Reviewing Your Photos 2!

Reviewing Your Photos 2!

how's it going guys I'm Josh and today we are going to review your photos where you can email in your photos to me and I critique them so I made my first episode of this series a few weeks ago and feedback was super favorable we got tons of new submissions so we're going to keep this going and make it a series I'm pretty sure three quick things before we get started with the critiquing first in the last episode I asked how to improve this and a lot of people said I should include the Instagram username to the people who submitted and I'm skeptical to do that because I want this video to be about people improving in their photography and not just submitting to get followers because you're already really good that being said feel free to submit no matter how good you are I'm going to try to critique it and you're more than welcome to leave it in the comments if you get your photo featured you want to try and get followers I just don't want to take part in that and number two on the somewhat ironic note of Instagram followers you can check out my Instagram here and the reason why I want to share this with you is because you probably don't want to take photo advice from someone whose photos just aren't good or responds you don't really like this dial-up so you can check out my work see if you like it before you listen to me ramble about photography for the next few minutes and finally number three I'm going to Iceland next week and I'm super excited to shoot photos there and I want to show you guys the piece of equipment I got it's a lens filter and this isn't any sponsored things just a cool little toy I want to show you it's a graduated neutral density filter and as you can see half-minute is really dark and has its really light which is good for shooting landscapes because we've ever shot a sunset where either the sunset is overexposed or the foreground is underexposed this solves that problem and if you're interested in this filter I'll put a link to check it out over here I did a lot of research and I think this one by fire press is going to be really good I guess you'll see the photos to prove it very soon anyway now to review your phone this first shot is incredible it's by Brandon Wong and it's in Southern California of his friend dangling off a bridge I think he also climbed this bridge to get the shot and the reason why I want to share this photo is because a lot of my tutorials are all about technical aspects long exposures neutral density filters panoramas and I'm always talking about how you can improve the craftsmanship of your photo but sometimes it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and just shoot it simple simple photo and this is sort of that there's nothing crazy complex going on but he captured an amazing moment and I got a hand it to him it's the only thing I was recommended first a wide-angle lens could have done you wonders because as you can see you have these cool lines from the bridge just get cut off if you were wider you see this crazy architecture that's really more favorable than just having a couple short lines another thing I only like is he shot this @f 1.8 which is a really really shallow aperture now that you look at it a little bit closer you'll see the front part of the bridge is out of focus f1 point is really great for a portrait when you want that shallow depth of field but when you try to display the coolness of a big bridge you're on I would want more of the bridge and focus so I would actually use an aperture closer to f/8 and the way you could fix this this is iso is 200 signs but a shutter speed is 125 hundredths of a second which is crazy fast there's never really any reason to shoot that fast unless you're shooting action photography and even that is good like 1-800 for skateboarding so I would have brought the shutter speed down much much more maybe to one 201-504-3007 Tiger penis reminded me of so when you shoot tall things whether it be a building door anything from the floor it tends to look like the buildings are leaning back like this and you can see this in this photo and that's called the Keystone effect so to fix it it actually is to go into Lightroom or Photoshop but in Lightroom what you do is you open up the lens correction tool go to the manual and then with the vertical slider you can actually make the photo sort of wobble back and forth like this you could just fix it and this is what it'll look like once you fix the shot many of next photo was just remarkable location wise it's shot on the German mountain and issue it's an amazing photo my only critique is the same thing for branded photo he shot this at F 3.5 which is really shallow aperture and for these landscapes I do recommend a much larger aperture number you could have a background in the floor much more in focus but still it's a really nice photo and I appreciate the dedication making your friend walk all the way there without you just for the photo that's awesome his next gonna have to make an example out of someone Zach white please please do not use watermarks in your photos I cannot stand watermark and here's the reason why first I think they look pretty tacky second they make a look like you're taking yourself way too seriously and third they suggest that you're afraid someone's going to steal your work as this one would want to steal your work and I don't mean you Zach I mean everyone in general just I don't use water much I really think that if someone wanted to steal it working posted on Instagram like fine whatever I don't want to do that but I would rather take that risk then ruin the photo with an awkward cursive logo but I'm sorry I'm being mean but please guys do not use watermarks another important thing to know here is that image compression happens online so when I post my photos on Instagram they're still so small that no one's going to be able to do anything with them except maybe repost them on Instagram same thing if you does not post them on my website it's not like someone would steal them and make a print out of it because it's still super low resolution so don't even worry about it guys just post your photos not a lot of marks and be brave on a more positive note that Nick photos from Matthew Francisco and he did a really nice job with this editing and you look between the photo ended and unedited and the clear difference is that he was playing with shadows and highlights and may he raise both of them up a little bit and he also bumped up the clarity so if you look at the man's skin it has a lot more definition and really pops which is awesome another really well done thing here is that it looks like if you look at his hat he's backwards by what I think is probably a car light and car lights at night are a really nice way to get some good backlighting on people so sometimes when I'm shooting photos and I'll just try and align people to be in front of the headlights because great photos guaranteed so well done Matthew those next photos from Cameron Jacobs it was shot in Naples Italy and I want to share with you guys a really important editing trick you can sometimes pull so if you look at this shot you see that Lantos you're like what is that doing it's not helping the photo it's awkwardly crops midway through I just we should get rid of it so if you open up the photo in Lightroom and you use the lasso tool you can actually select really quick I should say that's questionable because you're making a big difference in the photo by removing this you probably should just cut it out or visually but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures so we got that selected backspace content-aware past me 100 and boom what lipo sometimes if you see look a little closer up there are a few little like kind of sketchy areas it looks like they were changed what I would just do is use the clone stamp tool with a really soft brush they go harness is like 20% and you are good to go it looks like there is never a lamppost it looks like you composed it perfectly the first time around man I'm being sassy today this next photo from Ryan levy shot in Malibu California beautiful sunset over the Pacific that's the nice photo that I have two pieces of advice for you so we use it eight second long exposure at 32 and I understand yet to have that much larger aperture number you can have a slower shutter but here's the thing a lot of photographers try never to shoot with aperture numbers large and say f-14 and the reason why is because they get less and less sharp as they get higher and higher now I understand it through to shoot it at 8 there just be too much light views along exposure and that's the reason why people get neutral density filters and I have a whole tutorial on shooting gate on long exposures with nd filters linked to that over here and that's honestly what usually done another thing I would have experimented with showing you more rocks a little bit less sky the sky gets very consistently blue well they look like they're more rocks than just sort of off early cutoff there's next loaders I see you smelly and it looks like either a kickflip or a high low I can't even tell but with the dog it's amazing a couple pieces of advice for you though he shot this at 112 50th of a second and as a really really fast shutter speed and which is fun when we have so much light but he had a really low aperture number of s 3.5 and I would actually have used a larger aperture to have more stuff in the background in focus and slow down your shutter speed a little bit so my piece of advice for you guys if you're shooting skating the golden shutter speed is one eight hundred and the reason why is because the slowest shutter speed that's fast enough to always capture action and be super sharp even midday another thing is it looks a little bit over edited I wouldn't have brought up the clarity of sharpness as much as he did and I wish he sent me the raw files let me edit with it but I'll have it anyway it's a nice moment and there's a lot of promise from this photo and I'm not to say that I know it sounds like a consolation prize but I do mean it and I think that this next stone photo is like a madman he asked me for advice on removing the leg from this photo of an old man and I agree the leg is a little bit distracting so we're in take it in at Photoshop and use the clone stamp tool to remove it now I would use the lasso tool with the constant aware feature but because it's a more small precise part of the photo I think the close dev tools the move and you'll see how I did it from a second zoom in a bunch on the part you want to remove and then we're going to take a nice soft big brush to get started and we're going to start to remove the leg and just get really close up to his jacket but not all the way touching when you get really close to a body that has to stay with the hardline we're now have to use a harder brush so we're going to say it's going 90 percent harness and make it a little bit smaller just so we're more precise alright and I think the leg is been removed and now we're going to have to do is you see we have these weird lines from using a closed capsule so we're going to go back to having a larger much much softer brush which will help us fix those lines and to make it look like it was part of the photo originally and the bigger the brush the smoother to look and no one would look too smooth you know this part wasn't little too soft over here so we're going to take some part of the photos not us off and dump it in there and there you have it I don't see any legs I'm going to send this back to here you go this next photo is from Mike juggling who apparently has a BMX channel that some of you guys might watch based on London and it's a really cool photo I have a couple piece of advice for him so first well done this moment is awesome and so cool I would love to be there and photograph this so how I would actually improve the first off you go to show your speed up one 125th of a second which is way too slow look at the bike you'll see it's a little bit blurred and that definitely be fixed with the shutter speed of 1-800 to the second and if you're really low on lighting you can even do one six forty eight four one five hundreds of a second it'll make a difference though now another thing is back to bridges bridges are amazing architectural feats that look super cool especially with the wide-angle lens so what I would have done it has gotten a little bit lower and try to frame them up instead of being on the bridge to be above the railing of the bridge framed up in the sky in between the support beams then you'd have a much stronger composition and a remember if you get super low it's easier to make the person look high so even if the height is not right now if he was closer to you and you had a really nice wide lens he would probably be framed up in the sky but well done and this is this is so cool he's off British an empty bridge it's gnarly this next photo is from Tobias Frank really cool shot and as a piece of editing advice to make this much more strong compositionally so when you have your strong lines coming through the photo like the top of this bridge when the lines actually align with the corner of the photo it looks much cooler so actually instead of using a four by six crop irie cross this with a five by seven another popular crop and had it hit the corner and I think the photo look roll the cooler now definitely sort of play with whatever your editing your photos but more importantly it something to play with we actually shooting your photos to try and purposely align them so you don't have to crop because the end goal should never be to fix your photos and cropping it should be to shoot right in the first place but sometimes you have to take minor liberties when you're editing the photo and that's totally ok this next photo is like Paul Channing and he makes very good use of a tennis top neutral density filter during the day in terrazzo this is a 10 second exposure and you can see it is really nice light trails other cars I think it's very well done a couple pieces of advice is it looks first of all like to put a little bit tilted this way so this is kind of nitpicky but the building in the far left I don't really like how that looks because looks like you get almost to the top of it but it's just barely cropped so when you have a building that's obviously a super tall amount of frame it's fine not to the top of it but if it looks like it's almost there then you gotta show the whole thing so I would have them drop little bit more but honestly I think that's kind of nitpicky this is a really well done shot it also reminds me of this photo I took in Chicago a few years ago and now it's the last photo man with the legendary name Leo virgin virgin and I say that right Leo virgin I'm starting to make an example out of you Leo virgin but if you look at this photo you're wondering how high up this is how about how many stairs are it what's the size of it you need to see when you're shooting in a photo the ground because otherwise just no perspective and it seems like he's sort of floating in space in the fence but yeah I would take a few more steps back and would greatly improve the photo all right I think we've done enough photos for today if you'd like to have a chance of having your photos reviewed in my next little review video feel free to send in one or two of your best shots to josh cat photos at including all of this stuff in the email a couple final things if you like this video you want to see more be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this series any photo choices you want to see me make leave a comment down below letting me know and just leave a comment down below for the hell of it because I enjoy reading comments another thing you want to see more of my photos photo tutorials camera equipment that I used and all of my setup reviews and prints for sale my best shots you can check out all of that on my photo website link to that right over here and also feel free to follow my Instagram I also have tons of other social media links to all that down below I hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you eventually I'm going to go make a sandwich

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