RAPUNZEL PAINT MARKER SET  ✎Trying Art Stuff✎ Disney Tangled

RAPUNZEL PAINT MARKER SET ✎Trying Art Stuff✎ Disney Tangled

Hey everyone so in today’s video I’m going to be playing around with this little paint set that I got at the Disney store It’s Rapunzel themed they released a bunch of new merch because of the new animated series and I thought I would pick this up and do a video with it because it contains some pretty cool supplies It’s called a paint set but it pretty much looks like markers I haven’t tested them out so we’ll see what this thing is all about.. It says a paint set that does not need water! Includes five paint pens, drawing pad and a folder and I’m going to peel this off because stickers annoy me D: I already peeled off two stickers off this thing before I even started filming but I wanted to leave this one on because it actually had some info on it about what’s in the set (muttering) and now lets take it off… *quiet chuckle* Alright sticker is gone 😀 *aww* look at the art on this thing though look how cuuute I love the art style from the new show, it’s so cute *ah* *ahh* *ahh* I’m not sure if you can see the texture of this thing too.. Like it’s kind of- it almost feels canvasy… almost feels like canvas It’s really neat So it just has a magnetic closure- opens up like this This is the folder I guess just to store your drawings in after you make them and then… we have the five paint pens this is gonna be a challenge… It’s pretty much gonna be like the five marker challenge /slash/ cheap marker challenge And then here’s the drawing pad which is pretty thick- it’s a lot of paper and the pages themselves are pretty thick too so that’s good So let’s try opening up the pens.. it says to use scissors so there’s no just peel away thing? I can’t just peel it off? I gotta use scissors? *ehh* How exactly am I supposed to cut this? These are both childproof and Bailey-proof *biting noise* *more biting noises* Yes! Yes! *chuckle* Wait- no no! I mean I can get the lid off now but that bothers me I need to get all the plastic off *chuckles* Well one down four to go! Okay, don’t do that I thought that would’ve been the easy way out.. Oh- oh no.. Oh no wait.. is this green? I thought this was yellow!? How am I supposed to colour her hair without yellow? *tsk* By the way, I’m wearing my Rapunzel shirt even though you can’t really see it So cuuuute Also from the Disney store well years ago.. they don’t sell this anymore And this is also from the Disney store, just recently so they should still have them *mmhh* *gulp* It’s a curly straw that goes all the way down the cup It’s pretty cool! *hehe* I didn’t peel this off in advance because I wanted it to be like a first impressions type thing Now I’m like man this is taking so long.. I should’ve done it in advance *sighing chuckle* Okay! I finally got all the plastic off. Now we need to do a test I already ripped out one of the pages in this notebook because I wanted to know what size I should draw my art at So this is the one I ripped off. We’ll use this as a test First one I gotta test is this *uhhhh*- I thought this was yellow! Why are you so deceiving?! So I was like: oh what should I draw? I should draw Rapunzel cause look we have yellow for her hair, the purple, the pink- like *ugh* I thought that made sense but now apparently now we got green>:( And I purposely didn’t draw Pascal because there was no green Well.. Woah! Kay the first couple strokes were not that good but th- Woah! Okay so that’s the green *ugh* I think I’m gonna have to bust out some other pens to use with these ones.. because *haha* I don’t have the colours I need That pink is very purple-ly which is kinda good because the pink on Rapunzel is more of a light purple than a pink ooh this is not at all the right purple but that’s okay we’re gonna make do with what we have this purple is too bluish compared to her actual dress Then we have orange.. eww orange. Pretty much my least favourite colour *chuckle* Then last but not least we have the blue ooh this one’s my favourite, I think. That is nice! now what I’m gonna try next is layering let me fold this over because it’s taking up too much space so, let’s say I have the pink and the blue what happens if I combine them? mmm they do blend (hey you’re in my way) *laughs* look at that! now if I go back on the stuff that’s already dry does it kinda blend? I mean it’s more just like layering not blending in that case but when it was still wet definitely worked I’m struggling to get consistent flow of ink though or paint, whatever it is so that might be a struggle if I’m trying to blend and this is just, like, not coming out it is also getting really dark where it’s blending but it’s still interesting that’s kinda cool! Okay, okay now, the other pens that I’m gonna bust out these were going to be their own video but then I found this paint set and if they were each their own video they’d be pretty similar to each other, so I thought I might end up combining them and after testing the colours I think I do need to combine them so this was my other purchase from another day from the Disney store they’re little marker pens and I’m not sure if they’re similar, I think they’re more felt-tipped instead of being actual bristles like these ones I’m not sure, but it was on clearance, it was ten bucks regular seventeen Canadian so I thought I’d pick them up, and I have not tested these out at all they’re so cute! look at them! they have tsum tsum’s on them! so, here we have an actual yellow *effort noise* the thing is, yeah, these are actual markers these paint pens, I can tell, they are paint so yeah, we’re gonna use these in conjunction with the paint pens I’m gonna try to mostly use the paint ones, but these will be fine too, at least for the Rapunzel one let’s see if I can get away with using mostly the paint pens that came in the Rapunzel set so I do already have a sketch that I prepared but I might do more than just this but I at least wanted this prepped ahead of time so it’s a drawing of Rapunzel just cause, like I said, I thought the colours looked like they worked for Rapunzel turns out they don’t cause there’s no yellow but *laughing* this can be one of the drawings that I do it’s gonna be tricky, because it’s small and these are pretty big brushes so, this’ll be interesting, but I’m gonna try now, that sketch is not on the proper paper so I’m gonna tear out a new sheet they’re kinda hard to tear nicely *chuckles* they’re not perforated at the top or anything like that, so yeah, I’m just gonna trim this down this was just sketched on sketchbook paper so I’m bringing out my lightbox and I’m gonna trace it onto the paper that came with the set and I’m gonna use a purple pencil oh the purple from the tsum tsum pen is, like perfect for her dress I think I’m gonna try doing another piece of art after this on a bigger piece of paper this is gonna be sort of, like, the test, I guess? this is definitely too dark and not purple enough, but we have limited colours to work with so we’re just gonna do the best we can the bristles keep splitting! it’s really hard to do fine details! as you can notice, her dress design is simplified I thought I would simplify it to look kinda how it looks in the TV show that’s what I was trying to do here, and it’s a good thing I did that because I can’t handle these details as it is! If i drew it on larger paper it’d be easier but I really wanted to use the supplies that actually came with the kit, so that’s what I chose to do I’m gonna mix in some of the pink just to warm this up a bit yeah, if I do it this way for the skirt the skirt’s gonna be way too dark her bodice is pretty dark so I think this is fine for the top but I’m gonna use that tsum tsum pen for the lower portion it’s tough cause she has so many shades of purple and pink on her *laughing* so it’s really a struggle trying to get it to look decent now time for her glorious hair! Well that was juicy! There’s just a giant puddle of ink on her lips now! argh! I’m also gonna use this pencil just to give a little colour to her skin cause there’s no marker that really works well, that’s about all I’ve got one of the biggest struggles with these is that I don’t have light colours if you layer these enough you get dark ones but I don’t have light colours and so I don’t even wanna do anything in the background because it’s just gonna get messy I feel like the background has to stay white and these flowers, they have petals that curl up but, you can’t even really see the parts that curl up because *chuckles* It’s all just so dark the other struggle with these is that they have really long bristles and because you’re not actually using paint the paint is inside of it you have to press a little bit hard to get the paint to come out but since the bristles are so flimsy they just flip-flop everywhere so that’s a struggle, cause they are much longer than, say, a marker would be but it’s not the same as picking up paint with a paintbrush so it’s a weird combination so now what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna take the paint ones and I’m gonna try using them on watercolour paper just so I can try something that has more layering and blenders because with Rapunzel I couldn’t do much layering because I was trying to get the colours accurate but I wanna try something else where I can really blend and try to come up with something cool the most blending I got on here was on the blue flowers and.. that’s pretty much it, so I’m gonna try something bigger maybe a little more abstract? I don’t even really know what I’m gonna end up trying, but just something bigger with blenders Alright, so I’ve created this kitty cat illustration because I wanted something that didn’t involve people so I could get extra crazy with the colours I mean, I could go crazy with the colours on a human drawing too, but I just wanted something with buildings, that’s just what I feel like drawing so I thought why not do another cat illustration cause I do a lot of drawings with a bunch of little cats everywhere it’s a derpy drawing, the cats look derp the perspective isn’t perfect, but I think it’s cute, and now I’m gonna colour it with my pens maybe both again and I actually also got some water and paintbrushes so that I can combine them with water to make the colours more pale *meow* *baby noises at kitty* first I’m gonna scan it, and I’ll have this up on my website as a colouring page that you can print off yourself and colour, if you’d like it’s not the best! I especially struggled since this is really textured and so when you’re trying to use a liner it just any little bump in the paper can make it go haywire, so yeah uh, not the best, but if you would like to colour it in too it is on my website sweeping away some crumbs! and I am finally done! that was fun it’s a little tough to blend cause it’s not quite like watercolour paints but it was still fun to use, especially with the water and then to get the dark areas I just really layered and the markers definitely helped me get darker colour than just the paints alone and then i used some white gel pen to bring out some highlights in here and I left the cats all white because I thought if I coloured them in they’d just blend in a little too much Like, I could use contrasting colours like, the one that was on the green I could make him orange or something like that, but I just kinda like the idea of leaving some white in the picture, and the white being the cats, so that’s how I left it and I thought the street could be green cause the street could be grass, because the cats like to walk on grass, so yeah! there’s my little picture alright, so that is it for this video with the Rapunzel paint set thingy If you wanna see me use more sets like this just let me know because there are so many different ones out there that are made for kids and some have paints, some have pastels, some have a combination of different mediums so I think there’s a lot I could do to experiment with these and it’s almost like a little “cheap art supply challenge” so I think it’s kinda fun so let me know if you’d like to see more of that that’s pretty much it for the video just a reminder that the colouring page is up on my website if you wanna download it for free and colour it in yourself and, yep thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video

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