Relevance of Aperture | Fashion Photography Tutorial | Part 3 and 4 of Bikini Shoot

So, we are doing the lighting for the second
tutorial. If you remember previous tutorial we used
two lights. One big octabox and one beautydish. Here, we are using beautydish and two softboxes. We are using one additional light. I just want to give you an idea that i am
using an additional light to highlight her this cover-up. The black colour will absorb more light. So, to compensate for that we need an additional
light and I am using this as to create a distance between the background and the model. We can use different lighting setups to create
different looks. There is no rule that you should use one light
or two light or three lights for particular look. It entirely upto your imagination and creativity. If you want to use one light, you can use
it. If you want to use four lights, you can use
that. The lighting effects will be different but
if you know how to use the lights then you can create an awesome image even with one
light. Now, we are talking about Aperture. Aperture is what controls the depth of field. In studio, usually I change only aperture
for any reasons. I mean shutter speed and ISO remains same. I set ISO at 100 and shutter speed at 1/125. Only aperture is what I change. The relevance of aperture is that wider the
aperture, more concentrated the focus will be. For example, if you want to get full body
in focus. For example, from her head to toe if you want
to be in focus, you need to use aperture at least f8. f8 or above. And if you are going close-up and you want
only her eyes to be in focus, then you can use aperture f4 or f2.8 or any lower numbers. I am taking a shot with following settings. I am using ISO100, Shutter at 1/125 and I
am using Aperture f9. I am going for a full length image. I want her full body to be in focus. So, I am using a narrower aperture. This is a decent image, as you can see the
whole body is in focus and every detail is visible. So, now what we will do is we will decrease
the aperture to f4.0 that is the minimum this lens will go and I am trying to take a full
length shot focused on her face. The picture we have taken is overexposed. Because, when we reduced the aperture, we
didn’t compensate for that. When we reduce the aperture, automatically
the light will increase. To compensate that either you can decrease
the ISO or you can increase the shutter speed. Both the things we cannot do right now. So, only option is change the intensity of
lights. So, I am changing the intensity of light with
2-3 stops and i am trying it again. This image is perfectly exposed. As you can see her face is in focus and her
lower body is out of focus little bit. So, this is the main usage of aperture where
you can create a different depth of field. Main use of aperture is in outdoor photography
where you can create a bokeh effect or you can blur the background, that kind of thing. But, in studio main use is this and I must
say that usage of aperture is limited in studio compared to outdoor, but still it have its
own uses.

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