Seduction in VRChat ( Virtual Reality ) ( VR )

Seduction in VRChat ( Virtual Reality ) ( VR )

[ SHAI’s soundboard ] [ Intro Music ] [ Laugh ]
Coco: “OMG!!” [ Laugh ] Ryan ( Partner in crime ) Bagel Bandits MATSix ( Longtime Nemesis ) RaD (The OG ) Great Dog & Gama ( Avatar Enthusiasts ) VRPD ( Visual Reality Police Department ) Puppers & WhiteWolf Lolisquad Shai, Box and Mad ( Sound Clip Trolls ) SHAI: [ Joey ] “LET’S GO BABY!!” [ Sigh ] Just got here… Your lucky…your… [ Laugh ] What the… [ Laugh ] I HATE YOU! WhiteWolf: “need to see some new soundfiles that we got form Jo… um…ah… of Puppers” OH! Puppers!? YIS YES BOX: [ Puppers ] “I hate you!” [ Laugh ] I love that ‘I hate you’ I love that ‘I hate you’ x2 [ Laugh ] Puppers: “is just…it’s so like heart felt” What is that for? it’s just like…it’s just empty… it’s just empty armor… No it’s empty I’m… am I seeing it correctly? it’s just an empty armor Oh! There you go! OH…! Ok! That makes sense! I was like what is this? Okay! That’s awesome! Can i acutally fit in this? ( Trying to fit in the aromor ) WhiteWolf: “It’s a little to small for you”
Someone: “Om…NO” (still trying to fit in the armor) I’m all protected! [ Laugh ] WhiteWolf: “It’s a little to small” WhiteWolf: “It’s like a…It’s like a bikini but…you know…it will…it will work” SHAI: “Joey is inside Saber” [ SHAI’s soundboard ]
Wha? WHAT THE!? [ Yell ] [ Laugh ] WhiteWolf: “I can’t wait for you to see the map…!” WhiteWolf: [ Whisper ] “Can’t wait to see it!” WhiteWolf: “It’s gonna be… It’s look really nice” Oh Yeah! I only saw um…a little piece that…wait! It’s there…It’s there a lot done? WhiteWolf: “You haven’t even s…” I seen a piece of it BOX: “Sneak Peak” WhiteWolf: “Ya! A lot of it is done” I saw a Sneak Peak That’s all i saw That’s all i saw x2 I saw a Sneak Peak What? Box: “Only Joey”
WhiteWolf: “OH? are we doing a Sneak Peak for him right now?” OH! OH! x2 OH! x3 [ Shock ] [ Breath Out ] HO! HO! x2
HO! x3 HO! x4
HO! x5 HO! x6 This is Amazing! This is sick! Wow! [ Amaze ] Wow…! BOX: “Ok! I’m going to show you a house!” Oh! this was my number 9 that I wanted! OH MY… GOD!
WhiteWolf: “Ya! This is…your little vote” This is so great! [ Shock & Yell ] WOAH WHAT THE!! UH! (Joey’s MEMES)
[ Repeat ] I’m having fun with my harem right now UH! [ Shock ]
[ WhiteWolf Laughing ] UH! [ Repeat ] I’m having fun with my harem right now ARE Y… (O.O) Puppers: “Welcome to number 9!” WhiteWolf: “Welcome to number 9!” Puppers: “I hope you enjoy your stay :P” (WHAT IS GOING ON!?!) HOW
WhiteWolf: “Uh…If your have any complains or suggestions please talk to us later but…” WhiteWolf: “Uh…If your have any complains or suggestions please talk to us later but…Good Bye :D” UH!
WhiteWolf: “Uh…If your have any complains or suggestions please talk to us later but…Good Bye :D” UH! Puppers: “yeah…We got um…We got…We gotta…We gotta host an event so like enjoy your house then :D” UH! NO! [ Sigh of Relief ] [ Puppers Laughing ] [ Puppers Laughing ]
I am not going in box number 9! I cannot do that! You cannot put me in there! You can’t leave me in here!
[ Repeat ] I’m having fun with my harem right now I cannot be in here! It’s just repeats like this!? I’m gonna go crazy!! Puppers: “Yeah…”
WhiteWolf: “It’s… WhiteWolf: “It’s forever” [ Laugh ] I don’t even see this! My body is…. OH MY… I’m…
BOX: “Joey” (Can’t think of words) BOX: “Look in this wall” WhiteWolf: “Right here! Look right in the wall” WhiteWolf: “Where i’m looking” Puppers: “Where the Red Thing is” Puppers: “Red thing” Puppers: “Now click it”
Oh! Click it? WhiteWolf: “Okay” Oh! It’s stopped it! OH…OK… [ Sigh ] Puppers: “ARE YOU HAVING FUN WITH YOUR HAREM NOW?” So that’s how you shut it off? So you…you secretly put over there just to…to… [ Laugh ]
WhiteWolf: “Yeah! Pretty much” WhiteWolf: “The…The original plan was to do it whenever everyone went to bed” is that… [ Laugh ] Puppers: “So that I would play through the entire thing and then you freak out” I would freak out I…I appreciate you at least putting a stop button on there You know what? You know what? x2 Clever! I gotta get…I shouldn’t have said anything You were like Joey! What box do you wanna? It’s like… Number 9! [ Laugh ] OMG… I’m happy in a way that I’m not then I actually was recording I didn’t think I would (have) know if I was… [ Laugh ] I actually did not know ah…but I…I actually I was
[WhiteWolf & Puppers Laughing ] I just stopped right now Puppers: “Uh…Dude that good” OMG WhiteWolf: ” Oh man…That was a…a one-time thing so I think we’re gonna be removing it after this right? ” Puppers: “Yeah! We’re gonna removing it” Puppers: “We thought…We thought we do it just for you tho” I appreciate it You know what it’s a good thing I was recording then it’ll go up and then never be…then it’s done so alright Uh…I love…I love you guys as much as I hate you I love you guys Wha…OH! I can actually can’t get out OMG You could really trap me in he…here Puppers: “Oh! Also I got a…I got a new avatar” Puppers: “I have a DPS avatar now” Wait the TOP SUN one?
Puppers: “Yeah!” Puppers: “Top Sun right here”
Wha? Puppers: “TOP SUN” Uh? Puppers: “So you see it?” Yeah! Puppers: “Now, I’ve got my ultimate set to another an…an emote” [ Smoke Weed Everyday Music ] Are you!? Wait do it again! It went away! it went away! x2 There we go! [ Smoke Weed Everyday Music ] Are you drive it!? like…like are you go like this too? on top of it? like you’re rolling? in a 64 O Puppers: “I got this thing which might be like a damage of some sort of like a buff” That’s awesome Puppers: “and it’s got…it’s got the…[ sneeze ] it’s got the effects with smoke so like over a while it actually start smoking and have like a smoke effect Dude WhiteWolf: “Wanna cut that off your face” [ Laugh ] Puppers: “but it’s really cool” Puppers: “This is my DPS! I’m ready to go! ( cringe song alert ) Someone: “it’s a SHAI Hoppou I was just saying I look like SHAI in Hoppou from WhiteWolf: “It is SHAI” AW GOD! [ Cringe Noices ]
Go…go back go…back [ Laugh ] OH GOD This is too much I can’t have…no…don’t…I can’t have the two together Is just…[ Laugh ] Is too many SHAIs WhiteWolf:”Uh…You have MAD, BOX and SHAI here [ Sigh ] WhiteWolf: “Look above you, Joey look above” (Don’t look kids) Oh God! I don’t want to look what underneath that You see what’s there? [ Everyone Laugh ] I can’t look at that! MAD: [Joey] “Let’s GO!” [ Sigh ] And this was just eating chocolate just sitting there eating chocolate like it ain’t no thing Smith: “CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES!” Smith: “THIS IS MY CHOC LET BARRR!!” That’s actually funny [ Laugh ] WhiteWolf: “I know it’s pretty funny” WhiteWolf: “I like that” That’s Awesome! SEVE: “SEDUCE ME!”
[ Laugh ] [ Laugh ] NOT YOU! [ Both Joey and SEVE Laugh ]
OMG… Your gonna go on top a roof and start sing [Both Joey and SEVE Langh ] WhiteWolf: “Keep that post” WhiteWolf: “Keep that post”x2 [ SEVE laugh ] WhiteWolf: “Keep That post!” x3 WhiteWolf: “Keep That post!” x4 WhiteWolf: “Put that sword…Put the gun back! Put the gun back!” SEVE: [Sexy voice] “Seduce us Joey! ;)” ( XD ) SEVE: “it’s just too much for him XD” [ Everyone Laughs ] Someone: “And the Cthulhu come say it with his hand gun” [ Laugh ] And Cthulhu with his tiny gun I give…I…I…give… [ Sigh ] I give up! Don’t do it!!!
Someone: [ Joey ] “I’m the Nut Giver!” [ Yell ] I’M NOT THE NOT GIVER! I HATE THAT!! I’m not the Nut Giver…[ Laugh ]
[ Everyone laugh ] ( It’s getting close…) [ Disturbing Sound ]
I won’t have a chom it…!! [ Creep out ] AH! IS TOO MUCH NEAR MY NECK!! [ Creep out ] IS TOO CREEPY! [ Creep out ] IS TOO MUCH! [ Creep out ] IS TOO MUCH! x2 Is there way I could Um… Yeah, let me… wait! Let me just block something real quick Hold on I’m gonna block some… SEVE: “AH…OM!” Let me throw blocks SEVE’s away Hold on SEVE: “WAIT BLOCKS WUT?” [ Laugh ] NO! I just kidding! SEVE: “Wait WHAT!?
[ Laugh ] I was…I was…gonna block you [ Laugh ] I was…I was gonna block you [ Laugh ] I was just kidding SEVE: “Oh! By (the way) my name is SEVEN” SEVE: “It(the name bar) don’t…the ‘N’ got caught up” No! I know…I always gonna call you SEVE SEVE: “Oh!” I’m alway gonna to SEVE: “AW…” SEVE:”AW…”
That’s what ha…Well I…I have the choice… I have the chose when I beat you in bowling SEVE: “**** You too”
That’s what ha…Well I…I have the choice… I have the chose when I beat you in bowling That’s what ha…Well I…I have the choice… I have the chose when I beat you in bowling I’m the Champ, so I’m allowed to do that No, you can’t pouch me! I’m the Champ! I’m allowed to do that! These are the things that… SEVE: “NO YOUR NOT!” These are…These are the perks you get when you’re the Champ! These are…These are the perks you get when you’re the Champ! When you’re the Champ! x2 One of my two pins…my two pins…two pins still is a victory The Champ Right, BOX? I’m the Champ!
MAD: [ Joey ] “Who is DADDY? ( Who say that!? ) I’m the Champ, right? BOX: [ Joey ] “Climax?” No! not Cli… I’m the Champ! BOX: [ Joey ] “Climax?” x2
Both of use of the Champ SHAI: [ Joey ] “NO!!!” [ Yell ] YES!!! [ Yell ] I AM!!! [ Yell ] I’M THE CHAMP!!! BOX: [ Joey ] “Climax?” BOX: [ Joey ] “Climax?” x2 BOX: [ Joey ] “Climax?” x3 Yeah! Climax to victory! Yeah! Your Right!! I did!!! I Climax to Victory! Someone: “Oh…He got you there BOX” Yap! BOX: [ Joey ] “I like Joey Bagels” He’s great! He’s a Champ! I love that guy! He’s a Champion! BOX: [ Joey ] “I like…I like apples!” I…well… I don’t know…I don’t know will like apples BOX: [ Joey ] “I’m…I’m MaTSix right now” I’m not… [ Sigh ] [ Laugh ] I’m not MaTSix! BOX: [ Joey Raping ] ( cringe ) I hate ( you ) [ Yell ] PUPPERS!! [ Laugh ] ( cringe so hard ) I hate this…. (>~

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    Nagzz has become a meme. To stop all the memes now, he must be stopped. I urge you all, when you see him in VR Chat attack him. Stop the Nagzz, stop the memes. With your help we can make VR Chat great again.

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