SCARP 1 – What Tent do you use on summit wild camping / backpacking trips ? what tent did I buy?

SCARP 1 – What Tent do you use on summit wild camping / backpacking trips ? what tent did I buy?

well you may already have guessed what
this video is going to be a boat and it’s going to be 10 I use when I go wild
camping and I’ve been wanting to do a vlog or small video a Booma tape for a
while and and generally I boot some of the questions I get asked as the as the
channel’s been getting bigger and bigger I’ve been fading it pretty hard to
answer every comment I really do my best to try try to answer as many comments as
I possibly can I thought I can do these short videos which will be it as a
supplementary there won’t be a flea week and hopefully they won’t go into the
Wednesday evening segment those ones all have been the same but there may be one
or two of these or videos where I’m gonna be answering some questions I get
asked quite a lot I thought the one the one thing I get asked the most
especially after I’ve been a wild camping video is what tamed I use so why
not do I’ll be a week shy about the 10 I use it know I should really get across
this isn’t designed to be a review of the 10 or an overall kind of which 10
should I buy I’ll leave that to the experts and I’m not proclaiming to be an
expert in this field and any where means a good one check out Chris Townsend or
drill or TV or magazines and there’s a whole wealth of information out there on
the Internet in terms of which tempted to use this is just my personal views on
the tent that I use so which thing is it I use what’s one called start the scarp
one from a company called tarp tape and I supposed to security I’ll be about
background as to why I used that tin and it cannot hurt by – must have been a bit
2000 then all of them maybe 2012 and I don’t really do too much world camping
but I certainly went at the venue and again I’ve had some memorable what
summit camps using the old tents that I had there was one trip to the North West
Highlands with my brother and as there were two of us we decided to take my
three mounted I had a two-man you know hike the three man usual 18 and they’ve
been throwing nothing against those tents at all bit lasted me free
years and they’ve done exactly what they said in Italy and the real the real
factor about me stopping to use him as he got trashed this one this video I
mean linked it somewhere up here to the video that I did over that trip then I
was I was a horrendous nay the forecast wasn’t to be high winds it was to be
quite settled you know five to ten men there wins but myself and mobile I found
myself on a shoulder of a mountain and we must have had about twenty minutes
sleep between us well sweets tried to hold the tail up and stop it blown away
in the gear when that tape was a dumb Tanner I think to the three pools were
broken by the morning and the the booth part of had been ripped off and we going
to soak you in the knee and anyway after that shop I thought I need to get myself
a new tent and something which is perhaps dinner I bet I asked asked on
Twitter I went to Twitter I was on Twitter at that time and it just asked a
general question to people like what team would you suggest you know it’s got
a bit robust speech for the Scottish Highlands I quite fancy doing more sonic
clamps and I think most of the responses I got back were regards or answered that
with the scarp one and I looked into that and that’s that’s what I bought
so what we do now is just I’m gonna keep this as simple as possible I’m not going
to go into in depth pros and cons and what have you
I’m just going to talk about things which I liked a bit listed and maybe
some of the things I don’t like about it so I’ve written down a list of things
here here we go excuse me canoes I forget leads it didn’t rate them doing
so what I’m going to do is very quickly just go through the plus points the
things that I really like about this tin and I’ve been using it I think I beat
and illumise I have been using it for about five or six years now
just sittin at the start of 2013 and it’s it’s got some it’s got some good
use so good point yeah first thing is the ease of use it’s just so easy to
pick up and take down the inner and outer or attach you don’t have to do
another up first in attach later or vice versa
the with the scarp on the inner and she just rule I put the the pool in the
central pool one and a peg and you can do it in two or three minutes giving
there eight conditions it’s really really simple with pure up and quick as
well to take donors really just you know it’s even wasting to take it they rope
up putting the bag and off you go I’m quite a tall guy I’m just over six
foot and this list is adequate for me it’s got vertical end while walls on it
so when I’m winding it it can take my easy no problem at all it’s very roomy
and yeah it’s also it’s you not only for lying in but there’s also two vegetables
or porch areas which are which are begging you can expand or contract those
and a fainting excellent for storing my bag and the boots you know my food my
stores in Mojave there’s nothing really a way if they saved the tent when I go
well camping and that’s mainly due to these vegetables where else yes quite
starving and it comes with two cross balls which you can put in know when I
first got it I took those pools everywhere with me and I used them every
time by think in the last four or five years apartment first things never used
them but I needed to use them and I don’t tend to go out when it’s bad
weather yeah I’ve done about enough in the past I do maybe I’m a fear fear
where I’m taking affair with our summer camp but there’s nothing worse than
dealing to talk over and are interning the teen and not seeing anything and it
blew Julio I just don’t see the point in that so I I’m not needed to use them but
they’re there if you need them they give the ten are even more rigidity if the
the winds are really high or if they’re smooth hole predictors in a lot plus
point it’s quite late wait I think I went to the website and the weight of
the tent is one point four seven kilograms though if you watch this
channel and we seem to kick that I take up I’m not awake wait I don’t you go
wait wait but I do know the medic camera gear that I take up I said the camera
gear was just as much as the camping gear when I go away so
maybe I should start whisking as I get older and the knees start to creak a bit
more maybe try and get the weight do you look when I go in the wild camps other
plus points at packs doing well yes at Pikes though I’d lose the catechist for
it and a bit of thunder for hate because of both doors open and the wind blew
away which wasn’t ideal which leads me to another advantage it’s got two doors
neither shades so for me that’s great so there’s a view that the fair and
wouldn’t say I just open up that door and okay there it gives it gives a bit
more versatility manfully it’s got some fluorescent
galleys you know what do I not like him but this tin well it’s not really too
much these I mean I do love it as I said I’m on the expert I think I’ve wound
about five teens in my wife so trying to find faults with this thing was kind of
hard yeah the cross pools which I talked
about a little earlier on yeah don’t really need them and for some reason for
a long time I still carried them up the hill with me even though I wasn’t using
them I think it was maybe laziness that you know when I went to park I didn’t
can be more Latino the Falls to fame do which one was the one I needed to date
with me maybe in the back of my mind I was thinking of a tippler long one I may
end up with with a theater camp pitch it can be a bit a bit floppy and in the
wind and that’s mainly due to the tags which teeth lacrosse pools and I
actually remove those and there since day and it’s been feigned so just a very
minor point where else is it yeah it’s not cheap but
what you know for something like this quality what can you get you that
there’s nothing out there really it’s going to be any more cost-effective
which is as good as this item I don’t think personally we make beg to differ
and another small purse advantages it’s only available via import I think it
stores anyway I think it’s from the US and can we get and which means you have
to pay tax and we’ll have you on the important duty and what have you I
remember the exact specifics but and yet those those are my main appoint I mean I
must say little absolutely love this tin they’re never having a fun fact yeah
I’ll meet to cut here I’m gonna good I love it so much I don’t only have one I
don’t have to these TSA I’m gonna go train things other one be with me right
found it this is the yes is a Scott one and you
can see its list this is as new and I got this probably a couple of years ago
because the ten that I had there’s a few I’ve had I’ve been camping on I’m
shopping no you are not payable he Beach and I dropped the bottom of it and I
thought I need to get a new one and them but song came through the first and I’ve
actually needed to use it because the original one that I had I had appeared
and it’s just been so good that ETS in the park yet but absolutely fantastic
and see it’s not too big please fall quickly that’s a technical with taste of
its lateness full of dunya that’s see it that’s a packet comes in so probably had
some great danger I must have bet that the Scarpas has seen some credible
sunrises and sunsets and it really has it’s been a flame cleaner actually a duo
of the thing I love when it’s up well I know some people like moving but I love
crawl into this Tennyson only Haven on the top of the moon’s in there yeah so
that’s just some of the year some of the bits and bobs I personally have phoned
good and bad about the tarp taint scarp one thing and the one one other thing
which I didn’t mention which i think is really important and probably the
biggest plus point not so much real estate but about the company is anything
I’ve had any queries any questions I’ve emailed them in a water over in America
have had within 24 hours of had a response that after shield support from
this company is second to none and I don’t know everyone reads that as a
number one factor when buying equipment I think I said this day and age I think
after shields have worked very important these guys have been absolutely
brilliant so that can brings me to the end of his
fourth forestry video if there’s any question
the money I’m gonna can maybe do these not everybody I just don’t have stated
another week but maybe you know once a month of every every couple of Sundays
if something you’d like to see and I’m still trying answer some some Queenie’s
in questions so if you’ve any questions or queries is put them down in the
comment section below or you know go over to Twitter or Instagram or any of
these social media feeds and ping me a message of the same thing you’d like me
to take over so yeah that’s say that’s it for this
Sunday afternoon and hopefully I’ll be back and windy with with an adventurer
in school my somewhere super thanks for origin you

34 thoughts on “SCARP 1 – What Tent do you use on summit wild camping / backpacking trips ? what tent did I buy?”

  1. It's a bit of a heavy beast, but if extreme weather is a possibility, I love the Bibler! (Featured in the picture at the end of this video:–H5GSZOg?t=333 )

  2. I have this tent too mate, and, like you i think it is a fantastic piece of kit, it is still an import though and i had to pay about Β£80 duty i think, ive made my own little tweaks and improvements to it over the time ive used it but i cant say there is anything about it i don't like, they are just quality of life adjustments^^. nice film=)

  3. Hi Murray, my research of tents three years ago lead me to your channel. Subsequently I purchased a Scarp 1 back at the beginning of 2016, and couldn’t be happier. Henry Shires is a great guy to deal with, and like you say, the customer support is exemplary. It’s a tough little tent and surprisingly roomy for its size. And stands up to weather in the highlands where I’m based.
    Appreciate all the work you put into your channel.
    All the best.

  4. Good stuff mate and a tent I had tried in the past. As you say good weight and easy to pitch and take down. Only thing I wasnt keen on was that due to the light colour of the fabric it was very light inside for sleeping more so during the summer. Great idea on the short info films. Atb

  5. A great tent. I also have a Scarp 1 and like you I love it. Agree with all your positives, but would say I've been thankful I've had the extra poles on a few occasions … I really think they make it much more stable in high winds. The big challenge is deciding when to bring them and when to save the weight… a kind of mountain Russian roulette πŸ™‚

  6. Hi murray Very interesting that mate My go to tent is the terra nova quasar for summit camping she stands rock solid love it Thanks for that murray enjoyed that atvb chris

  7. Can't see past my MLD Trailstar tarp. Loads of space and open views. Thought about getting the same tent as you for midge and winter season.

  8. Thanks for this, good to know. Back in the day (80s) I used a Vango Force 10 Mk4, not many summit camps but it got good use and never let me down. Not as big as the Scarp1, but also light and quick to put up, and made in Scotland, so totally midge proof. Don't camp much now so was wondering how a Force 10 compares with a modern tent (apart from probably being smaller)?

  9. Good review and useful information about the company. Tarptent do cool tents and I'm just collecting money for AEON Li – it will take a while. πŸ˜‰ For now I use Six Moon Design Lunar Solo – great for longer hikes and roomy what for a guy slightly taller than you has great importance. Thanks for the video. Atb, Seb

  10. Hi, I also have a Scarp1 (Also a Nordisk Telemark 2 which I use for summer use and long extended backpacking trips, it being much lighter at 950g, but not as solid in windy conditions as the Scarp1, also the packed size is about half of the Scarp1)
    I bought mine around 8 years ago after seeing many on the TGO challenge. Even with import duties etc. it's still very good value compared to other more expensive tents with similar specs. (Terra Nova Competition & Hilliberg Atko etc.) and in my view a much better tent.

    It's very quick and easy to put up and is very stable, the inner does not droop at all, it has 2 entrances and you can fit 2 in at a push, (The latest version the inner has been made bigger, so 2 can fit in easily) My only gripes are the length of it packed, the end inner poles determine this, the flip side is they make for great headroom at each end, and the inadequate small pockets (Improved on the latest model, but still not ideal)

    Order the solid inner for our UK weather, the extra crossing poles for windy or snowy conditions and some extra guide line cords.
    Great review, I'd send Henry Shire the Tarptent supremo the link, I'm sure he would be pleased of your video.

  11. I got a Scarp 2, which I use as a one man tent. Plenty of room inside and only little space required for pitching. There some companies from the old continent (e. g. in Germany and Sweden), which are selling the tents too.

  12. Great that you pick up this topic. It's more to the core like those videos "whats in my photoback 2019". From this kind of video you find plenty on youtube. But videos about additional equipment are rare. So thank you!

  13. Nice one Murray. I’d never done any camping and got my first tent (Hilleberg Soulo) in Dec 2016. It’s a brilliant tent and I love it, especially for winter camps. Unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to wait until the end of this year for our next winter outing.

  14. Great vid Murray, do you think the Scarp 1 could fit me and a deranged Springer spaniel in?,I at the mo have a terra nova southern cross 2,which although I'm happy with,it does weigh about 1.5 kg more,which as you elude to may not matter to a 20 yrs old but to a 59 yr old with dodgy knee's/back is a killer.

  15. Saw a couple other people saying the same thing, but it would be really interesting to see what camera gear you use/ the process of creating your videos.

  16. Thanks for sharing your tent love, had my MSR Elixr on a few wild camps, no summits though. πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ ΏπŸ“·β›°πŸ‘

  17. I also have a scarp 1 and also think it's great. We actually use it as a 2 person tent! My partner and I are small ish (174 and 158 cm tall) and it fits us and all our gear (just about) – absolutely incredible for something so well designed and lightweight.

  18. Looks a nice lite tent that, but as you say, camping with camera and vlogging gear isn't liteweight, heart breaking sometimes when you get to the top and the claggs in, I call it dead weight 😭😭 atb Mark

  19. Personally Hilleberg Akto in the winter & my terra nova Zephyros 1 in warmer months. Both pretty similar in terms of shape but love them both. Would love the Hilleberg Soulo as more roomy but too much cash to part with.
    Great vid, Murray

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