Welcome back to my channel! My name is Anna and I run an online finishing
school called “School of Affluence” Today I’m going to share with you my own transformation and show you my before and after pictures. Well, the after picture is sitting here but
you are going to see my before pictures, how I looked 10 years ago when I looked younger,
and just so you can see how I have developed my appearance throughout the years. Now first and foremost, I need to tell you
that my transformation has been a gradual transformation, and this is usually the case
for most women who are working hard on themselves to look their very best. Money has been an issue, definitely. I couldn’t just create miracles overnight
either. You have to have patience when you create
a transformation and that’s definitely something that I had to practice. I don’t know exactly how many years my transformation
took or how much money it costed me. Majority of it was self-funded. I have worked, saved money and invested in
myself. I actually like investing in myself. I still do it today. I think it’s the best stock you can ever buy
when you invest in yourself because you know that there will be return on investment in
the future where you will be harvesting benefits as a result from you making this effort today. So, that has always been my motivation and
why I’ve always strived to bettering myself and looking my best. But it doesn’t mean I always looked my best. Not at all! I definitely started out as typical “plain
Jane”. It took me many years to figure out how to
level up my looks. The truth is, the reason why I was looking
very very plain in the past, because I had lack of education. I had nobody guiding me back then telling
me do this, do that, this is how you should dress, this is how you should do your make-up. Don’t do this to your hair, don’t do that
color, that color doesn’t suit you. I had to figure it out all by myself. But luckily today I’ve created an online finishing
school for women where they can get help with all this type of questions and where I can
guide them forward so they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. So I want to show you a few pictures how I
looked back in the days, a few pictures how I looked when I just started my jetsetting
journey when I was 19, and, yeah, you can see for yourself. So back them I was definitely chubbier, I
had loads of baby weight. My weight has been throughout the years a
little bit up and down. I’ve never been overweight but I can tell
you that I’ve definitely been unhealthy, lived an unhealthy lifestyle where I didn’t really
know how to eat properly. I thought pasta was healthy, for instance, which was not! Consuming take aways and carbs as primary
meals. So, it took me many years to understand and
educate myself about health and nutrition, and do a proper lifestyle change. Once I did that I lost quite a lot of weight,
which is the same shape that I have today. Many people ask how much do I weigh, how tall
I am. I am 170 cm tall, that is about 5’7”, and my
current weight is about 56-57 kg (125 lbs). I managed to keep myself on this level thanks
to fasting, thanks to healthy eating habits, and thanks to the fact that I have this education
now in me where I really stay aways from food that I know is not good for me. To be honest, I can put on weight quite easily. I am not one of those women who have fast
metabolism. So, I really have to watch out what I eat
but thankfully fasting has been my savior because it really balances out those days
when I’m cheating, because I do eat desert when I go out for dinners, I do like my wine
and so on. But when I do intermitted fasting throughout
a week or when I do once a week my whole day fasting, it balances out and makes me not to put on
weight, which I’m really happy about. Now other issues from the past: I didn’t know
how to apply make-up, how to do my hair, the appropriate hair color, appropriate fashion. I didn’t know how to style myself. I thought I knew because I’ve always been
very interested in reading fashion magazines. since I was a teenager I’ve always read every
issue of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. But still I was kinda clueless with myself
and especially when the finances are limited. You don’t really know where to start or where
to invest. But thankfully with time as I met the right
people, as I surrounded myself with jetsetbabes, women who where affluent. Now I would say that three most significant
things that have really improved my appearance is definitely weight-loss. It just really helped me change my facial
structure. But of course it improved my body. And when your body is on point, you become
more attractive to men. I found it much easier to date after I had
done my lifestyle change and lost all thhat weight. All of a sudden I felt less issues in my dating
life compared to before when I was a little bit chubbier and a little bit out of shape. Secondly, now I’m very open about this. I have done a nose job and it’s probably the
best thing that I’ve ever invested 10 000 GBP in. Yes, that’s how much it costed I did it in
London with a surgeon Dr. Charles East. He did a fantastic job. I’ve even had plastic surgeons asking me who’s
done my nose because the results are really natural. And that’s exactly how I wanted it. This is the only surgery I’ve ever done. I don’t know if I will be doing any more surgeries
in the future. But I was very worried about this surgery
because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was worried maybe my face would be ruined. There’s always that risk. I took the risk. This worry about somebody having somebody
ruining your face made me really research and seek out a top surgeon who would be in
the more pricy category. But I didn’t want to take the risk of having
my face ruined. I’ve seen a lot of girls who have done their
noses on a shoestring. They maybe spent 3-5K, and they didn’t get the
results they wanted. Now I know it’s not always bound to how much
you pay equals what results you gonna get but I didn’t want to risk it. So I rather paid more but at least I could
feel secured that my nose was in professional hands. Number 3: And, oh my God, do I love my hair extensions! You know ladies, I have terrible hair! My hair is awful and it doesn’t grow. And it’s thin. And I’ve even made a separate video about how
much I hate my fine hair. If you haven’t watched it, it’s linked in
the description box below. My hair has been a nightmare for me for so
many years. And that day when I took the decision of putting
the hair extensions, it really elevated my whole look! I also had the fear of hair extensions because
whenever I’ve tried clip-ins or some Remy hair or Indian hair, it always looked awful
and unnatural. And I felt I didn’t improve my overall situation. I was lost until that day my friend came and
she told me that she’s putting Russian Virgin hair extensions. It sparked my interest because I didn’t even
know such hair existed. You see with the right education I might have
been informed about it years and years before and could’ve had better hair early on in life. But anyway, it’s a bit too late to regret
now! This is why I say you need to surround yourself
with the right people who give you the right information, so that you know what you can
do with your appearance and look your best. Because the worst is when you don’t have the
access to this information, you are lost and you don’t look your best! So when I found this woman in London who does
my hair. I don’t go to anyone else. She gets this hair straight from the factory. It’s unprocessed and it has never been colored
or cuticles have not been… whatever they do with it. I don’t know what they do. But basically when they cut it off from somebody’s
head, then they put the keratin bonds on it. Of course they wash it, or they.. I hope they wash it! No, of course they do. They do process it in terms of the cleaning
wise. But then my extension lady buys it and she
puts it in my hair. So, the result comes very natural and I would
say that the best part with my hair extensions is that it’s very similar to my own hair, meaning that it blends in very well. And I think that’s the secret to successful
hair extensions getting the hair very similar to your own. If you have dark hair, maybe you can do Indian
or Brazilian hair. But if you are somebody who has fine hair
like me, you should look into Slavic hair or Russian Virgin hair. I’ve done more transformational parts as well:
fillers, Botox, etc. I’ve spoken about it in detail in my online
finishing school where I’m guiding students in my own transformation and sharing details
how I funded everything, exactly what I’ve done, and let them get insights how they can
do this themselves. I hope you enjoyed this video. I will se you in the next one!

100 thoughts on “MY BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES! 😱”

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  12. I think it is better to transform over time. If you do it overnight it is blantaly obvious and looks odd. I think. The thing is, your transformation is always emotionally, spiritual and physical together. Then it is more likely to be authentic. You were beautiful before, but you have to be happy and true to your beliefs. Which you are. And most of us are not. Thank you again for sharing.

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  15. The "ideal" weight for women…that is best for their height…is this rule:   At 5 feet their weight should be 100 pounds.   For each inch after that, add 3 pounds.   In other words, a woman 5 foot 4 inches tall, should weigh 112 pounds.   It could be a few pounds either way, higher or lower, but only a FEW!…to look their best and be the most healthy.   As far as people saying…"I have large bones" or "she is big-boned"…is totally insane!   How many large-boned skeletons has anyone ever seen?   Yes, some bones my appear more delicate, but not to the extent that anyone should be carrying around an extra 30 or 40 pounds, as they are only fooling themselves.   My doctor told me that being overweight is just as unhealthy as drinking or smoking, and takes around 20 years off a person's life.                 For Big Truth!   kristi

  16. You were beautiful before doing anything. The weight loss changed you for the better but either way you look great

  17. use black cumin seeds with rosemary let it sit with avocado oil for 1 week and them apply on wet hair and scalp and it starts growing, my hair was like yours and it really works my hair is by my waist now

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    I know you're a lifestyle coach and not a fashion consultant, but image is very important if you want to stay current and relevant.

    If you still have this style in 2-3 years' time then you will look kind of old. Even now, it makes you look older than your real age (but you yourself don't look old, only your style does).

    Your nose looks amazing by the way! And your figure is gorgeous, obviously, you have worked hard to slim down and tone your body and you continue to maintain it by fasting (which is no easy feat).

  24. Continuously watching your video made me realized that sometimes it takes time to know someone else, don't just assumed by the words of others (happened when I saw the bad comments when I first bumped your video) . I was sceptical about that. Surprisingly, you've proved them wrong, you got your own way living the life. You are so true and honest about it. Keep up sharing the good things. 🌹God bless.

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  34. Thank you for watching! If you're interested in learning more about my transformation, watch my video Fine Hair Problems: The Naked Truth About Why I Hate My Hair!

  35. You really are the best, and so genuinely honest. You are not ashamed to tell the truth, and show your real past.
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