Realme X50 Pro 5G Phone | Fastest, Strongest, Costly 4G Compatible Phone

Hello Friends,
I am Abhishek and this is the 5G phone from realme. In the race of 5G phones realme has realme
me left everyone behind. As always and that’s why I have to shoot this
video on a Sunday. But anything for you guys. The name of this phone is x50 Pro
so I find this phone a little bit heavy and a little bit thick. But, the one-handed usage of the phone is
good. The phone is tall as you can see but the phone
is thick it comes with big battery. This is a 5G phone and with it come so many
frequencies which has nothing to do with us because 5G is not available in India but still
this phone is a special. And this is why would you like to use this
phone and you would like to use the camera in day to day usage and for the performance
because it comes with a very good hardware and latest RAM which is the LPDDR5 RAM.
which I am experiencing it for the first time and I tell you multitasking and switching
between apps is very smooth. it also comes with the realme UI and it has
less bloatware compared to other realme phone which we have seen in the past on the cheaper
phones It is very responsive and if you are thinking
that you will be getting the 120Hz display then that is not the case. Here you are getting here and 90Hz display. This is how to display is. The fingerprint sensor is very fast the performance
is very top notch because of the Snapchat 865. there is no lack of performance in this one. You like it when you will play pubg on this
one. phone will heat up a bit but it comes with
liquid vapor cooling system which helps the cooling of the phone. It heats up but It cools down very fast. We talk about camera setup then you are getting
a 64 megapixel camera but this 64 MP camera is Samsung sensor and it has a quad camera
setup on the rear and on the front you are getting dual selfie camera of which one is
the a 32 megapixel camera and the second one is the depth sensor. what is new in the front camera you ask? like in iPhone you get that slow motion selfie
which we never use, I have an iPhone too but I never use this feature in my phone but here
you are getting that feature too. You can take narrow mode selfies with the
front camera and you can also take the wide angle photo. This one is the Wide Angle and this one is
the narrow angle, this one is the narrow angle, this one is the wide angle. If you take selfies from the front camera
then there will be some problem. Once you zoom in you can see there is a little
bit distortion in the edge detection but you can take good pictures indoors and outdoors. the Macro mode is also very good the focusing
of the macro camera is very quick and instant because it comes with a processor everything
becomes faster. This is the kind of photo you can get which
have taken here and as you can see it has captured a very good picture. the blur in the background is also maintained
and there are so many edges in this plant. The structure is very complex but it has captured
it very successfully. it focuses on very small objects and see
how you can capture a very good photo on this phone
There is no 5G in India so what you will do this phone’s 5G. So definitely there will be a 4G version
of this phone coming however the brand has said anything about this. When the 4G version comes this will make the
phones a little bit cheaper. This one will be priced a little bit higher. I haven’t Bought any realme phone so I don’t
know anything about you. Normally people don’t buy realme phones. And wonderful thing about this phone is that
it comes with charger which is a 65 watt charger. Yes, this is a 65watt charger and they are
saying it superdart charger and I think finally they have patented and it is called superdart. And this charges the phone in 35 minutes from
0-100. Which is the wonderful thing this is seriously
amazing. My MacBook comes with a 65 watt charger which
you will have to buy separately and it is very expensive. 65 watt charger comes with the phone which
is a very commendable thing. Now a days, phones require equal amount of
power because you are getting equally good performance with respect to the power because
the processor here is very powerful and the DDR5 RAM. It is clocked at 2700 MHz let me show you
I am very excited to test this phone. It is not because of the 5G I’m not excited
because of the 5G but I am excited because this phone has DDR5 RAM. You get this kind of frequency in your PCs. That is how much you are getting here. There is so much you can do you with this
frequency and this much power. It says 8GB of RAM here on the phone but in
the specification 12gb is mentioned. 12gb DDR5 RAM has been mentioned on the box
they have sent me I think this is a prototype phone and not a final phone. First time I am looking at a realme phone
which is this much premium in terms of build quality it has a metal frame and not that
fake one but genuine metal frame. you can see the antenna band here also on
the back you have Gorilla Glass 5. The finishing is very good they have actually
invested some money in its manufacturing. It has Wi-Fi 6 with dual band Wi-Fi.
also, it has dual speakers which makes it very loud. In terms of loudness you can hear by yourself. [Playing bollywood song] It has 6.44 inch display the display is very
good and for once I thought it has full view display because the front selfie camera is
hidden under the display and it has the punch-hole design and again the display is pretty big. you are getting a 256 GB of storage and it
comes with UFS 3.1 so yes it has a very high speed storage system. you are getting Android 10 based realme UI. you are getting NFC with Google Play support
there is NFC chip here which can be used with Google pay later so you can just tap it and
pay whenever Google pay is supported in future. this things will be available in India soon,
as of now Google pay can only be used by scanning. This is the cable it is simple very simple. This one is the 65 watt charger the output
current of this charger is 6.5 ampere. 6.5 ampere superdart charger has been written
on the adapter. They are calling it superdart. it is the 5G phone of course but whatever
it is apart from just 5G phone, I have tried to tell you here. If you liked the video or the phone press
the like button. Whether you would buy it or not that is another
matter but if you like this phone you can say it.

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