Professional Retouching – Benefits of using Wacom

Professional Retouching – Benefits of using Wacom

My name is Marie Bärsch, and I am a Fashion & Beauty photographer. My name is Alex Wätzel, and I am a professional Image Editor. Many of our images have already been published in renowned Fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar und Glamour. Our trips require us to be flexible. We need our equipment to be just as flexible. That’s why Wacom products are very important. They are therefore included in the process, from photoshoots on location to the finished image. The atmosphere on set can vary enormously. Sometimes it’s very relaxed in our small team, and other times it’s much more hectic with work for magazines or advertisers. We usually begin with one of Marie’s ideas, for example using a certain location. That’s the starting point for us. We like being in a small team, so that we can stay flexible and make our ideas come to life. We already discuss on set in which direction we want to go with the images. We talk about colour composition, crop images, and select the strongest pictures almost immediately. The advantage of the MobileStudio Pro is that you can select your images, and then retouch them on the same computer. I will have already made the first corrections before the shooting day finishes. Beauty retouching is a real skill that involves creating a stylized version of the image. For me, it’s important to take the image as a basis and build on it, not change it into something completely new. For this reason, it’s essential to have both a natural skin appearance and an overall aesthetic impression. This approach leads to a unique aesthetic that is appreciated by our customers. Retouching takes a lot of effort, but the right tools make my life easier.

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  1. Is that the mobile studio pro 13 or 16 inches? Great video, by the way, I hope the screen is accurate enough and has enough range contrast todo do retouching and composing work.

  2. I am starting to learn retouching to I plan to buy Wacom One the 472 model. To retouch in photoshop. Is it good?

  3. So I’m purchasing the Wacom Cintiq 21UX used. I have a brand new Mac book pro will I be able to use that version on my new MacBook?

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