SHUTTER SPEED explained (in 4 minutes) – Beginner Course Lesson #2

SHUTTER SPEED explained (in 4 minutes) – Beginner Course Lesson #2

shutter speed is quite an easy term, but a little misleading there is a shutter in your camera that
opens to let light into your camera and onto your sensor and after a certain time it is closing again,
finishing the process of taking your image to better understand this component of exposure let’s think of shutter speed as
opening time how long is the shutter opened
to let light in how does the opening time affect your image? the longer the shutter is open, the brighter your image here i have a camera let’s see what happens if i take an image listen closely i have set the shutter
speed to 4 seconds we hear 2 clicks – first click shutter opens
second click shutter closes now with a graphical help here is a draft of the shutter
first click shutter opens second click shutter closes and finally we try to
understand what that does to our image let’s consider I’m a source of light let’s say I´m the sun
the camera takes a picture of me, remember I’m the sun and you see the image to the
right ready let’s go shutter opens and I shine
shine shine shine light I shine shutter closed again there you see the
image once again – look at the image first click the
shutter opens eyes shine shine shine shutter closes and the image is finished some of you will say well come on when I photograph a bright object like
the sun, Iwon’t need four seconds of shutter speed and that’s correct usually you need much less than that the brighter your subject the faster your shutter speed and therefore the shorter the opening time the image we took of the
real sun was shot with 1/1000 sec be sure to understand that you divide a
second into 1000 pieces and the shutter was only opened for that very short while don’t confuse that with 1000 seconds it is one thousandth of a second on the other hand we have this night shot.
the dark scene needs a longer opening it was shot with a shutter speed
of 30 seconds don’t confuse that again with 1/30
second it is dark so you need a long shutter
speed ok now you understand how shutter speed
influences the exposure of your images the longer you lighte the same scene the
brighter your image gets and together with the aperture from our previous movie you already know two of the three
factors of exposure it’s time for the third next up is ISO
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  1. Taking the sun as an example isn't a great idea. Because shooting against the sun with shutter curtain that is open for 4 seconds won't get you the image shown in your tutorial. That possibly may create confusion to newbies. But great tutorial. Thanks.

  2. I am done studying all the parts, I would really like it if the new parts are going to come out again

  3. Thank you, these are clear and simple less. I learned more from here in an hour than what I've been exposed to for years.

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