My Dear Soulmate – A Relationship’s Tale | Chapter 4 | Divya – Karthi |

Await, behold, accustom, get together, experience. This relationship nurtures if you feel this. Hey, I will reach tonight. Hi! You are listening to radio city. I am your loveguru. Usually, in this show, I share your life experience which is
shared by you. In this valentine month, I would like to share a special
story of a person, who is close to my heart. In 2006 Karthi faced his love failure. 5 years of love came to an end. He was so heartbroken. His friend pady and his advice is his only support. then Haris Jeyaraj and ARR’s songs, His mother’s amulet for him. …this 3 things helped him to go on his life for the next 4
months. After love failure, only friends can bring back smile in a
guy’s face. Karthi used to go to pady’s college to meet him. But he didn’t realised that this day is his game changer. Hey who is she dude? Getting a vibe after seeing her. Feeling fresh. Did you start again? Didn’t you get enough? Hey, this is not a love feel. This is different. In someway get her number dude, please. Want to befriend her, want to talk to her. Saying something.. I will try. Good if you change. Thanks darling. What then? Karthi stared at his phone till he get her
number. After a week. -Hello -Hey, that girl’s name is Divya. -Divya -from CS department. -Okay -She is classmate of my roommate. -Don’t say that I gave her number. -Hey, I don’t. Bye Dude [You don’t know me. I am a stranger who is far away] [What do you want?] [Want to talk to you] [Say who you are. I will speak] [I don’t ask when will I get the reply again] [Two beautiful things in night one is moon and the other is
you.Good night] And then, Karthi send good morning and good evening forward
message for a month. As Hard work pays off, received first reply for his forward
message. After a reply, our guy asking “Shall I call you?” But for a surprise, do you know What happened there? How did you get my number? Ask me anything other than this. I ‘ll say the truth. Okay I ‘ll speak. But don’t say I like you or propose me
after someday? I don’t even think like that. Their relationship started like this with many strict rules. …their relationship moved with their daily 100 limited
messages and the leftover balance. Karthi used to go to Divya’s college and watch her in
distance without her knowledge. Suddenly a day, Karthi to Divya Divya. Shall we meet in person once? What will you get by this? I will be very happy. -Then, by evening come to Perambur’s Everest bakery. -okay. Karthi created a great scene on the day of meetng Divya. New Black formal dress. Surprised the people around. …boy roaming with T-shrt and jeans pant was getting ready
as of going for an interview. Divya was waiting before Karthi arrival. Both were in Black dress as said before. Reached, sat down, saw each other …but had a little hesitation whom to talk first. For you too. I know. Okay atleast say now who gave my number? I’ll say one day for sure, but can you forget this question? Then say the answer soon. I like Hrithik Roshan. Prabhudeva for me anytime. I play Keyboard. I am a guitarist. Oh, Is it? I am going to music class every evening, Can you join with
me? -Sure -Okay then Have it. Last week we saw Chalanatai. This week we are going to see Keeravani. Excuse me sir Come in. That music class greatly helped Divya and Karthi to travel
together. Karthi composes new tune everyday. If he plays the tune,Divya will applaud him. Is it nice? Really superb. Even my friends run away when I play. Really is this okay? This is so fresh and creative. Don’t leave this in any chance, this is your career. Okay Now I understand why god blessed women with the ability of
giving birth. Positivness they are creating!!! Unimaginably far! To boot, things happened in their relationship is new. They had their own sectrets, one wavelength. That was in their eye contact and in their smile. thers cant’t understand that. What happened? Nothing Understanding in every situation. Being active and fresh everytime. From, Karthi was inspiredby Divya’s helping tendency. To sharing their personal life to eachother without any
secrets. Karthi is so possessive. But Divya is always normal. If someone questions their relationship, …they say in pride, yes we are in love with ourself. Taking care of each other, without any expectation. They have playful fight with each other always. You are mad As divya sings well, he get all the current song books …and ask her to sing. As Karthi’s smile is beautiful, Divya cracks a joke
everytime. Shall I crack a joke? Anyway my ear going to bleed. Go on! You know lock and key, Right? Everytime they are together. But only two keys are without pair in this world. What’s
that? -Don’t know. -Think One is donKEY,other is monKEY. Okay another one. Go on If we throw a stone in well it goes deep down, why? Deep down? Go down. Don’t know. Because that stone don’t know to swim As days goes by their addressing each other changed from
formal to friendly. Helping eachother regardless of time. They feel that sharing their problem is their solution. What? Searching groom for you? Can see lot of makeup. It would be good if they start seeing after a year. I can convey this to your mom.But only I am going to see
groom for you. You? Yes, that too now, come. Sit down. You will get husband like the person who comes second.Okay? Okay. -Hey see your hubby. – You will get wife like a person who comes first. -See -Okay Hey what!! Getting two. Get salary soon and build two house soon. Got over? Did you win? How is it? In this relationship karthi and Divya had only one worry. Divya shouln’t misunderstand Karthi and vice versa. Mistake is on my side. No, mistake is mine. After seeing any new films they call each other by the funny
character’s name. What Kaipulla? No panchayat today? What Jingli? send all beggar’s for collection itseems. Leave me. Why didn’t you attend my call? I was freaked out. I will screw you, if you repeat this. In their relationship where they didn’t expect anything,
priority is the only thing they expected. Thank you. You will win this time too. I would have screwed you if I didn’t get the call. close
call. There is a little misunderstanding in their beautiful
relationship. In the end of 2007, divya called Karthi for a meet. Karthi also waited in the spot. Waited from morning…till evening. Till end Divya didn’t showed up. Karthi tried to call Divya, but his phone was dead. And he tried calling from a telephone booth. He returned home . But still he was expecting a message from
Divya. TCH! Dad, Bring my phone. Next day a message from Divya”Sorry Karthi, totally forgot
about the meet. Got some work.” Later Karthi cried and didn’t replied. Declined all her calls. Divya was trying hard to reach Karthi. But Karthi didn’t give a damn. Days passed… After 5 months divya sent her invitation to Karthi with
excitmet. But Karthi didn’t attend her marriage. A small misunderstanding paved way for their separation. It took not just 1 year or 2 year, it took a whole 11 year
for them to congregate. Karthi started to focus on his career. Karthi got married in 2009. Good wife, beautiful life. He lived a happy life. Everyone believed the same. All of a sudden he had a feeling
of missing something. He can’t sense what he is missing? The name Divya striked his thought. He saw Divya’s invitation. Gave a thought and started looking for her. Searched her name in fb. But couln’t find. Couln’t find even after searching with her spouse name. He couldn’t share his thought aboutdivya with anyone. He
strugglledhard with his thought about her. Karthi was so strong that he should find Divya someway. He was busy with his career and job promotion and blessed
witha baby girl. Again he contacted his friend pady, who is the reason for
their first meeting. Do you have Divya’s number? What are you saying? You got married? Why are you asking this now? I lost her, please bring her back to me. Its been ages, since I saw her. Okay. I ‘ll try. Pady just said he will try. But the torcher Karthi gave to Pady is not any less. Hey Pady, did you find? Will come. He got a call from his friend Pady on 2018. Check whatspp. After checking whatspp, Karthi was awestruck by seeing
Divya’s number. He had same feeling when he got Divya’s number for the first
time. He saved her number and just looked at the number for next 1
week. one week passed with million questions in his mind. One day Pady called Karthi. -Hello. -Karthi,Did you speak? I was scared. You tormented me for 3 years. Are you calling by yourself or shall I call? Hang on, I ‘ll call my myself. Hey!its me. How did you find out? I might have missed your call by 5 minutes. What did you do this long? I thought you would have spoken within 1 or 2 days, its been
11 years. But I believed you will come back. Atleast you got this
thought now. Is all fine now? Please be with me atleast now on. what are you doing now? Where are you? Hey, can’t explain 11 years story in just one call. Then wait till evening. We can speak after my meeting. No.Divi. What a moment? How would they feel? Is this evening is the start for forgetting their past 11
years search. Divya said that she was settled in banglore with her family …and working as an HR manager. They shared alot. They spend time with each other in the free time they got. They rescued the days which they lost in their past 11
years. We don’t reply for everyon’e message. But our fingers reply for our favorite person with a smiley
is special. One saturday evening, Karthi was spending his time with
family for a shopping. He got call from Pady. Where are you? One small favor. I am in shopping with my family.What do you want now? I came Courtallam. My friend brought liquor from Goa. Can you get those? Are you kidding? I cant’t do that. I shared your location. He is waiting. Please get those. I can’t. If my son finds our, he will report to her mom. Please do this for me. Hey Dear Karthi. I would get caught because of you. Did he reach there that soon? where? Sorry Karthi. I lied. How Divi? Only you give surprises? Am I disrturbing you in the name of meetimg. Not like that. I don’t know what to do! Come. I will intoduce you to my family. I am meeting youy after ages. I will see later. Can you wait? Okay! Come here.v Do you want water? Can you wait for 10 minutes? I will drop my family and come. Order something and eat. Come soon. After 11 years I started liking this Chennai because of you. Happy Chennai!!! Say now. How did you get my number? That story? Stop. I’ll say. Is that pady who got my number from a
classmate? How? Pady revealed everything to me before 2 days and he
apologised. Don’t want your sorry. Coming to Chennai for an office work. Work will complete by wednesday. I asked for a surprise meet
with Karthi on Thursday. Here we are. I want to ask a blessing from god. How it would be if we get our past days. I asked for it and brought it with me. …we should be like this forever. -Are you free tomorrow? -Yeah -Shall we go to beach? -Okay -Can we meet Kaipulla? -Okay Jingli. Thanks Divi. I feel like I got what I lost. Okay. I will message you after my meeting. Okay go safe. That day Karthi met his past Divya. Divya met her past
Karthi. A day to remeber. What do you think about our relationship,Karthi? Don’t know. Different people have different opinion. Never thought that before. But I like when we are together. Are you happy on the day of your marriage. Alot. Best moment in my life. I was happy too. Enjoyed going job too. But I searched you with all my soul. I believe you too
searched by the same way. This relationship is called SOULMATE. You are my one and only best soulmate. Is that soulmate?Super. Thanks. You gave a new identification to our relationship. I don’t know who is lucky between us. But many can’t feel this relationship. But still I have a fear that you ‘ll go far away from me. You are mad. I don’t know how to express, but I never leave you. I don’t know whether you remember. We took a decision together. Starting a new thing in future. We shall execute that. We will be together.Right? Importantly, we should thank Pady who brought us together
for 2 times. Death, Birth are one time thing created by god. Likewise soulmate is also meant to be only one. If you ask,Does this relationship holds Love, affection,
beauty, fondness, solicitude all together. I would say Yes. This relationship is full of good feel. They showed their gratitude by cutting cake for pady. …who brought them together for both the times. They introduced their family to each other. They started their dream dance school. They launched many talented and new crews. They started a new promising youtube series. It reached people with full of love. Karthi surprised Divya. He created a video of their
beautiful bond and presented it to her. Their togetherness added beauty to their’s and other’s life. I understood that we can create a other new life by uniting
two lifes. I thank Divya and Karthi for this new experience. I also thank their friend pady, who brought them together. Thank you my dear Soulmates.

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