Phone Macro Photography – Flower Photos Rob Trek

Phone Macro Photography – Flower Photos Rob Trek

So welcome today we’re going to do a little collab on macro photography with Rob Trek I don’t know if you know him, but his name’s a rock track. He’s a real cool guy I’ve been talking to him on YouTube He does a lot of like kind of macro photography and he’s an Olympus shooter for your little shooters out there anyways, uh Please be sure to go check out his channel and I really like doing collabs with people like I don’t care if you’re like 100 subscribers or just getting started like Basically, just like message me if you want to do a collab. I would love to do something with you. And uh Anyways, we kind of been talking back and forth or over YouTube for quite a while now And Basically, he does a lot of macro photography stuff like flowers and I like and I do a lot of neon Alright, but I did buy This little Chinese set of lenses and one of the things that included was little phone macro attachment So what i’m gonna do is i’m going to take some macro Pictures of some flowers who considers flowers and he’s gonna shoot some like neo-noir Video, actually, he already did the video. Anyways, be sure to check them out as for me I’m going to be checking out Rob’s tutorials because he has like a lot of macro tutorial information Like I’ve never shot macro in my life, and I’ve never really shower flowers, but it should be good alright So probably the first thing you might be asking is why I’m wearing this mask and that’s a cause earring Korea’s really dirty Most of the time actually I wanted to do this video when the air was a much cleaner But I don’t want to make Rob wait too much Anyways today we’re shooting with my phone You can see it’s got little little cheapo clip-on macro lens We’re gonna be shooting along my river near my house because there’s plenty of flowers there before Coming out to shoot. I watched some of Rob’s videos because it’s got like a whole bunch of tips on shooting macro and I’m gonna try to apply some of them and yeah, it’s kind of a new territory for me Like I I suck at portraits and I’ve never even really attempted macro So and either way, it’s lots of fun and I’m enjoying very much All right, so I think I found like the perfect spot there’s like a bunch of flowers in a flower bed behind me and I can tell you already that I’m I’m learning a lot already No, Rob uses flash a lot in his videos and I try to use flash But I guess I’m just a noob at that. You know, I’m not very good at flash especially, uh Trying to control a flash on a smartphone not the greatest idea ever Anyways, I’m learning a lot about minimal focal distance and whatnot It’s most my street shots are from far away and everybody. I have a problem but Getting up close to take a shot of something. Definitely a problem now anyways, I’m actually really enjoying this and The first flowers we found not that amazing, but now I found a more colorful bed and I think I have some nice ideas of what I would like them to come out as Once again, if you haven’t checked out Rob’s channel, please go ahead and check them out Tell him I sent ya and yeah, let’s get back to shooting You know when I shoot at night it’s often dark So and I don’t know I don’t use a tripod, you know, believe it or not So I was thinking since I’m meeting I’m surely like in the daytime that I wouldn’t need a tripod for taking flowers, but actually I Noticed that you really should probably use a tripod for macro photography, especially like the flowers are so shaky with just a little bit of wind and You’re so close that every little detail move. So Kind of finding out the hard way, you know, even though it did attack about in the video But I don’t have a tripod for my phone exactly. So Probably should invest in one But you know, I’m really enjoying this like I’m learning to see the world kind of in a different way you know if I wanna sound poetic and shit, I can definitely see the allure of macro photography and One thing I learned right now. Is that just because it’s macro photography doesn’t mean I have to shoot so close I can be a little bit far away and that’s fine And yeah, I think these are very some really pretty pictures. So Definitely go. Check Rob out. I Thank him for this little collab and if anyone’s watching or you can pull up with me any time Let me know you don’t have to have a thousand subscribers or ten thousand. You can have a hundred. That’s fine You

16 thoughts on “Phone Macro Photography – Flower Photos Rob Trek”

  1. Smartphone microphotos are really cool. I think I use smart phones very efficiently. It's really great.-ssv^^

  2. Impressive for your first try with phone macro photography! It’s not easy because everything moves and using a tripod would not be easy either. The bee and yellow flower at 4:00 is a frame worthy winner! I like that you edited the photos in your style. Will go check out Rob’s vid 👍🏼

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  4. Really enjoyed this collab Noealz, Macro photography is the one kind of shooting, I rarely do. I would like to do it more though

  5. Great shots Noe! Thanks again for the collab, it was a real challenge. Definitely expanded my photography and will be doing more of the same.

  6. looks solid to me! doing some macro for a watch company, so this is interesting 🙂 So crazy that you're air is not fresh to breathe! … That's a huge problem we need to change as a species and society asap!

  7. Aqui estoy se me habia dañado mi celular, aun no me sirve el teclado, i Iike you vídeo. Te quiero mucho bye.

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