Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Freelance Photographer?

Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Freelance Photographer?

This is Anthony and I am going to talk about
how to become a freelance photographer. The first thing that you want to remember about
becoming a freelance photographer is can I go on assignment in a moment’s notice because
when you are freelancing it is kind of your day revolves around your schedule and who
you are working for but it could all change in a heart beat and I know first hand how
that goes. That is one of the things that you really need to remember is am I flexible,
am I willing to do what I have to do to get the assignment and get the job done? Number
two, is how to become a freelance photographer, how do you break into it? Most freelance photographers
approach newspapers, organizations, that need photographers, that need spot photography,
a great place to look for these types of situations would be newspapers. A lot of state capitals,
a lot of school districts, a lot of sports, they might just need someone right away and
then you could step in. Another important factor of having this piece of equipment is
essential to becoming freelance photographer, you need a cell phone. I used to have at least
two cell phones and a pager when I first started because if you are starting to really getting
successful people are going to be calling you and if you don’t pick up that phone or
answer that text they are going to call the next person and it is sort of irritating at
times but if you have that type of personality that knows how to return a phone call quickly
to an editor or to anybody offering you an assignment, then you’ll do pretty well and
number two, you are going to want to get a portfolio together because nobody is going
to hire you sight unseen. They are going to want to see some work whether it is a portfolio.
Even nowadays I feel a blog will do, just something so they see who you are, what you’ve
done and what you can do. Then from there you start to build up a reputation for what
kind of work you do, how fast you can do it and what type of style you like. I always
tell my students as they always told me develop a nitch, develop something that you are really
good at, whether it be political, sports, it could be really just about anything. One
of my colleagues used to do conventions. He was just a great convention photographer and
he lived in Chicago where there are lots of conventions so he kind of had a market on
the convention angle where they would call him up and he would go. Freelancing in general
is not anything that you can depend on and that is something that as I got a little more
mature I found to be not a very good aspect of being a freelance photographer but if you
can build up your client base where you have someone calling you once, twice, three times
a week you have that confidence that you are going to be able to make that money. So that
is always something I try to warn people about when you are working as a freelance photographer
and that is essentially how you become a freelance photographer.

24 thoughts on “Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Freelance Photographer?”

  1. man thanks a lot for the tips, anyway what backround you re using, a ruined garage, and what an old camera, is it 1940 leica, contaxt, or kodak ? do you need a robust tripod for it? thanks anyway

  2. Keep shooting pictures in that case! I really want to become one too, and after a short internship, I learned being a photographer is an awesome, awesome proffesion.

  3. Hasselblad H4D-200MS
    ….. if you have no budget, then that's a nice one.
    But you really need to give more details for a realistic answer.
    What kind of shooting (action, studio, landscape)
    What kind of budget (the camera listed above is over 40,000 USD)
    How far are you/how far do you want to go. (Do you have a point and shoot and you're looking to upgrade? Do you want to go pro?)
    There's a right camera for everyone.

  4. Hi there, are you familiar with "photo SFX art" (just google it)? On their website you will find a good free video featuring how to take impressive photographs. This made it easier for Daniel to shoot photos that leave you with that wow-effect whenever you take a look at them. Perhaps it will work for you also.

  5. great video thanks. Do you have an email if I have some questions related or should I just ask here?

  6. Found this job on Craigslist for photographers, get paid for your photos…….

  7. Well I can reccomend this website for selling your photos

  8. Hey do u think I could make a freelance job out of surf photography? Or is that generally to narrow for freelance wrk?

  9. I'm collecting research from freelance photographers for a uni project. If you get a spare few minutes and are a freelance photgrapher please fill in my survey, thanks in advance

  10. Question I just found out I need a permit if I am a photographer is there any session places that isnt permit required im starting out by the way and i have a client in the spring for a photoshoot.

  11. I'm getting into freelance photography and I am planning to submit my photos to my local newspaper. Thanks for the grateful advice

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