Sathyam Tamil Full Movie

Sathyam Tamil Full Movie

Good morning officers Aravindan
-Sir Swamynathan
-Hello sir Dayalan
-Sir Mohamed
Hello sir Do encounter. All the best Hey, go back. Did they beat you despite
telling my name? What’s the name of that cop? This is Veera’s fort
Nobody can do anything
Put your phone What’s your problem, man? I will pay money tell him vacate the house lsn’t he telling you? Why do you argue? I don;t want money
House is must for me More than 25 years living
Please explain him -Sir, l’m ready.
-Veera has come. Do something and send him fast Hey, can’t you give up your
house for money? Why are you troubling us? What is this fuss? Boss, police… police… Veera No option You can’t escape from us. What happened? -He isn’t here.
-Damn! He escaped. Who is that new man? This encounter order was passed
by the Home Minister. We have done many encounters.
ls he insane? lsn’t he working under you?
Why did he save him? Who is that ACP? His native place is Madurai.
Satyam, Assistant Commissioner of Police. Will you die or surrender? We would’ve killed him with a gunshot. lnstead, why do we have to go
to court, jail and investigation? Sir, l agree that you’re superior to us.
But we are more experienced than you. DGP and Home Minister are
upset with your action. lf you had gone through the
criminal record of Veerappan, You wouldn’t pity him. Satyam, whom do you want to impress? What Aravindan?
Just a matter of gunshot. Do you want to kill criminal or law? Are we cops or goons of Politicians? According to me, encounter is
an excuse for our cowardliness. Were we trained to kill others? No law has encouraged encounters. l am not saying to save the criminals. l am asking you not to spare
the people who create criminals. Every encounter becomes a loophole
for the great politicians to escape. Swami, you have 22 years of service. And criminal Veera has
a crime record of 25 years. lf you want to encounter him, when will
you finish the operation? Tell me… lf you had encountered him 15 years ago,
you could’ve saved many lives. lf Minister wants him,
he becomes his security. Otherwise, would he order an encounter? Again l’m asking you the same question. Are we all cops or goons of politicians? l’m not here to impress anyone. l don’t
care if anyone doesn’t like my action. l’m not a goon.
l’m a Policeman. Only law should punish criminals.
And God’s judgement is final. Law and God are one. Believe my friend! Justice only will win! Every fight of yours.. ..should only for trueness. Don’t think about
dawn at mid night Don’t yell and spoil everyone’s sleep. Until God incarnates.. ..these devils play will continue. We have done so many jobs for them. Stop. Don’t work for
politicians believing like me. lt’s better we live our life. l don’t bother about your party. How dare you hit the police.. Will you do like it again? Why are you hitting them? How dare he claims to
be from your party, sir? Yes, they are my party people. lf he is in ruling party,
how dare you do mistakes? You should light
the way as a torch! If you are posted as a security,
do that alone. Will you become a spark of fire? Or will you be a terror to criminals? l can’t understand
whether he is our party or not. Didn’t you get him? He looks like 6 feet height. His blow goes to 6 feet long. Honda City, white colour,
AP-02-4322, is it yours? Crushing two people under your wheels,
are you enjoying doing jigs here? -Do you know who my father is?
-Go and ask your mother. Don’t get angry
If arrow comes.. Turn it to the enemy,
he is your aim. If you’re sincere in your duty.. Everything will fall to your feet. Will you do the police job as duty.. ..or will you avenge for pledge? lt’s not enough having the aim.. But don’t go the wrong path. Deva..
Hmmm. -What father?
-Where are you going? -l’m going to shoot…
-Whom? Robbers, forgers, goons, drug dealers. What nonsense is she talking? Didn’t l warn you not to encourage
her to join TV media? lnstead of doing beauty or comedy shows, or phone-in song programs, Why are you doing crime stories?
Give that camera to me. Don’t shirk away
social responsibility. l can’t watch young generation
getting ruined. Looks like risky job.
Have an intelligent companion How is my introduction? -Very bad! -Thank you.
What is our next operation? We are going to deal with
most dangerous criminals. Each and every move
should be taken carefully. -Got me?
-No. -l feel scared
-Sign it… -How can l sign?
-No questions, sign it. -Okay, l’ll.. Deva, you’ve found a real criminal. Are you signing your dad’s signature, you are finish. -Lot of money here.
-Give it to me.. Hey, somebody may pop in.
make it fast. Hey Sachin, don’t hold the cigarette
like that. Hold it properly. -Hold it properly.
-l know how to hold it. l’ve seen my father smoking. -Father, don’t beat me.
-Will you repeat it? -lt’s paining, father.
-Don’t ever repeat this. Mom don’t beat me.. mom I won’t do this again Father, don’t beat me, I won’t do this wrong again. Mom don’t beat me.. Its paining lot. Dad I won’t put your sign, don’t beat me. -Father, l won’t smoke again.
-Oh no! lt’s paining, mother. Mother, it’s paining me.
Don’t hit me. -Don’t beat me, father.
-Mother, it’s paining. -Please dad, don’t hit me.
-Mother! Don’t hit me. Saying just 2 minutes,
my mother called me in. l went in hoping to get noodles. A big belt…on the same place.
She beat me repeatedly black and blue. l got 22 shots. My back is smashed. Mine is no better,
it’s totally damaged. Sister is responsible for everything. No sentiments.
We should show our power to her. We should take revenge on her. -Let’s plan.
-Shall l puncture her vehicle? Hey stupid! Don’t give foolish
ideas like elders. Think brilliantly like children. She should also be spanked. We must have the last laugh! -ls it possible?
-lt is possible! We need a powerful leader. -Like Shakthimaan.
-Like Superman. -Like He-man.
-Like Batman. This isn’t enough. He should be like
a hired goon obeying all our orders. -We need a well qualified man.
-Who is he? Who is he? lt’s wrong, police. Without knowing about me,
don’t dare to touch me. What did we do? Girls were playing throw ball
jumping and diving… lt was mind blowing to watch. We were just ogling.
ls it wrong? Tell me…is it wrong? lt’s wrong.
Tell me Police lt’s wrong to tease playing girls. You sarcastically say
lndia never wins in sports, where can these poor girls
go and practice? Watch the game like a sport.
Don’t ogle the sportswomen. Come on…surround him.
We’ll finish him. Let’s escape. Stop…he is going…look there.. Oh my God! How dare you raise hand on police? Hey, get up. Lecturing after
committing a mistake? Hey, come here..’ lf l see you ever again, that’s it Leave the camera Sir Do you know who l am?
l’m a Y TV reporter. So what ? Shut up Give my cassette. Hello stop it You will film without knowing the facts. Later, you will publish the news
against police and law. You don’t have social responsibility. At least allow us to do our duty. Start the vehicle. -To hell with your responsibility! -Oh gosh! -Hey, move…
-I will show who I am Torture r/are you trapped us Now the cassette in his hand Hey Keerthy I am saw your uncle That fat idiot afraid Carefull apply the break ‘ You.. How you ride the vehicle Policeman lift me sir Not your glass instead ‘my hand Police man What happen to you ? Are your do it? Don’t beat dad Did your father burst your bums? He isn’t the only one.. We all had our bums busted. Father, please don’t beat us. Why? What for? -lt seems l’m forging
dad’s sign. -You? You are a good boy, aren’t you? -My dad didn’t know that.
-They say l’m stealing money. She got us all fixed. lt was pure graphics crime, uncle. Don’t you feel sad hearing our woes? l think the criminal will get
atleast 10 years for the crimes. Bro, investigate properly.
They are lying. Who started the rumour and
got your bums busted? -Lady devil!
-Torture Rita. -Lady Rodeo!
-Fatso! Didn’t get us? Deva.
Age 21 , weight 51 . Always a chimpanzee accompanies her. We saw him getting scared of you
and we decided it’s you. What? You’re our gang leader. Oh Gang leader! Have you decided it? We are power rangers.
You are gang leader. Did my son become
an lPS officer for this? Once if l decide,
l never listen to my selves. Seven comes after six!
Deva will be in a fix! What can we do? Can’t you plan properly? ls your ACP a great man? What can we do? -We will hatch a plan.
-Got an idea! Let’s finish her! -Hey, listen to me.
-Oh no! We are entering ACP’s house
with a duplicate key.. and steal our cassette. make it success Leader, she’s planning to steal
cassette from your house. What do you mean? We are going, stealing and taking
the cassette.-What will happen next? Let’s unmask the ACP
It;s Barbarian act lf we tarnish his image with
ACP’s violent actions. Opposition party will
raise hell in legislature. Courts will question his actions. Press club will condemn him
for trampling reporters’ rights. ACP, who has brought
bad reputation to the dept. action…inquiry…suspension! Crossing of human rights ask him If you show to me
Hl’ll show him my power. Super star is mass.
Deva is news. Oh my God! Oh no! Oh no! God!.. Aah Oh devil! Now you know our background, right? lt’s me only. Stunning kingdom… You shaken up lady… You are now in danger… Stunning kingdom… You’re nearing your end…
You’re living in the world is waste Hey thief, now you escape
you’re old waste? Hey You’re catched sun ? Hey thief, you are a forget-ted to swim fish.. Stunning kingdom You shaken up lady? Now you now in danger…… Stunning Kingdom You are now in danger You’re living in world is waste Beat beat Machine beat Thunderstorm may down Oh little barbie,
my hobby is beating… No choice in death..
tell me now… We have laser finger We have sensor to touch you. Firing in buzzer l’m skyway Ranger… Stunning kingdom! Now you in danger! Oh mother goddess! Trident Goddess. Your bad time starts now… SPD yemma ezzi Now we ready ready. Bombing Further you have in trouble System is playing It’s our desire OK for you? Going fast racing You chase me You don’t have god’s blessing Now your chapter is closing. You’re escaped Moon? You’re Old waste You’re fall in floor fan You’re swim forgetted fish I will kill you!
-Leave me l’m your mother. Tell her hubby
-She is your mother. l’m your father. We’ve already been branded as
‘lunatic family’ by neighbors. Please don’t prove it. Drink water. Our Chief Minister suddenly fell
sick this evening. Entire state is anxious about him. He will be taken to the hospital
in a short time from his home. The public and his followers
are waiting eagerly to see him. …Mani reporting with
cameraman Adam selvin. Sir, tell me What happen is CM? Have you made all the arrangements? I don’t know anything I had received phone call
then I come here that’s all l can say anything further only
after visiting him in person. Punniyakoti has come. Leave the path Punniyakoti, how is the CM now?
Do you know about him? Nothing has happened to him.
No need to panic. Leader! l got the first call
about CM’s indisposition. l rushed immediately here and
arranged everything. Greetings, sir. Not yet been admitted. He is on the way in an ambulance. CM is coming..
-CM has come. -Come on, get him down.
-What happened to him? -Slowly. -Make it fast.
Bring him. Make it fast Move …handle carefully Oh My heart felt leader has in miserable If not you we are orphan in politics This is ICU Nobody enters this room Silence leader nothing will happen Do not worry about him
-We want to see the leader Doctor have advised complete rest. How did it happen suddenly? l’m also shocked. As you all know, l’m like CM’s daughter. Last night too, l was with him. l told him to take rest. He asked me to take his responsibilities
and give him rest. What happened to CM? Nothing to fear about him. He will recover soon. He is always worried about people. 2 days earlier too,
he called and talked to me. We discussed about our state’s welfare and my future role in
the forthcoming election.. He himself will tell you about that
after he recovers from illness. Are you going to be the acting CM? Only one leader! Nobody else! We don’t have that thought. Please clear the place. Sir, one more question…. Didn’t he tell?
Move away. Hey PA, call Dilli here. Hey Auditor, l asked you to cheat
the government, are you cheating us? -You’ve done wrong. Have you seen everythin dill ? Do you know l’ve been with CM
for the past 30 years? He will reveal confidential
matters too only to me. He will consult only me before
taking any personal decisions. All parties believed that
l’ll be the next CM after him. l too wished the same. But situation has changed now. Minister Malar mannan… l am going to be the next CM. Minister Chandramathi… Minister Puniyakoti… I am seen their eyes willing to become CM They make group for getting CM That’s why CM will die Then fight for posting Rather than killing the three people
to get CM’s place after his death.. When CM is alive.. Life is not big shot or small . All life is are equal Don’t worry, leader. You’re our future CM. Dilli, you are not going to
kill ordinary Man’s. You are going to kill
Ministers of the ruling party. You don’t do it personally. Hire outsider to do the job. l’m in a good mood. Don’t get drunk and go flat. Be ready. Who is it? Hello What?
Who is it? Minister Malar mannan ? -Good morning…
-Sir! Park the vehicle. First clear them. -Have forensic people come?
-Yes sir. Good morning sathyam
What’s the position ? We have sent the body
for the postmortem. Finger prints are of Minister’s. l guess killer has used rocket
launcher from these holes.
yeah that’s right Then Where did he shoot from ? What are you all doing? The dead man isn’t an ordinary man.
He is a Minister. A great insult to our department. How can l face the media? Sir, Police are in house and office, And then Pilot security also what made him to go alone
to that place? We all know why he went there alone. Mr. Sathyam we know the details of Minister visit
Leave that aside. We should find who is the killer
and why he killed him? What’s the motive behind this murder? Did he kill him for money
or personal dispute? We are investigating from
all the angles. This murder hasn’t done
by a group. A lone man has done it. From the footprints of the killer,
it’s evident he wasn’t drunk. He has shot him from the
under construction railway bridge. He was sure about Minister
coming alone this way. He has kept a close watch on
Minister’s activities for long. lncluding his illegal relationship.. Sir It’s pre-planned murder Sir, he has used mini rocket launcher. lt’s a rare weapon to get. So, killer too isn’t an ordinary man. But I sure about one thing
as be speak now Killer has become
a part of milieu of people. He walking around cool Walk slowly, mother. How are you?
Good to see you walking! l did nothing. l’m walking because of my son. Come dear. l think l’ll have a special lunch today. Why are you late? My vehicle puncture How is your son? He is okay now, doctor. But hasn’t stopped wetting the bed. Don’t make it a big issue. lt’s common among children. Even my daughter used to
wet bed till she was 12. -Father, don’t insult me.
-Really? You’re much better than her. -Okay doctor. We will take leave then. -Ok. Laughing? Laugh Have you gone mad, dad? Why did you tell this to my enemy? Already I hate him l never hoped that she will walk. Her life would’ve been restricted
to the wheelchair. His self confidence made
her walk again. He takes care of his mother
like a child. Look at him. Can you please drop
my daughter at home? tell her come! Keep quiet. Oh no! Forgot my bag. Mother, get down slowly.. Slowly.. I will wear it -Take your handbag.
-Thanks aunty. Mother slowly. My hubby ? I am not without you ls it you or your dupe? I am within you. I am not searching outside You are in within me My love is increased I want to see you
all are you I want to become a mother? Desire gets surrounds mustache fall in smash it summer rain come Accept
Cloth made dry Desire gets surrounds.. Mustache fall in.. Smash it summer rain come Accept
Cloth made dry.. My hubby. I am not without you My hubby
Is it you or your dupe ? I am within you My searching stopped You are in with me My love is increased? I want to see you
all are you? I want to become a mother Rain fall in Music touch the ear Taste touch Lips make it sweet Root touches direction Finger touches fruits Body touches clothes Join Everything become you I am not I am Again increase the love Love leave it’s trouble to me If I say clearly I am getting trouble Are you dispersed For desire
you become slim You dissolved for love ? Are you become stun ? Are you become slim or you become sick ?.. You dissolved for love? Black colour statue 60 art talent Eccentric stand You’re like day Melting Ice Tasty fruits You’re my comfort Love went like waterfalls With thirst Desires smashing like river Are you touch me
I am following you Are you stun
or You become slim for desire Or become sick ? You dissolived in love Brighter star of Tamil nadu
Sacrificed person -Greetings.
-Greetings. Everything OK? Put in extra person here
Minister only comes this side Minister Thangamani Long live Greetings
-Greetings Sanskrit slogans Sir, phone call for you.
-Who is on the line? -Commissioner sir. Everything is ok sir Police are surround her
common quick Oh my god It’s happen to you ? Well done, Dilli. l’m really happy. -But l’m not, leader.
-Why? l didn’t kill the 2 Ministers. As you said, l hatched a plan
seeking outsiders’ help. But my man didn’t kill them. May be someone else is also there
in the race to CM’s post? What if he had planned to
eliminate the competitors? Like you, he too might’ve organised
men to eliminate them. Malarmanan , Chandramathi
and you’d aspired to be CM, right? Malarmanan and
Chandramathi were killed. May be, Punniyakoti would’ve
planned these killings. Suppose if it is true, His next target is could be you! Punniyakoti, trying to eliminate me? Punniyakoti should die! Before that, we should find the killer. Otherwise, before you kill Punniyakoti,
he may kill you! Hey Dilli, what he said is true. First we should find the killer.
Which state he belongs to? From where has he come? How much was he paid to killing them? l want that details. Find it out immediately. You’re the Home Minister. The entire police department
is under your control. All Ministers’ lives are at risk.
What action have you taken? We are trying our level best, sir. Please don’t raise my BP. CM is firing me to take
immediate action. No sir…we will find the culprit soon… Look! You’re talking to
a Minister not to the reporters. Tomorrow if l die, you will wrap me in party flag,
remove your caps, you’ll bury me with gun salute
and state honours And carry on with your daily activities. lf we issue an order,
your ACP will come to protest it. He can do nothing else! -what l feel is…
-Sir… -You keep quiet… Let ACP speak… Why shouldn’t power struggle be
the reason behind these killings? Why do you think so? Two Ministers who were killed were
contenders to the next CM post. You very well know that. Someone who disliked it
would’ve eliminated them. So, if we look at this angle,
killer’s main target are Ministers. lf we inquire from this angle,
we can easily trace the killer. But without your permission,
we can’t investigate other Ministers. investigate them. Who so ever you suspect,
arrest them. lf the victim is confirmed, arrest
and thrash him out. This ACP has made me sweat
inside air conditioned room. Hand over the case to him. Sir, l found this at murder spot. No one is identifying him. Neither he belongs to our state
nor our area. He is outsmarting the
entire police department. Let him be like that. He can’t escape from us. Now police is your well wisher,
almighty and everything. We have given tight security
to all the Ministers. Police, instead of doing fake investigations
and pressurizing rebel Ministers, Why are you inquiring us? We belong to ruling party,
don’t you know? You can do nothing. lf l burn alive, the entire Tamil Nadu
will go up in flames. Are you ready to watch it? -Arrest him!
-Go Look! Police inquiry is going on well. We will find the killer soon. -Don’t you remember about our plan?
-Watch how l perform. You took a blind beggar?
Ok I Follow up. -Count my fingers? -Don’t make fun of a blind man.
-Hey, answer my question. You’re in central I will show five finger
or in state show two fingers You are smart come with me
we shall go Stupid! Trying to sleep I will kill you…Rascal Now it’s okay. Silence silence
-Sir License sir lf you shout all around me,
how can l concentrate on work? Time is precious Time is money Sir, give me a form. Do you want a form worth
Rs.100 or Rs.1000? What’s the difference? lf you give 100, it’ll take 6 months.
For 1000, just 6 hours. -For 1 lakh, just 6 minutes only.
-l’ll pay you 1000. We cannot reform you
Your name is marimuthu… yes Wait I am not give autograph
-Excuse me -l want to see the RTO.
-RTO, get inside then? He will look like a drum.
His mouth will stink. Sir, this is my brother. -He wants a license immediately.
-He is in Dubai now. ls he in Dubai?
Does he need a license from here? No It’s impossible Sir, though he is abroad,
isn’t he an lndian? lndian?! -Old man or young guy?
-Young guy, sir. -Young guy? He is also like me…
Still l can’t issue you license. l don’t want your ‘please’.
l want only hard cash! Without money he won’t
sign in the papers. If not he scold indecently ! Put inside the cover is Govt l’m a government officer.
Are you advising me?Rejected How much do you want? Money isn’t the matter.
My brother wants a driving license. She seems to be a well-off.
l shouldn’t lose this chance. lnstead of bribing that stinking man,
it’s better l pocket everything. l’ll finish you job.
Give me Rs.25,000 Later, l’ll finish your job! Okay, Look madam! He is a peculiar type
and an abnormal person. He behaves strangely.
Co-operate with him. You go. An important paper is missing. Didn’t you give an Ad for
your 2nd wife on magazine? Yes.. no response at all! Sir, a beautiful girl has come
in response to that Ad. -Where is she?
-Sir, take a look… Mad girl mad girl
Mad man surrounding you as a mad Sir, she is not only beautiful
but intelligent too. -l can see it. She has come stealthily to meet you
in the guise of seeking license. -Sign it. l’ll take care of the rest.
-Okay… come… Even if you pour phenol,
you can’t understand it. l didn’t mean you..
You please come. Her look is giving her acceptance. From his look, it is understood
he’s corrupt to the core. What can I do for you ? She wants license for his brother
who lives in Dubai. l can understand the suffering
of brother-in-law. -Not brother-in-law, her brother..
-l meant the same. When you speak clearly ? In one banana you play in smart What about my license then? l’m ready to sign blindly for you. Close your eyes, sir. -Sign it, sir.
-Okay. You sign in paper closing your eyes
You are finished License lf a person with no hands
drives a vehicle, Can we add his name in
‘Limca book of records’? -Yes. lf a person with no legs
drives a vehicle,. ..will he be in Guinness book
of records? -Yes, lf a blind man is given license to drive,
which book of records will record it? Little lies and more bribes…
lmmediately they issue the license. l too have the
social responsibility, ACP. Which RTO? We will show you the place.
-Come on, Deva. -Let’s go. l beg you…Leave me . Don’t talk for small amount ?
If you have huge amount Bumper lottery comes What some other business ? Want another license?
Another cousin? -What is his name?
-AC Sathyam. AC Sathyam? Don’t you’ve an AC in bedroom? You have added it as initials. ls this distance okay?
-Oh gosh! What’s this, sir?
Why did you hit me? l’ve gone blind, sir!
who is he, dear? Didn’t l tell you? ACP Sathyam Oh my God! Panner sir
-Why are you disturbing my dream? Dream?! Who was it? Are you dreaming about the girl
who came here for license? Yes… she is 8 months… -ls she pregnant?
-ln my dream, man! Oh! Was it a dream?
Okay then… How will our child look like? lt will be like a mixture
of milk & decoction. Sir, she didn’t believe you. Look there! Who is with her? He is her boy friend who has come to know
about your health and wealth. l didn’t get you.. -Didn’t get me?
-No. Aren’t you a government officer? He has come to know about
your earning and assets. -l’ll make it clear.
-Just a minute… Come… What is your doubt? My entire salary goes to my driver. l’ve an apartment in Anna nagar l own 7 houses in Alwarpet. l own a big bungalow in Mahabalipuram. Tell about that farm house. l have a farm house with
a swimming pool in. Who’s he?
Why is he beating me? ACP lsn’t your salary enough to you? Are you taking bribes
while in government service? You’re corrupted! Will you give license to a blind man
taking bribe? Arrest him… -Hey go
-Come. A small doubt… What’s difference between me
and your boy friend? Please clear my doubt dear. You will go . Good job I like it That’s okay, will you accept,
lf l say l love you? l’ll accept! l agree that
you have social responsibility. -Let’s go. -Sathyam…
-What’s it mother? Hold my hands… Hold it tightly. -What happened, mother?
-l say hold it… Okay mother. Sathyam, whenever you asked me
to walk holding your shoulder, You held me strongly.
lt was painful. But now it’s not painful.
l feel like a child holding me. They say when you fall in love,
heart and body eases. -No mother. -Sathyam, only good things
will happen in your life. You introduce her to me
whenever you feel like. Marry her when you want to. Let me tell you the reason
why l’ve called you all here. Criminals will leave some evidence
at the crime scene. But in this murder, we got nothing. Why don’t we consider
what we’ve got as an evidence? This ticket found at the crime spot was
issued at Mambalam railway station. So, the criminal might be
staying in that area. -Finding a ticket at railway station
is quite common. -You’re right. But the construction of the railway
station isn’t fully complete. And this syringe might have
been used by the killer. This is a common evidence
we got at both crime scenes. What can we do with the syringe? This is a syringe used to inject insulin. Only diabetic patient uses it. Why can’t the killer be a diabetic? A cup of tea please, without sugar. He must be visiting a medical shop. l don’t say that he stays at Mambalam.
What if he stays there? lnstead of searching him
all over the city, Send our officers to all
pharmacies in civil dress. l need details of all those
who purchase insulin. Concentrate on people
who are between 40 and 45 years. Vial got from the crime scene
has been sent to Bombay. lnform me on getting the results. People who meet the public
in day-to-day life like… cable TV operators,
gas cylinder delivery boys, water can delivery boys, paper delivery
boys, milk suppliers and servants.. lnquire everyone. Check all the hotels,
mansions thoroughly. Arrest anyone suspicious. Find real estate dealers…
especially brokers, get names of those who’d shifted
to Mambalam in the last 2 months. Come.
lt’s a simple inquiry. -Have you got a house for rent to anyone
aged around 45 years? -Yes sir. The city is on high alert.
The killer hasn’t made any move. So, there is no improvement
from our side too. The killer hasn’t made any move till now.
That is our improvement. Don’t be worry ln such cases, when a door
gets closed, another opens. Result of vial’s batch code
has come from Mumbai. Everything is perfect
But a small change. The vial was sold by a medical shop
in Kodambakkam not in Mambalam. Excuse me police
-Greetings sir. Can you tell me to whom you sold this
medicine with this code number? This one. Yes, this is sold from our shop. We have many customers
who purchase regularly. We deliver at home too. Do you have details of those who
purchase personally in your shop? -Let me check.
-The person must be around 45 years. The person who comes on that flat.. -Do you know his house?
-Yes, l do. He lives in 4th street. He is a good man. -He is into social work. -Which area?
-Kodambakkam 4th street Come. Kodambakkam 4th street That is his house Minister Punniyakoti goes to Delhi. Greetings. Don’t change sides before my arrival. -Who are you? -Where are
you going? -Stop there. Minister’s life is in danger.
l must save him now. Who are you? lnspector Manika vel. Catch them all. l’ll rip you off. Only law should punish the criminals. Only God should punish us. Both law & God are one. Sathyam, it’s time to go to school. Dear, wake him up. Trying to scare me? Thasildar sir enough -Bye mom.
-Bye. -Take it. Careful.
-Bye Dad! -Bye. Dad….! You’re very brave. lt’s because you’re from
Madurai, right? That is arrogant! l heard that you ordered not to
take sand from the river bed. My boys told me. Won’t you understand if l say it once? Rain inhform us ? lf you dig too deep,
rains may flood the village. Accept what l give you
or else just shut up. l’ll do it myself. l will see what you can do. lf you lay your hands on it,
you’ll end up in jail. -Madam… -What?
-That is… -Father..
-He killed your husband. -Madam… what happened?
-Madam! Mother! Don’t cry! What Madam? What happened? Dad! Hey, Tahsildar son Sathyam has come. He will be scared to
see his father’s face. -Hold him.
-Lift him. Leave me I want to see my dad… When she got his death news
Her legs has paralyzed. He was honest, truthful and
straight forward. But the criminals had killed him. Those who killed him must not be spared.
Come. Let’s kill him. lnspector has come to save
his brother-in-law, the murderer. -Let’s kill him first.
-l’ll rip your skin off. l’m lnspector Manikavel Where are you going? Get up. Manikam… No… Listen to me! Manhikavel Don’t Brother in law I am you elder sister husband don’t Brother
NDon’t shout This is a Police station.
Not your husband’s house. You feel great pain
when your child gets hurt or when he sheds a drop of blood. He killed the revenue officer
with an iron rod. His head broke,
eyes, brain popped out. lt was dreadful
He was such an honest man. His wife & child must be in
a shock after seeing that. She had a paralytic attack
on hearing the news. His son is so angry that he has
come out with a sickle to kill him. Put the sickles down. Taking sickles in your hand
have you all thought as Village god? l’ll rip your skin off. You must have hope. Those who trust god must
have faith in law. Have faith in police too. lf you kill him,
will your dad come alive? Come here. Will you get back your Dad? One moment of anger,
will not only take his life.. ..but also your life, your humane nature
and also your father’s faith in you. Only law should punish someone. Only God should punish us. Both law & God are one.
Understood? Live like your father…
…as a honest man.’ Go & look after your mother. l’ll take care of this killer. Dad, when a man in a family makes a vow
to god, the entire family keeps clean. A police family is similar to that.’ We have to be honest & truthful. Because both law &
God are one. He is mad. He arrested me like a mad man. l’m Manikam vel, ex-policeman. l served 3 years each in Salem and Madurai 4 years in Thanavur5 years in Thirunelveli l’ve received awards from both CM & PM ln my 15 years of experience,
l had no black mark on me. -How could he…
-Then why… Then why did you quit your job
is your question, right? Yes, l did quit. l wake up looking at the criminals face. Always l’ve to be sober
like mourning a death. l had to face murders, rapes,
robbery all day. l really got fed up.
l didn’t like anything. l lost interest in police job
which l liked initially, I don’t like to hold gun
hEven I like to join the police l don’t like policemen
who suspect even good people. -Then how did you… -Then what were you
doing at that place is your question, right? That’s my question too. l was not present at the place of murder. Is not understand
What was police investigated ? ls my name in the flight passenger’s list? Or did the police find a
flight ticket in my pocket? There were so many passengers
in the airport. -Did anyone identify me as the killer?
-No. Someone killed somebody there. What should have they done? 1 . lnterrogate everyone. 2. Must have called
the finger print experts. 3. Should’ve marked the place. 4. Should’ve called the sniffer dogs. lf they couldn’t,
dogs would’ve caught the killer. l was going to a temple. Pouncing on & catching me
doesn’t prove me a killer. sir! lf you lawyers are made to
stand in the witness box and interrogated,
how would you guys feel? My heart get paining. ln this case, Manikavel who is charged
of murder by the police Don’t have much evidences
to prove him guilty. Proving his presence at the crime
scene can’t become an evidence. Since there is no reason to take
him in to custody for interrogation, -The court grants him bail.
-Why bail? Why bail?
l don’t want bail. l have to co-operate
for the investigation. l have to sign in the police station,
morning & evening. lf l had to go out-of-station,
l need to ask for permission. l need to give them all the details. Why bail? A good name earned during
my 15 years of service has gone to dust in 15 minutes. Take me into remand… for 14 days. Order the police to carry out
their investigation. Send me out if you prove me
innocent else put me in jail. Since the accused Manikavel
doesn’t want to go out on bail, the court orders to take him in
remand for 14 days & interrogate him. Welcome Sathyam. With so many police stations
and policemen in the city, no one could touch me.
l’m fire & l can’t be touched. -Asst. Commissioner of Police.
-l know. Only law and God must punish,
that’s what you said, l didn’t forget that. You were my role model to
become a police officer. After becoming a police officer… After becoming a police officer…
What did you achieve? Nothing.. Simply nothing. Both law & God are dead here. Hey IPS Listen… l committed the murder
which you witnessed. The 2 Ministers who died…
l killed them too. What can you or your dept. do? Are you shocked to hear this?
-But l feel happy. -Stop it. Why this wrath? You were very different. l adored you. On the day my father died, you captured my imagination
than his death. l can even forgive hired killers. But as an ex-policeman, you killed the Ministers and
celebrating the moment, ah? Stop it.
Ministers…? What damn ministers? l had come across many
criminals in my service. Thieves, who reform like
good people, hired killers.. l don’t care about anyone. l wouldn’t have killed the lady if she
had remained a prostitute all her life. But she became the Minister of
Temples and Charitable Endowments. Why do you see like that? ln 1990s, that lady Saroja was
running a brothel with 40 women in Salem. Now she is minister Chandramathi. She heads the temple functions and we go & offers prayers to God. Shit! How many times l would’ve
taken them to the court? Bloody bugger was a
boot legger in Kallakurichi! He’s the Education Minister today! Education department is
stinking with spurious liquor. His name is Malar mannan Should our children get educated
under such rogues? Goddess of Learning didn’t react
but l reacted violently. l bumped him off! He was blown into smithereens. l killed Minister
Punniyakoti also brutally. The law which should punish criminals
is going the wrong path, moreover this joker’s costume
to uphold that law! I am throw it this inefficiency uniform Won’t it affect me if a criminal
l know rules the state? Won’t my police blood boil on seeing it? What l’m doing now is also service, …encounter! Encounter for Politicians!
No commission or inquiry! Death penalty straightaway! Justifying your murders! You quit the job as a failure
unable to arrest the criminals, and you don’t have a right
to speak also. You’re a failed policeman! Failed policeman! Yes indeed, l trusted law will punish the criminals
who killed my parents brutally, Yes indeed l’m a failed policeman. l still trusted law to punish criminals
who burnt my wife and my kids alive, Yes, l’m a failed policeman. Failed policeman! Policeman can fail but
not this incarnation! l’m now Samharamurthy, l’m not saying it emotionally,
but with the pain of injustice, ACP! Don’t you understand? lf you want to understand
Go amidst them and see. Will you inquire only complaints received? Your entire department including
you salutes that rogue, l mean Home Minister Kondal Dasan,
don’t you know he’s a goon? Can you take action on him? He’s ruling this city for more than 10
years with two henchmen Acharya & Dilli, can you take action against them?
Can you do it? What has happened to your
law and justice? l’ll bump off Kondal Dasan along
with his two henchmen. How many people will you kill?
They keep on cropping up! Let any number of them crop up,
l’ll kill every one of them. lf everyone turns like you,
this nation will become a big cemetery. lt’s better to be a cementer
than being insensitive. -Law will not watch fun.
-Don’t talk big about law. -lf you’ve guts catch them.
-l’ll catch them! No need to imprison them
for 6 years or 6 months, if you can get them
in remand for 14 days! -l’ll do it and show you.
-My foot! You can’t arrest them for a simple
nuisance case also. -l can!
-No, you can’t! -l’ll do it
-You can’t! -l’ll do it
-You can’t do anything! Law and God is dead here! Law and God are eternal! -l do it and show you.
-Let me see! l file an FlR against any criminal
irrespective of his background. You are also like me. That’s why l called you all. The man we are going against
is Kondal dasan. Who?
Home Minister? ls it shocking to you? The force behind Kondal dasan’s
political power are two people, one is Dilli and another is Acharya! lf we weaken the foundation the edifice
will come down like a house of cards, let’s remove his base, We will put check. First to go is Dilli! Dilli! 13 Years before He killed a police officer in public
who came to inquire him, He started killing others
fearing for his safety, but he’s now killing others to fear him. After he got into touch with Kondal dasan,
he now kills on his orders only. That too only political murders! We need to follow protocols & formalities
to meet Minister Kondal dasan. But Dilli needn’t follow any rules,
he can talk to him directly. There’s information about
Dilli dealing in drugs. Next man is Acharya! lf Dilli is Kondal’s left hand,
Acharya is the right hand. He is a proxy of Kondal dasan. All the leading pubs, night clubs and
gambling establishments owned by Acharya, infact belong to Kondal dasan. Weaknesses of VlPs are strengths to him. About 3 billions worth property of
Kondal is on Acharya’s name. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, French,
he speaks many languages fluently. Acharya is proxy of Minister’s investments
in various multinational companies. So we must start now. This is the right time. in our every step forward.
Just like Landmine We are not just fighting Dilli,
but with the establishment too! Fight with popularity! Fight with power! Fight with politics! As we expected drugs consignment
is going to change hands. -ls Dilli there?
-No sir. Can we use fire? No…no…don’t rush,
just follow them. Greetings boss! Sir…Dilli is here! Watch them closely. The gang has left.
Dilli is traveling in a silver Qualis. -They have entered road No:10.
-l’m also waiting. Dilli has changed the route. You follow him.
l’ll follow this vehicle. -You stay back here only.
-Okay? -Yes sir. What? You all are doing too much! Hey Rahul! l’ve a surprize for you! Get lost girl!
Our gang leader will be here now. Who is your leader?
ls it that policeman? l’ve pocketed him long back. Back pocket, Deva? l’ll have him in my front pocket too! Hey Chimp! You always tail her,
why not now? Buddies! Girls are very selfish,
they use & throw friendship at will. What? Did she dump you also? l’ll tell you something, Deva has fallen in love. Who is the mad man caught up
with this mad girl? The mad man is none other
than your gang leader. Don’t tell lies! Get lost! This isn’t a lie but truth. Why are you all ganged up here? Do you know
what our enemy had said just now? What did she say? lt seems she has
pocketed you, that too back pocket! -Did she say like that?
-She said that! Little girl, let her say it.
Forget it. -Little girl? -Oh no,
he has changed sides! -He is not guileless I already told you
Nobody believe me Power cut for their benefit.
Don’t know what they are upto? -What’s this?
-Got scared? Somebody may come in, Deva. Nobody is here.
Nobody will come. Why did you tell the children? Are they children?
Little devils! Monsters! l can’t have you all for myself
for 10 minutes also. My dear hubby I’ve decided, -What? -To manage
those eight little devils, l’ll deliver octuplets in one delivery. Are you playing fun? Not playing but l want you to play. What’s this leader? You wanted to take action, right? So… How is that?
Like this… Hey brats! Have you seen it well? What are you going to do now? Weldon leader
Super leader We tried many tricks to trap her,
but you got her for silly love. Surrendering to our leader
is like surrendering to us. You’re also a member of this gang now. We all belong to one party
and he’s different. You said l’m your leader. You in our leader’s place?
No way! Make me at least a member. Leader, you take care of her,
we’ll make parcel. ls your love false, then? -That’s kids idea!
Do you believe them? -No Trust a policeman!
Won’t you? Now
-Won’t believe Dear hubby
I am asking you blandish me My Jaggery you blandish me. I am seeing you as a Lightning I am enjoying your Love I am dissolved
my pleasure in thousand times hundred thousand times I am freezing in Mid nights Dear hubby
I am asking you blandish me My Jaggery You blandish me I am saw you as Lightning i am enjoying your true love In your voice I hearing Melody Music In your fingers I am enjoying just like to touch Dew In your eyes I am feeling to touch sharp edge trident In your lips taste like Mango,banana, Jack fruit You hug me daily You enjoying me like in swimming pool I am dissolved
in my pleasure in thousand times .Hundred thousand times I am freezing in Mid night Dear hubby
I asking you blandish me. My jaggery asking you blandish me I saw you as Lightning I am enjoying you true love Hey You are ? Hey I am ?
Shame Hey are you? Hey I am ?
Daily You shaking your hair is enough
In white moon Your ear blooming is enough in Midday My bangle braking is enough in Light My ecstasy is enough
In my heart Even It’s enough
But not enough my Joy Even I am going to sleep
I am not sleep for your body smell I am refreshing your kind I am drenching your smile Dear hubby
I am asking you blandish me My jaggery asking you blandish me -Boy, come here.
-What’s it sir? -Get me a stick ice cream.
-Ok Go. Take it sir. -You go. Don’t leak it out. What are you saying?
Are the school children… That’s our doubt, madam. So l want the kids’ blood
to be checked. The blood check up must happen
without anyone’s knowledge. Parents of children mustn’t know it. What happened? Doctor, there are traces of cocaine
in children’s blood samples. The percentage level is alarming. We have finished taking half of the
children’s blood samples, we’ve sent the samples immediately
to the lab and got them tested, your doubt is genuine, there are traces of drugs
in the ice cream. Don’t know how many ice cream
push carts are selling near schools? Don’t leave any school,
check blood of all school children, -l’ll talk to your Dean and
have it arranged. -Okay. Confiscate all the ice cream
selling push carts, arrest all the hawkers of ice cream. Arrest this guys Beat and take them in vehicle See Sathyam We hesitate even regular injection to children How they think such this cruel ? How much it would affect the parents? A little more of the drug in blood could
have been death knell to the children. l shudder to think about it. Why am l in hospital though l’m fine? Nothing dear… Cocaine Mixed stick ice It’s work out super in all school Those criminals mustn’t be spared. There are many ways to make money. How could you use drugs
in children’s ice creams? You… Hey ACP
l hate advice and advisor. Go away! When boss says, leave. Sathya don’t The drugged ice creams sold
to school children, had been manufactured & sold by the
ice factories of Perumal Shekar, and Giri, Dilli who is co-accused in the case,
is just a money lender, it has been proved with evidence that
he had been there to collect the loan. So l release Dilli from this case. He hit me boss! lt’s paining! For my life!
l can never forget this pain. To forget it, l’ve to kill him. Cool off man! Cool your temper. l too have many grouses against him,
this is not the right time to vent it out, why would l leave that
ex-policeman alive? He could’ve claimed innocence of
killing 3 Ministers in the court, l didn’t believe it, l’m sure he has killed them. l could send few of my men into jail
and have him lynched there, Why didn’t l do it? My desire of becoming CM
has tied my hands. Not an information on my involvement
should reach CM’s ears. By-elections are coming to the
constituencies of the dead Ministers. Victory in these by-elections is the stepping
stone for my elevation to CM’s post. We catch pick pockets, thieves,
traffic violators and without license, those bastards drugged
children’s ice creams, we could nothing, sir. What are these laws for? Why did you laugh sir? A politician can laugh at us, even general public can laugh at us, but how can you laugh at ourselves? You’re going to retire from
service in near future, have you ever ate peacefully,
slept peacefully, and felt like you’ve worked to
your best at least for a day? lt’s paining me,
is it not for you sir? Why should it pain me? l was enthusiastic like you at 28,
when l joined the police, we are like corpses on the pyre, even if it stiffens up,
they will beat it back to the position. You get cowed down easily. How many times did you try to get up? You look sternly into the
eyes of the criminal, he’ll be astonished, take a step towards him, he’ll take two steps back, but we’ll never do it, because we are scared of
the powers behind him, there’s no shame in
saying l’m a loser, but we must worry about when,
where and how we had lost, We haven’t yet lost! Just henchmen are playing with us. Can’t we officers have a ball with them? Let’s see! lPS or those Politician? Did you leave without telling your mother? Poor woman had difficult time
without the walking stick. Thank God, l came to meet you. Thanks Diya
Did you have dinner? -Did my mother have food?
-She did. Okay, come let’s have food. Did you have food? -ls it very important now?-Why ? I am so nearing you,
are you not hugging me ? You’re useless. You’re still useless.
-Why ? You took me into the arms
but didn’t kiss me. Milk Papayya White Tomato I am your partner
Manage me Milk Papayya, White Tomato I am clown
Now I am play boy Your apron may take and wear in my head Shall I eat Egg rice in three times You’re dot deer shall I draw you Shall I touch my mustache to get shyness Milk Pappayya White Tomato I am your partner You manage me Milk Pappayya White Tomato You apron Go playboy man My cheek depth way to enter in my throat do not center in my heart You block jaggery beauty You Mid hot moon Don’t make me wet Don’t me in auction Don’t make take desire in side look Don’t put me just like flower in honey Don’t shake me like Temple Elephant Love Love Shall I run to you Shall I come to you
nobody in surround with us Shall I to hug you in sky or honeymoon Shall I come as strong wind Milk Pappayya White Elephant Your partner Manage me I am jump in single
I am get feel in Bed Don’t cut me n my eye like scissor I am stay in single
I am flying around Don’t arrest me just like parrot in cage Countryman looks sweet shop Don’t get me anxious Don’t play hide and seek game I am do magic from one body to another body Kokila
Are you Summer hot you’re living long time sexy man daughter Man You are loves duplicate? Don’t look me aside in mid Day Not just our state, we have alerted
the neigh bouring states also. We’ll definitely catch them. According to our information, it’s a pre-planned kidnapping sir. -DGP, wait outside for 10 minutes.
-Sir? Wait outside for 10 minutes,
l’ll call you. Boss, we’ve
alerted all police stations, DGP may told you, would find him, right? How can they find him?
lf the abductors are police. What if it’s ACP Sathyam? No policeman dared to touch me even
when you were in the opposition, now you’re in the ruling party,
he knows everything, but still he dared to arrest me. Yesterday it was me,
today it’s Acharya. Tomorrow…? l suggested bumping him off
but you stopped me. No other policeman than him
will dare to kidnap Acharya. Why are you getting tensed? -Don’t worry, relax boss!
-How can l be relaxed? A politician needn’t be
afraid of public, press,. ..police, inquiry commission or CM, but have to be afraid of
these people, no other go. They are proxies! Evidence of all the ill gotten money
in politics over the years. lf he decides,
he’ll strip me naked to the public. Why have you arrested me? Sathyam! Are you doing this
knowing the consequences? Hey do you know you that are you doing
It’s not easy to hide me if this matter leaks out, there will be an
up-heave in all the southern states. Hey Pilcha muthu! Oh Who is that hell Picha Muthu ? Hey I am Acharya You crazy cop P. Picha muthu
son of pachaiyappan mother is Rukmani,
native of Ammapettai born on 6.6.1966, you stole from your
father’s pocket at 5, at 10 stole other’s pockets, at 20, you entered real estate business, you forged documents and sold lands, and killed those who dared question you, Totally you’ve killed 16 people. Once you got under Minister’s wings,
no FlR could reach for your neck, your flamboyant style of English, technology which helps you
in wrong doings, and magic of investing in
foreign companies, all these qualities made you
the proxy of Minister Kondal dasan, Are you shocked to hear this? ls it enough or itching for more? P. Picha Muthu alias Acharya! Even parents may also forget
their progeny, but police will never forget. You crazy criminal You gave a small ad for changing
your name in a newspaper, saying hereafter l shall be known
as Acharya not Pitchamuthu. you remember that? As you said they combed every police
station in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh, but they can’t catch you, Minister and police are after Acharya, but l’ve arrested P. Picha muthu Your real name has become
your death warrant. Sir, Home Minister wants
to meet you immediately. Go… go… go… You’ll know there whether
l’m Picha muthu or Acharya. He’ll save me but who’ll save you? Some body do to me One shouldn’t sit before Minister
without his permission, you know it, salute the Minister on meeting,
you know that too, isn’t the salute saying that
you’re working under me? Why don’t you obey orders? Sathyam, you’re just an ACP, there are Commissioner, ADGP,
and DGP above you, that’s your police department. Your entire police department
comes under my Police minister. l’ve CM, Governor and PM above me. President above all of us! How many powerful positions,
how intricate network, now think about your position,
it’s nothing. isn’t it minute like a mosquitoe? No, policemen like you have
become very arrogant. Are you playing with me hiding him? Would l lose power
if you arrest Acharya? Will this government fall? Trying to scare me?
lt’s not fear, l got little tensed about losing
billions of property, it’s just a day’s tension,
mad man, l can make 100 times if l announce
5 welfare schemes, what if he sings and
puts me into a fix? lf l get hold of Acharya now,
l’ll kill him myself, Hey Assistant Commissioner of Police! All of you are just henchmen
in khaki uniforms to us. Stand, you must stand,
kill, you must kill if we order, and announce it as an encounter, Slum Veera, Maatu shekar, Petta Perumal Sangu Mari you’re just one of them. Sathyam IPS That’s all Why do you see like that? You said l’m your henchman. Why should l respect you now? As you said l’m just an ACP, there’s a big network of Commissioner,
CM, PM, and President, ..but you’ve forgotten the biggest power, that’s you go begging every 5 years,
begging for votes, our voters, boss, you say l’ve arrested Acharya, if it is true as you say, l’ll take him to the court straight, you’ll not sit here but in jail, there may be many heads
over above us, but you’ll not have head without us, we entered this department
knowing it’s a difficult job, don’t we know where to snoop
and where to finish it. Minister! Right is right and
wrong is wrong to me. Whether it’s a pick pocket or
a politician looting public money, There’s only one difference.
He carries a blade, you’ve a proxy, your henchmen know only your secrets, but government henchmen like me know
where, when and how to hit you, you wouldn’t have met
an officer like me, Sathyam IPS Indian police service Heard the Minister’s words? you said Tamil Nadu and
Central Govt. will get blowing No need to die as P.Picha muthu Minister will arrange your
funeral as Acharya! Decide yourself! Die or surrender? Hey skin head!
ACP only has kidnapped Acharya! -l told you before.
-Ok, Acharya must die. He’ll die boss, you don’t get
scared about Acharya. l’ll kill Acharya. lf ACP Sathyam stops me,
l’ll kill him also. You don’t worry.
Turn the vehicle. Go straight to ACP Sathyam’s house. Who are you all? Whom do you want? Tell me ? Sathyam not inh here Who are you? Where is your son?
Where has he hidden Acharya? Leave me! -Phone for you.
-Who? -From Mani -Sathya is travelling with Acharya.
-Damn! Via Egmore route ? -Yes boss. -He’s taking him to the court. Kill the lady! Mother….! Dilli, money is not important,
position is very important. l don’t mind how many die but
Acharya mustn’t reach the court. Take me to the court immediately,
please Sathyam. Acharya, come out. Be careful! Be careful! Sathyam, take me to the court. Go… You killed that Acharya But Sathyam went to jail for it. Ask whatever you want.
Come on ask. Don’t feel shy to ask. -The government is ours!
-l want MLA seat. l may get killed someday
in some encounter. What if l enter politics? What if l become an MLA? l’ll still be a goon. A political goon! l’ll not allow anyone to point
a finger at you. l’m the CM and you’re an MLA! What is this sir? You trusted law very much.
What did the law do to you? Now You didn’t do that crime But you’ve been suspended
and remanded Not just your mother,
even law too died. Welcome my boy l knew you would end up here only. You were honest, you trusted law much,
look at the consequences. lt has orphaned and imprisoned you. Who doesn’t know you’re honest? Doesn’t your DGP know it? Doesn’t the Judge know it? Don’t the lawyers know it? Don’t the press know it? Everyone who is informed
knows you’re honest. Greetings ACP! Recognised me? l know you’ve identified me
with the angry look. Thillai Nayagam!
How’s my new name? l’m contesting from Saidapet! At the public meeting on
the Marina Beach, Leader Kondal dasan will announce
the candidature of Thillai nhayagam. lf l win this election, Thillai nayagam will be an MLA, After that Honourable Thillai nhayagam,
After that… Great Thillai Nayagam
then build Medical college university My name come in History Now I wearing white dress reason is you only. That’s why l came straight to you.
To meet you. Head constable, serve biriyani to all
inmates to celebrate my entry into politics. Why you staring me
HJail is like my home. Boss, l’ll be out tomorrow, l’ll put up a big banner and create
sensation in the neighborhood. Not just one,
l’ll cast hundred votes for you. Cast as many as you please. Come on boys! l’ll kill you with a die cast plan. Heard him, Sathya? Tell me, what’s wrong if a
policeman become goon? You took my words as a gospel
what l said at 12, now l’m telling with my experiance,
why don’t you listen to me? You called me a failed policeman, Answer me now,
who failed as a policeman, you or me? Fear, fear of death must make
criminals to reform, Everyone must fear, l’ll instill fear in them! A 30 feet cut out for a man like me. l expected this. Unnecessarily
l went to jail to provoke him. Will he disturb the public meeting? Long live future CM Kondal dasan! DGP! l’m announcing the candidature
of Skinhead, l mean Thillai Nayagam the meeting must go on as scheduled, For this public meeting I am become CM
H is link is there. ACP Sathyam mustn’t spoil my chances, Give full police protection Even air not enter the room without my knowledge flash the news of ACP Sathyam’s
escape from jail to all media, After escape from jail
He may kill us Take that incident for our advantage Telecast this meeting in live We project wrongly his image in public after that public cast the vote for us Ladies and Gentlemen, My dear brothers! greetings to you all, all these years you considered
me as your son, how can l forget that grateful? So, now my brother, l mean your second son, l introduce Thillai nayagam to you. lf to say about him in a word He’s a gentleman
who considers women.. his mothers and sisters. l take pride in saying
it’s not just your luck.. ..but also party’s to have him. How many hurdles to meet you all? Was l afraid of it?
No. Fear is not my tradition Some damn ACP Sathyam, l don’t know his face also, would l get scared if he threatens me? Why I am afraid that fellow?
l’ll oppose him straightaway. Sathyam, l dare challenge
you to come out, let’s settle it between us now. My people are like fire,
they will burn you down to ashes. Come, if you have guts! Drop your guns down! Tell them to drop their guns down. Wait l’ll tell them.
Drop your guns down! Drop your guns down! Do you know what are you up to? l know what l’m doing. l lost my job, my respect and my life. l’m left as an orphan, Khaki uniform betrayed me, all l want now is money, l don’t want this place or this nation, let each one of them pay
10 crores as ransom. l need money now Are you in your senses, Sathyam? Are you mad? He’s angry and you’re provoking him. We can decide after talking
to the government. l don’t have time for it.
Don’t they have money? l’m facing death and
you want to discuss, will it happen so easily? You don’t need to give,
l’ll pay the ransom myself, boys, get the ransom. -Go fast! Let’s go fast!
-Go fast! -Okay boss. Whose money is all this? Whose money is all this? -That’s a six on the first ball!
-Tell me, whose money is it? How difficult it is for us
to save just Rs.10000, Whose money is all this? Government gets shaken to pay
a ransom of 5 millions, but these two coughed up
a 100 millions each in 10 minutes, if l fire few more gun shots, -would they cough up more?
-That’s finishing touch! Are you wealthy man
by birth or a Lord? ls your father Bill Gates or Ambani? Where did you get so much money? Answer him! Can we get a passport easily? How many queries are raised? They send a policeman
to inquire at home, but who is inquiring these guys? The reason is policemen like us. Don’t you all know the
background of Thillai nayagam? A bloody drug peddler! A pimp running brothels! He claims women as mothers
and sisters now, aren’t you all ashamed to hear it? He sold ice creams laced with drugs, if we had punished him without caring
for the Minister’s orders, would he dare to come on this dias? Police officers are saluting him, my foot! We are on the wrong side, many are lamenting that
law and God is dead, is it not hurting your sense? lf we had arrested him as a goon, we could’ve punished him
using third degree, but if becomes an MLA or Minister, there will be special court, inquiry
commission and security, my foot! Commission is useless,
gun point is the right way. A Minister is recommending
a known goon, don’t you know him?
Don’t you? Come on tell them.
Tell them! l’ll tell them. He used to brew spurious
liquor in Mannargudi later entered politics. And then… How much did he make in politics? Answer me. 300 billions! All that was… All the property are
in the name of Acharya. Acharya was Minister’s proxy. What happened to Acharya?
Tell them. what happened to him? -Who killed him?
-Tell me. You arrested Acharya, Minister feared he may sing
the truth with you, -So… So…?
-So…? So, Minister ordered me to kill Acharya. l killed him. That’s all… that’s all… tell them. He wanted to become CM, so he asked me to kill 3 Ministers
who were competing for the post. l arranged but somebody
else killed them. Did you hear it? To identify these criminals,
l was made a criminal. l’m a policeman! l could’ve gone for a cushy job
for my education, but l didn’t, l chose Rs.12000 job
working all 24 hours, l loved my police uniform, it’s a feeling to be a policeman, Am l also another goon
like your henchmen? Are policemen your henchmen? You gave the respect and
honour of a uniform to a goon, a killer is the Home Minister, a goon running the
law and order department, how can there be peace? You’re going to retire in a year,
don’t you know they are criminals? How could you salute them knowing it? We as officers have our hand
tied to punish them, who can dare stop you
from punishing criminals? You’re the superior power! You’re the court!
What you say is judgment! lf it’s one man it is complaint,
if it’s thousands, it’s an order! Government has to bow. l went against, they could’ve killed me, why did they kill my mother? What was her mistake? They have left me as mad man.
What should l do with them? Kill them Sathya! Don’t spare them! Will everything change if l kill them? Answer me, will it change everything? People like them crop up
100 200 like this will have been come , can we kill all of them? l didn’t pick this gun to kill them, l wanted you all to know
about these goons, This is my live interrogation
as a policeman, people must fear law
like they fear God, they must fear the
wrath of people’s justice, Not just one,
everyone of you must think, and they must stand up for it, if they stand up, would such
elements dare to crop up? lf killing is answer to every problem,
nation will get wet with blood. You can only do this,
what else can you do? What else can you do
if someone dares to question you? l may have failed as
a son to a mother, but l haven’t failed as a policeman. l’ll not fail! You got away for want of evidence, now there are hundred
thousand people here, this nation is itself witness to it, Let me see,
how can law lose the case now? This is real police! Greetings, today’s headlines, police have arrested Kondal dasan
and Dilli under goons act, banners of Kondal dasan were burnt, Kondal dasan has been
removed from Ministry, l order to take immediate action
against Kondal dasan and Dilli. l request general committee to
remove Kondal dasan from the party. Ex-police officer Manikavel surrendered
himself for killing 3 ministers. Fighting for self defense is not
considered as an offence.. ..hence CM considers Sathyam’s
public enquiry as an act of duty, and wishes that he recovers fast and
joins the duty at the earliest. Six feet wind Breaking Action Bomb ..No fear in life His dress code and walking style His deed and his character screaming heart is high
Sky is witness His proudness and his politeness His courage and action
anyone to see come under control Earth is witness What happened? Guns becomes flower Six feet wind Breaking Action Bomb … No fear in life Speech is only speech for our man If sword surround with fight
He will do it Wind will break
when you see your face Just like blowing fire seen keenly inside the eyes flowing brimstone river

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