sony a6000 vs a6100 | best beginner camera

sony a6000 vs a6100 | best beginner camera

I dont like hair shampoo because after shampoo my hair become too lite that even a smallest movement …like this can change my look completely… & i look like this… for now that only thing can save me is this…. lets go… it says..microwave, convection & flame… which means if you put it on stove… it will be just fine i guess ?? lets try that now coffee tastes amazing specially in winters… today’s video is not about my coffee making skills but in this video we’ll compare the newly launched Sony A6100 with Sony A6000 sony A6000 was launched in 2014 & at that time it was the camera of the year… because of the features it offered… at that time it was hard to find all these features in one
camera… now after 5 years…we have got its update which is Sony A6100 so in today’s video we’ll see what’s being changed or new & what remains unchanged… between these 2 cameras… so if you are intrested in any of these camera… or wanted to evaluate which one would be better for you… then watch this video till the end…. coz at the end you’ll be able to make your purchase decision lets begin… we’ll start with all those things which remain unchanged or we can say the carry forwarded features from sony A6000 camera sensor is mostly remians unchanged & the resolution is also unchanged which is 24.2 mpx.. after 5 years of wait time, we anticipated a better camera
body… however it remains unchanged… sony a6000 & a6100 body construction is same which looks like polycorbonate construction its a good durable material…. .but magisium alloy would be much better both the camera’s doesn’t come with professional picture profile… like .. HLG, Slog3, Slog2 etc… these profile helps in captureing great dynamic range in videos so while recording you get extremely flat footage but after grading, it looks more cinematic then a normal
video so neither a6000 nor a6100 comes with these picture profiles when i was starting..i was not bothered about picture
profiles I just wanted to shoot good videos… so from beginner’s prospect..its fine but you still get quite a few creative styles just like sony A6000 & you can also tweak their parameters as per your taste… as per Sony press release note for sony a6100 they have improved the color science which means we should get better colors..however if you look at these photos which i took from both the
cameras with similar settings you wont find much difference in colour all i can see is that a6100 photos are little bit punchier then A6000 images we might see major difference in human skin tone… but here i cant see a huge difference A6000 have ok LCD & viewfinder…just ok in today’s time where camera manufactures… are putting OLED in camera…we expected a little better LCD
quality.. change there as well… in A6100 we get the same LCD & viewfinder as A6000 thats it…all the similarities ends here… now lets see whats new or upgraded in A6100 focusing system has been greatly improved sony A6000 has 179 face detectation AF points while in new A6100 there are 425 phase detectation AF points which is around 2.3 times more..then in A6000 and more points means.. better & accurate auto focus sony A6000 has a decent face tracking system… but in a6100 it has become even better… sony implemented new AI based autofocus system… which makes the camera really accurate in tracking an AF it start focusing in the subject eyes.. when it doesn’t find eyes.. it switch to face tracking… when it looses the track of jumps to body tracking and all of this happens in real time..instantly… i think with this new focusing system in place… sony has gain the top spot among other camera manufacturer when it comes to the best AF tracking as we all know that A6000 introduced eye AF feature which is very useful specially for portrait photographers… but the catch is this feature is not enable by default… you will have to go into the settings enable this feature & then assign it to some custome button…& then it will
work well guess what…in A6100 non of this is required anymore this has become an always on feature in A6100 wherever camera detects an focuses right into it you dont need to fiddle with the settings anymore & another major improvement is that it also supports animal
eyes now this is a killer feature..if you are intrested into wild
life or pet photography this photo was taken with sony a6000 & if you zoom into image, you’ll see that camera picked
focus on the nose here…. this one taken with a6100 with animal AF & in closeup you can see that camera did a fantastic job in capturing pet’s eye here… we use to crib about the non touch screen in sony a6000 well unfortunately even a6100 still doens’t get the touch
screen however you get a touch focus capability on a6100 with this you can set the focus by touching on camera LCD & it will track your subject very accurately sony has upgraded the processor of A6100 camera due to which a lot of things have improved including the camera buffer size when we take photos in rapid fire mode a point comes where camera slow down & then stop so before reaching to that point how many photos does a
camera takes is based on camera buffer size & the buffer has improved in A6100 we use to get 49 fine jpegs & 23 RAW photos now in a6100 you can take 75 fine jpeg & 33 raw photos..before hitting the camera buffer due to new processor…camera is now 1.8 times faster which helps in doing multi tasking in A6100 in a6000 when you reach the camera buffer limit camera use to freez ..with this error message in a6100 if you reach the camera buffer… you can still access the camera menu & settings.. while buffer is getting clear in background in A6000 in video mode the ISO limit was 12800. & in photo mode the ISO limit was 25600 on A6100 the ISO limit for photos & videos both is 32000 plus the ISO tollrance has also improved in a6000 post ISO 3200 nothing was usable in a6100 you can confidently use till ISO 6400 & your photos and videos would be usable comparing a6000 with a6100 in video department is like comparing a racing car with a fighter jet… a6100 is miles ahead from a6000 in video quality a6000 record decent quality video in Full HD resolution as you can see here…. but a6100 is a beast….it records in 4k down sampling from
6k & the it renders so much details that if you scale up your footage 3 – 4 times it will not degrade the clip quality in a6000 we get 60p full HD slow motion option on a6100 you get 120p full HD with continous auto focus & audio & you can see the quality difference here… in a6000 the video recording is limited to 29:29 & once you hit that time, you need to re start the recording in a6100 there is no limit to video recording you can record as much you want..or till your memory card
filled this feature can be helpful for long interview sessions wedding and documentary shoots etc.. we also get S&Q mode in A6100 this was introduced with A6500 model with this feature we can record in camera slow motion clip without needed to slow them during the editing Plus with some trick you can also record in camera timelapse
movie through this mode if you want to know more about it… check out my this video here i explained about the S&Q mode in details here if someone wants to record a timelapse on Sony A6000 the process is you go to playmemory camera app store purchase & install a timelapse app on your camera this has changed with sony A6100 now you get built in timepalse feature on your sony A6100 to make our video look cinematic we use cinematic black bars on top & bottom it just that during the shoot we need to guess the framing so that we are not ending up chopping head or legs of our
subject while adding the black bars during the editing to tackle this problem a6100 has movie markers once you enable it & select the correct aspect ration…. & it will show your the white overlay on top of the video
frame so you dont need to guess anymore in a6000 we get 1 usb charging port & 1 mini HDMI in a6100, in addition to those we also get a external mic
input port & now we can use an external mic to record in camera high quality clean audio next big change is the slefie screen & its a welcome change.. now we can easily take selfies or do vlogg the only problematic part is …its implementation sony design the screen in such a way that if you put any accessory on your hotshoe…it will block the screen to overcome this situation…we can get this thing… its a camera cage…& it does 2 things… 1. it protects the camera …as its a solid mettal cage. 2. it provide lots of mounting options you can mount, mic, audio recorders, lights follow focus system, matt box etc mostly filmmakers use their camera with a cage only you can get such cage for all kinds of cameras & models.. like sony a6000, 6300,6500, 6100, 6400, a7iii a7sii etc I’ll mentioned an amazon purchase link in the description for this one… you can check it our there.. as per CIPA rating you get 360 shots on 1 battery in A6000 on A6100 now you’ll get 420 shots its a slight improvement USB charging feature is also available in A6100 there is no support for playmemory camera store in a6100 which means we cannot install camera apps on a6100 which is still possible in A6000 another new feature which can make your life easy has been added to a6100 & thats called My Menu with the help of this you can add all your frequently used settings to this page & whenever required you can access them all here without wasting your time in searching inside the menu next new addition to a6100 is silent shooting mode this mode is not available in A6000 with silent shooting you can take pictures without any camera shutter sound its like taking photos from your phone while putting it into
silent mode it will just take the photo..without any noise last new feature of new a6100 is bluetooth this feature helps in recording the geographic location of
the images. all you have to do is to pair your mobile phone with camera using bluetooth & sony imaging edge app & once the pair is successfull…everytime you camera will
take a photo & location data will be saved on the photo also. its a claver implementation of this feature by sony which helps you save some money otherwise i have seen people buy separate GPS unit for their camera to do the similar job & thats it for today my back is aching badly because i am standing from quite sometime now I hope you find this video useful i guess now you can decide, which camera to go for in my point of view if someone is buying his/her first camera & they are absolute beginner..then you can go for A6000 its a very capable camera specially now we will see a lot of price cut in that you will get amazing features & lots of savings if you already own a camera & you are a casual user…& want something extra & you want to upgrade with better specs & still want to use it for personal use then you can go for sony A6100 with it you will get better video quality, better auto
focusing selfie screen…& lots of upgrades over A6000 i’ll put the amazon link of both the camera in the description you can check them out also purchase them from there if you have any question..please comment below I ‘ll reply as soon as I can you can also chat with me through Instagram DM & clear your doubts …here is my Instagram profile

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  1. Sir wedding photography k liye konsa camera achaa rahega Bugget 70,000 se 80,000 tak he so konsa camera lena cha hiye special wedding k liye

  2. Sir I’m very confuse between Sony A6000,Canon M200, canon G7X mark2 ????
    Because features are the almost same and prices too.
    Which one is better sir ?

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