On Walking

On Walking

I haven’t gone on many photography trips since I got back from my last road trip more than 2 months ago Except a couple of short trips and hikes, most of my photography has been done within a few miles usually on the same trails and roads that I walk every single day This is a big shift from the way I used to do photography, never too far from the car Perhaps, I got tired of driving; perhaps,
doing the Camino got me hooked Whatever the reason, I have become addicted to walking Of course, I always carry a camera with me Not only is walking an excellent exercise for the body, it also helps the mind Sometimes, I’ll listen to music or a podcast, but most of the times I just take in whatever is around me This makes me more aware and more present, my walks become some kind of meditation I lose track of time, I’m not worried about making good images, I’m just trying to capture what I see Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, I always will Visiting places where everything is new awakens all my senses, and I feel more inspired In just 3 weeks, I’ll be hitting the road again on a trip that will take me to 3 islands But for now, I’ll keep enjoying my daily walks with camera on hand there’s something about seeing the same places over and over, day after day, and about photographing them These are some of my favorite images of the last 2 months done on those walks, hope you enjoy it Thank you so much for watching, and see you in the next one!

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  1. I Walk from picture to picture in your World…! The sensation of mood, overwhelms the limitations, of a restrained B&W pallet.

  2. La mayoría de la GRAN FOTOGRAFIA se ha hecho a las puertas de casa, cuando se trataba de mostrar el impacto de los grandes hechos o del simple acontecer diario. Incluso en lo que se podría llamar Fotografía de Paisaje, el fotógrafo solía no ir demasiado lejos del terruño, lo que no quita que haya existido un afán enorme por retratar lo más o menos lejano y exótico, con excelentes ejemplos por suspuesto. Pero parece que hoy no se puede hacer Fotografía si nos a tomar imágenes de postal, con atardeceres encendidos rodeado de varias decenas de otros fotógrafos a Islandia, por ejemplo. Encontrar belleza, o qué contar, en un radio de unos cientos de metros alrededor de casa no parece una aventura muy interesante.

    Tus imágenes, hermosas y sugerentes.

  3. That was an awesome video with some photos(many) that I just loved. The one of the Storm up in front and all the electrical towers all around was probably my favorite, but there were so many I loved. You inspire me more than anyone else out there and you do such a great job with your videos, such high quality ! Thanks once again and keep up the phenomenal work ! LarryMac

  4. Great video! Thank you! One rather technical question: the panorama pictures that you show, what format are they and what film back did you use for these?

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