SELFIE KING – New Nepali Movie Trailer || Bipin Karki, Laxmi Bardewa, Abhay Baral

SELFIE KING – New Nepali Movie Trailer || Bipin Karki, Laxmi Bardewa, Abhay Baral

Ting Ting Ting…. The bell goes ting… Ting Ting Ting…Here comes Selfie King Why are you watching the same program repeatedly? I will if I can watch my daughter over and over again. What about her responsibilities? I know where you were yesterday night. I had night shooting. Can’t you see? I don’t trust you. Making audiences everywhere laugh is my job. I’m an artist. Are you drunk? You must come by road to Salleri. From road? Haven’t you seen this? Are you the comic Selfie King? How much do you take for the program? What? How much do they pay you? I’m sorry, I tried my best. You came by flight? Yes, and you? Drink but don’t drink like a drunkard. Will you? I can hire people like you. I can also fire people like you. Stardom, celebrity and popularity…. Are all temporary things. Like the warmth of your pee. Write that Selfie King is a big drunkard. Don’t talk irresponsibly. People have come to see you. I couldn’t. I just want you on stage once. Please. What do we know about life? Who here is immortal? Who has seen the writing of fate? Not all things in life are fulfilled… Not everything we want. How much do you have to study to be an actor? The same as required for a bus conductor.

100 thoughts on “SELFIE KING – New Nepali Movie Trailer || Bipin Karki, Laxmi Bardewa, Abhay Baral”

  1. Dont know about the movie but his looks is damm unique like Joker……
    I think you guys should make a movie like joker but in good scripts… it will be evolution of our Nepali industry

  2. Great work by director and actor, and I admire the beauty of Nepal through this movie. God bless Nepal and the movie too.

  3. Saab sala tope haru. Kun angle bata Joker jasto xa be? Joker ko plot ra theme bujhdaina aani face ma white, aakha ma black, mukh ma rato dekhni bettkai joker hudaina. Ghas haru

  4. खलासी लाई चैं त्यति सारो नभनेको भय हुन्थ्यो बिचारा😢
    आन्दोलन गर्लान भन्ने डर😂

  5. Kollywood …plzzzzz we audience wants to see some fresh ,new and virgin stories….not a copy paste stories ….all JOKER THEME

  6. Charlie Chaplin ra joker ko nakkal garna matra ta aauxa Timaru Lai yaha Afno desh ko sima India le miche ko barema film banauna ta himmat nai xaina Timaru Nepali film industries Lai ta hero ra heroin haru le mathi ra tala ra paxadiko hallako matra herna man lagxa thukka film industries / dhikkar xa Nepali film industries Lai / sala India le Pakistan virudha kati film banauxa Timaru Pani banau India le Nepal ko sima micheko film , (JAI NEPAL )

  7. bollywood le south movie ko ditto copy hanera movie banauda movie blockbuster hunxa….yo ta eso herda joker movie bata inspired matrai jastai xa….dami hunxa selfie king movie…best of luck….

  8. Movie ko trailer herda joker jasto hos ya rockstar jasto bipin dai ko kaam nepalma aru vanda farak hunxa ra moviema naya dinu khojnu hunxa… Every movie of him different character different looks… Jai nepal jai bipin dai😊❤ awaiting for this movie dai… Best of luck❤❤

  9. Trailer ta k ho k? Bipin ko make up herda ta yo film suspense thriller and love story bhako bhaye dammi hunthyo. Khasai market liyau jasto chai chhaina..anyway wish you all the best

  10. Joker ko trailer matra herya haru ni essai joker ko copy bhandiraaxa…. Vibe matra same ho Storyline is totally different… Bujhera joker herya le essai bujhxa difference… 🤖

  11. I'm not prejudging this film but Nepali filmmakers are using the same overused worn-out cliches. They just want to make movies with tragic central character. It seems like they have this belief that a good movie should have a depressing and sad ending.

  12. Dont judge this flim with joker .This is selfie king bipin karki has done outstanding acting like always .
    Feel proud to have a actor like bipin karki in nepal💌

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