around the moon ah it’s a shame that it’s uh not coming in a bit better,
especially after being shut out for such a long period of time, I’ve missed
everybody, I didn’t even get a chance to say have a happy Thanksgiving and a safe
holiday and the way things are going I don’t
know if I’ll be able to catch much else over here, ah my favorite area that’s
what I call my light beam area up in front of that Mesa there boy, I would think that would come in much
better because the sky does look so blue but of course you can’t see the high-altitude clouds and all that oh I’ve missed this area down here, it is so
incredible to see all those different shapes, a lot of
hexagons and ovals and skid marks, you can’t really
see the skid marks not with the phase it’s in but ooh that was cool there’s a flock of
geese, that was neat there we go so we can get our bearings
see the trees, our bare trees and there we go we finally have some
documentation, first one for December and I hope there’s more to come but the
forecast is not looking good so if I don’t see ya before the Christmas
holidays which I really hope to so I’m gonna wish you all wonderful one,
safe and enjoyable holiday ahead I would have never thought it would take
so long for our skies to clear up and it is just gonna be a brief one there’s snow in the forecast even rain too
I think, it’s quite nippy about 35° degrees and so we have lost the planets
of Saturn and Jupiter for the year and hopefully in time we’ll be able to get
Venus once it gets above the trees for me, I know other people have been getting
shots of it and Mars also and Orion and nebulas and stars and everything else
but so here’s hoping for better weather and everything’s going all right in your
world and if I didn’t say it well hello there I have missed everybody alrighty so y’all take care on this
Thursday night, waving goodnight from Ohio, bye now, it’s a 5:02 p.m., good night
now ooh that was cool there’s a flock of geese, that was neat

57 thoughts on “Moon 65% Lit & a Flock of Geese Photobombing – Nikon P1000 Camera”

  1. Great view of the moon! Also, what month would you find mars in Ohio? I live there too! even though it's cold, the view of the moon is great!

  2. DJ the Karaoke special! I have noticed there is a trend in birds photo/video bombing my shots. Good to know its not just me.

  3. That’s one incredible zoom! Thinking of getting myself a P1000 to do things like this with. Is it worth the investment?

  4. Tycho and Clavius craters just poking out there in the southern region. Got a couple of planes with the Moon on Tuesday. Will upload when i can.
    Not looking good for the Geminid meteors next week. All rain with a small chance of gaps. Same as usual then.

  5. We never had a fall. Straight to winter. Crazy weather! Last week all the interstates were closed. Love the moon shots. And the geese flyby. Nice to hear your voice again Jayling!

  6. Hey!Hey!Hey! DJ , Sure is good to see your closeups of her again 👌👌We’ve missed her (and you too of course 😊) Keep on singing girl ✌️

  7. Hi there! to see ya , our weather has been awful as well ..ugg ! ..beautiful clip ! 😁 the geese lol!! . stay warm darlin!😁🔭🔭🔭

  8. Omg I love the intro of your singing 🥺✨☁️ I love space related things, I’ve never seen stars for about 3 years now, YES 3 years NO STARS!!!!!! I don’t know why but NO STARS EVER SHOW UP AT NIGHT and it makes me sad 🙁

  9. Hi love, if you have a weather app, tune in to Chester, England. You’ll see what I mean about frustration. All this new equipment and I still haven’t been able to use it!!☹️ anyway hope springs eternal! Take care . Be in touch when I finally get a clear night !! ❤️😘

  10. Beautiful voice! I don't know the song, but the melody is beautiful. Sing a little,Louis Armstrong ( what wonderful world)

  11. Heey!)) welcome back! I'm happy your skyies finally cleared… That intro singing is amazing Hahaha😁.. At 1:30 coolest shot of the moon like I got a new eyeglasses prescription.

  12. Why do your videos have the sentence “For viewers over age of 13” ? Please tell me I’m 12 years old and I’m very interested in astronomy. I love your channel but the thing is I have a telescope.

  13. By matrixing I saw an alien girl, (had bow on head) and Mickey Mouse logo in the southern close-up of the moon. Awesome!
    The geese silhouette is global media worthy, surely it is a rare camera catch…beautiful 🙂😢

  14. The DJ sing along show, what an added bonus that was.Fly bye geese and half tithe moon. It’s nice hearing from ya I believe there is a lot of strangeness within the world’s weather patterns. We can call it whatever you want but truth is the earth is just going through a change and we are the life that are here at the time of this occurrence. Your web page pics at the beginning of video was an added bonus you should promote that as you do your videos here on YouTube. There is no reason that you can’t. Anyways that for sharing DJ hope to see more before Christmas if not that’s our loss but regardless you have a good Christmas.

  15. Hello DJ, from Europe. My singing is bad 🙂 do it only in my lonely car lol. Hope You're very well. One more time thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. from my city, the moon moves directly overhead, and we have never seen a vertical half-moon process like that here, always a horizontal line between light and dark

  17. a group of geese is not called a flock…on the ground their called a gaggle…when in flight their called a skein or a team of geese….peace t

  18. Hey, J!! Glad I have your notifications on, I ALWAYS look forward to your videos… they're the best after a long day of classes at university :))) hoping you have some better luck soon for viewing especially before 2019 ends! Hugs <3

  19. Ah ah!! Que belíssima canção folclórica! É bom ouvir você cantando. E amo esse sotaque. Você sempre surpreende em seus vídeos. Parabéns.

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