Photography Workshop by WaterAid and Fujifilm

Photography Workshop by WaterAid and Fujifilm

Today we are going to start
the participatory photography with the children. So we’re going to teach them
the basic of photography, how to take photos. And then by the end of the day we are going to ask them to take the camera back home telling us their own stories,
telling us their relationship with their grandparents and their daily life through their own lens. The first village we visited was Ambohimanatrika. Villagers from Ambohimanatrika collect their water from down the hill nearby the rice field. I think the water is dirty because they got worms in the water they are drinking every day. The second village we visited is called Tsarafangitra It’s a beautiful village. These guys have running water and they are just so healthy. They are so clean because they have access to water sanitation. Seeing their faces when the photos were printed
was just amazing. I was amazed because they came up with something as a photographer I didn’t expect to get. Because they have their own eyes,
their own way of thinking, they have their own way of seeing their own situation. For some of them
it’s their first ever printed photos. We’ve seen some of these guys’ grandparents
putting the photos in their room because that is something for them. I think it’s very important for these kids to have that, because sooner or later they are going to become an agent of change in their own communities.

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  1. I completed WASH Project in rural Nepal about 3 weeks ago. On the trip I brought my XT3 and my Instax SP2 printer with me. The families, especially the children, loved seeing the photo being printed! The elders/parents loved having a physical copy of the photo to keep as well! They loved every moment of allowing me into their lives to photograph, and to tell their story.
    Everyone deserves clean water, good hygiene and sanitation and I love the fact these two amazing companies are working together! Photography is powerful, and doing something like this is amazing!

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