Nikon COOLPIX B500 Hands-On and Opinion

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Hands-On and Opinion

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this video
I’m gonna go over this Nikon Coolpix B500. Thanks to Camera Craft in Rockford
Illinois for let me try this out with their shop. The B500 is a prosumer
extreme zoom camera. Has a 16 megapixel, 4:3 ratio sensor inside. It is backlit.
80 to 3200 ISO range. That zoom lens I mentioned goes from 22.5 to 900
millimeter equivalent focal length. So definitely a huge range. Also has a 1
centimeter, 0.39 inch, macro mode. So you can get some close shots as well. Has a
tilting 3-inch screen. It does not fully articulate, but you do get vertical
adjustments to the screen. Which is good, especially in the macro mode. This camera
does not have any type of viewfinder you have to use the back screen to compose
your photographs. One of the interesting features of this cameras is that it uses AA
batteries, 4 to be exact. Definitely many years back AAs
were more of a thing, but if you are interested in having a very common
battery for your camera this is an option. I’m a little surprised the
estimated battery life for the batteries is 600 shots. So not too bad in that case.
This camera does have a built-in flash, but it does not have any type of hotshoe.
So at the very least you do have some type of flash capability with this
camera. Does have Bluetooth connectivity which is pretty standard these days
especially for the prosumer and consumer-level cameras. Video wise, 1080p
30 frames a second. It does have some type of high frames per second mode. 100 and
120 frames per second, but it’s in very low resolutions. Oddly it does have a
little bit of internal storage for pictures around 20 megabytes. Definitely
not very useful, but it is in there if you happen to forget a SD card. SD card
slot itself is near the batteries, which is pretty standard for this type of
camera. So let’s get into some of the negatives of this camera.
It isn’t really pocket-able. The lens has a massive extension when it’s fully
zoomed. And when you try to zoom the lens it’s very lethargic.. extremely slow to
zoom in and out. However there is one feature which we’ll get to it helps you
with a zooming. With a camera like this there’s always
a type of delay that is involved when turning on. Because it adjusts the zoom
lens to a certain focal length from when it’s fully compacted into the camera. So
there is going to always be a bit of delay before you can take a photo. The
camera does have a tripod mount, which is nice. But it’s not in line with the lens.
Which is not especially great for panoramas and situations were it would
be good to be in line with the lens. Ports wise, pretty standard stuff however
it does have a jack for DC power, which is interesting. But you’ll probably need
some type of proprietary connector and power brick if you wanted to do that. So
let’s get to the positives of this camera. It’s a super zoom camera. You have
a huge range of focal lengths. You can use it for almost any situation. It covers
pretty much everything you would want related to focal length. The camera itself does
have a traditional prosumer, almost DSLR, look to it. It’s relatively large, but the
grip is nice in the hand. And I didn’t have any issues accessing any of the
controls, or using the camera from a functional standpoint. So as I mentioned
before with the slow zoom lens. Has a special zoom feature with this button
that looks like a little square with arrows. When you’re zoomed out you can
hold that button down and you get a quick zoom adjustment to a wider focal
length. That way you can compose your framing and get an idea of where you’re
pointing, and then you can zoom back out. This makes the extreme zoom a little
more functional and easier to use. Especially considering the slow zoom
lens. Thanks to David at Camera Craft for pointing that feature out to me.
All that said, this pretty standard prosumer level camera if you are looking
for an extreme zoom. You want a small camera, especially as small as possible
for that level of zoom… This is an option. There are so many out there though. Can
get a used one for significantly cheaper, but you can also find similar models
around with a large focal length range. It is missing a viewfinder. It’s missing
some features you would expect these days like a touchscreen, but does at
least have that tilting screen. Allowing you to compose photos from waist level
or above the head more easily with that tilting screen.
This camera doesn’t do anything especially well, or different than other
cameras similar to it. Does have the AA batteries, which can be nice if
you’re into that very versatile easy to find battery type. It does have that
button to deal with a zoom more easily. So there are a few things in benefit to
this camera, but I don’t see it too much. So if you’re interested definitely try
it out and see if it feels good in the hands for you, but besides that decent
little camera. But there are a lot of options out there similar to it. So that
was Nikon Coolpix B500. Hope you enjoyed this video. Little quick hands-on.
Again, thanks to Camera Craft in Rockford Illinois for letting me try this out
at their shop. Thanks again!

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  1. Man, I wish they had the black B500 available at the store I bought mine. I have the red one. Not that that's a big deal, but the black looks better in my opinion. If anybody reading this comment is interested in the video quality of the Nikon B500, please feel free to check out my channel. 🙂

  2. Bought this camera as a cheap intro. I wish Id just spent a little more for a dslr. This is a great camera for the parents/grandparents wanting to take pictures of the kids, backyard bbq. For the person wanting to seriously get into photography, this will be a wast of your money because you WILL outgrow it very quickly. The 2 biggest cons for me are its slow to focus, and the images always comes out soft. Doesnt matter if its on a tripod or not.

  3. Since i'm not sure about money getting on next year,i decided to buy this one. I repeat,i'm doubt about getting money next year. So what do you think bro?buying a dslr or this one?i'm intrested in photoghraphy and need an awsome cam with good sensor which can perform like a dslr,in low light etc….what do you preffer?collect money or go for this?

  4. Wow…5720 pictures on one card! I'm a little disappointed with picture quality…but maybe its me…my Olympus SZ-12 (14M pixel) seems to take better pictures in general.

  5. Just a note regarding the batteries. We're using 2300 mAhr NiMH units in our B500 and normally get almost one week of filming our little daily walking clips. We carry a fully charged spare set with us (just is case) starting about three or four days after swapping.
    Using the 2300 mAhr batteries is crucial as lower power ones just won't "drive" the camera properly.
    Thanks for posting this video, Scott.

  6. Hello Scott, nice video! I'm looking for a camera to take pictures of people surfing in the beach, do you recommend this camera for this situation? Do the pictures come out shaky when taking pictures of things/people in movement? Thanks for the attention!

  7. I wish you had shown how to shut the battery compartment.  You did show how to open it, which was helpful.  I can't figure out how to shut it.

  8. Hi, do you recommend this camera for concerts?? I really want a camera to record concerts, so, do I have to pay for this camera??

  9. Is this a good camera for beginner photography Or is there a better inexpensive camera you suggest?? I’ve always loved taking photos when I was younger and Ive been wanting to start again but not sure what are the best cameras.

  10. hey man was wondering if this camera can be used for livestreaming. Iam thinking of getting a elgato hd60 Capture device to use with it

  11. I am looking for a camera to take good pictures of my Tarantulas. What would be a good camera for close up macro of bugs? In the budget of $200-$700

  12. I’m looking for a camera that has good quality for videos and great photos. Would this be the camera to get?

  13. Thank you, as I am trying to still find a carmera for picures as well as you tube videos,too bad about screen and battery .Great info.

  14. the camera has drawbacks but let's not forget they designed it within a considerable budget, those who want to settle for an inexpensive camera are likely to get this one, other options like Nikon A300 which's definitely not good for shooting videos. atleast this one has 1080p video shooting format

  15. Hi, I want to buy a camera, but i don't know which one is better for me. I'm not a photographer, I just like to take photos. My options in mind are: Nikon b500, Canon sx420 or the sx530, the Minolta mn35z, and, something a lot different, the Canon EOS t6. I hope someone could help me choose one.

  16. Good job! Just bought one. You can pick them up at very low prices now. Do you happen to know if the batteries can be charged in the camera? Thanks

  17. This is a good beginners camera. One that they can learn from. Next time don’t be so negative about it. I have used mine a lot and the pictures are not bad at all.

  18. Can you recommend the best camera for taking pictures of products or objects in a position, I don't really need much zoom, just the to take pictures of products to sell online. Thanks

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