28 thoughts on “Oneplus 7 Pro with Google Camera – HUGE IMPROVEMENTS!! 😮😮😮”

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  2. There is a very large improvement in detail retention for the GCam. I hate the watercolor look of the stock cam.

  3. I have a problem with Gcam on my OP6 it's crashing Everytime I take a selfie, is there a new version for it that fixes this issue ?

  4. for me, Stock cam win on all samples here. Less noise, better colors, low light especially, Gcam is toooo noisy.

  5. Seriously, what's wrong with the op7pro? It's a joke, someone should get fired at OP headquarters… Even the Xiaomi mi9t, half the price and with a worse chipset has better cameras, both stock and Gcam results.

  6. Thank you for the comparison. Coud you please tell me which GCam version did you use (there are many versions available on your link)
    It is very interesting and allow to notice how OnePlus is far behind for photos.
    Good job !

  7. I actually prefer some of the stock shots, despite having a bit of a softer, slightly oversaturated look. The gcam looks yellow, dark and over-processed. Not as nice as it is on an actual Pixel phone. It does put more DR in the shots though. Night Sight tends to be a little better than nighscape however 😉 Stock cam also seems to have focusing issues.

  8. Thanks for the comparison. Daylignt better with Gcam, nightime for my eyes it seems it's better with stock cam/nightscape, grainy but sharper which can be interesting in nighttime. it would be interesting to see more stock vs Gcam night landscapes

  9. I presume you are also from RO, like me, just wanted to ask, in how many days did you receive the phone after you ordered it from the oneplus/ro website ? 😀

  10. Hmmmm daylight shots an easy win for the Google camera but nightshots I think I prefer the ones from the stock camera.
    Any new Google camera for Note 9 exynos with Android pie?

  11. I noticed that in low light they all struggle to focus on near subjects. Notably at 4:44 and when you zoom in on the face the background is clear and well defined but the foreground is not. Wife looks great though!

  12. How exactly does this work. Is it really Google's photo processing algorithm? I always watch these videos and wonder about these gcam ported cameras.

  13. As long as image is sharp and preserve details, you can arrange over saturation. You are absolutely right far better then original. But google please just release new gcam with multi camera support (hope we will get with new pixel phone) 🙌🙌

  14. A great phone with great app, but in low light it's less impressive…
    So When do you make a video on the Xperia 1 ?

  15. Again a great video from you. Thanks.

    I have some further questions though.

    1. What about the stability of the gcam? On the OP6T it crashes regularly.
    2. What about the speed of the gcam autofocus? On OP6T the slow autofocus regularly destroys my fotos.
    3. What about the differnet camera types on the OP7pro? I did not use it but afaik it has a wide angle camera and an optical zoom. How are these other cameras used with gcam.
    4. Does the gcam night sight also work on these other camera types?


  16. Honestly, i prefer the stock cam WB for daylight shots, but the details GCam wins all the way. If only Oneplus could combine their stock WB and GCam HDR plus, bam!
    Which one is true to life for daylight?

  17. Obviously almost every single night photo was better on stock cam with night sight

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