OSHO: The Art of Listening (Preview)

OSHO: The Art of Listening (Preview)

. The Art of Listening Transformation in Silence I feel I can relax more and more deeply into myself. Yet, at the periphery there is an unassertiveness a trembling that can cloud the blissfulness of life. Does my ego need nourishment? Your question really makes me wonder how you have been listening. And perhaps this is the state of many of you. You listen to what you want to listen, not what is being said. You go on continuously interpreting according to your old prejudices. Your mind is continuously interfering. It does not allow what is being said to reach to your heart. What reaches to you is something else, distorted, disfigured, maybe so distorted that it is almost the opposite of what has been said. One has to learn very earnestly the art of listening. It is a difficult art and the greatest difficulty is that everybody thinks he knows it. Just because you can hear you think you can also listen. And these are two differing things, so different that unless you start listening you will never know the difference. Copyright© OSHO International Foundation www.OSHO.com/copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation

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  1. I love you Osho 🙂 Listening to you, i forget about everything and become aware of the silence in between your words. That means listening to me…

  2. "Does my ego need nourishment?" This question did show that the person asking must not be listening properly to anything that Osho has been saying. Ego, like anger, disappears when you shine your light on it; silent awareness is your light.

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