Street Photography at NYC’s Craziest Parade

Street Photography at NYC’s Craziest Parade

what's going on guys it's Easter Sunday and we are the New York City Easter Parade everyone has crazy hats on and this is an incredible event to photograph now lots of people here are getting dressed up to have their photos taken they want that nice smiling shot I've been looking pretty as the street photographer that is not the shot we want to take we're looking for the more interesting bizarre moments and I think we're gonna find them today first setup of the day we've got a hat vendor and he has these two meters of people are checking out and what I notice is really interesting is people aren't stoked when they look at themselves and then in the reflection they kind of check out their hat and like this is alright and you get some interesting candid moments of self-doubt so I'm gonna be shooting through the mirror and catching these moments sometimes when I take street photos I just walk around a ton other times when I notice everything that's happening on one corner I stick around you work the corner for a little while and that's definitely the case right now we've got this nice team over here we've got these great mirrors and everyone is passing on crew so I'm posted up just seeing what comes to me and honestly I could spend hours on this corner it's just there's a lot happening right now and this is the epicenter of it all so don't hesitate to to post up I think really get some good stuff here I just got a good while watching this pop-up hat salesman those dudes are the real entrepreneurs of today they are selling so so many hats they're 10-cent products selling them for 10 bucks killing it out here and there's so much money changing hands I noticed he had a fat stack so I was following that for a while and framing the people up watching them try on the hats through a bunch of hats just a nice clean fun composition and now we got the smokestack and I'm looking for a particular hat that'll blend into the smokestack is if it's just one massive hat I think that'll be really fun don't know if this shot is gonna pan out is definitely a lot of luck but we're chancing upon but fingers crossed here I've been posted up for a while so I'm gonna get some Milwaukee shots I'm just walking up to people really quick with the flash firing one maybe two photos off keep on walking and what's fun about these shots is they're very quick sometimes you're gonna get a really beautiful candid moment other times you're gonna miss everything and you have a Chloe blurry out-of-focus shot that's part of the thrill you get really nice candid reactions to which I like what's great about photographing festivals like this where everyone has cameras is people expect it I'm taking nice glamor shots so even though I'm taking a little bit cruder Street photos it's perfectly acceptable people are way more used to the camera it's a really great practice like had a training ground first rate photos if you will and I'm gonna go that lady looks incredible I'm gonna catch a really quick now one thing I like to do here I really like getting low and shooting upwards it gives them a nice image of power and with the flash – they just looked very very assertive it's a fun shot how's it going I found this man on the street with this crazy windswept hair and this is incredible energy dancing in the music so I shot a few photos of him and he had this one dangling tooth which I thought just completed this incredible characters face so I asked him for a portrait a very close-up shot and once I looked at it I realized that when you removed the context it feels like I just shot a crazy homeless man which I don't like at all I really wanted to capture the energy of him and the liveliness of his relationship with his wife or a girlfriend so I'm gonna have this be a two-part series so you see what he's like in his world and his relationships and his sanity and then the the eccentric close-up they shop so when I started shooting tear and told myself the one thing I won't photograph miss people just posing for me because it's not the exciting shot that I want I want candid moments yeah that guy's outfit was so incredible and I saw this perfect white background it it honestly look like it was designed for it so I took the shot I'm okay with it I'm not gonna do any more of those today I'm probably not I break all my rules I'm probably not going to if you set yourself up in a pre-compose frame you get to photograph the photographer's which is always a lot of fun and that man was just cycling in people one at a time to take these shots I think you got some good stuff we're at 30 rock and what I love about this place besides the iconic building behind us is that it's a very thin plaza and what happens when it gets congestion is people have to walk you're very particular thin bouts of it and I'm gonna set myself up there to be able walk right into my frame and I've gotten a couple cool shots like that already I met this man who is the most iconic looking New York guy I like those shots he posed for a few if you were candid and yeah you know like people keep walking into my frames one more thing I want to say is I came into today with zero plans for photos I didn't know what the festival would be like I've ever come to it before but everything kind of fell together and that's what's exciting about photography it's really really difficult to plan yet as long as you keep it open mind and a sharp eye watching the streets to see what happens thieves tend to present themselves and photos come together and I'd say it definitely did today so I'm very stoic than how everything came out had a good time got some images I like and hopefully you guys enjoyed watching the process alright at this point I just want to say huge thank you to storey blocks audio for sponsoring today's video they are a stock audio library with tons of high quality songs as well as sound effects using your videos now finding music from my videos can be such a hassle unfortunately story blocks audio makes it so much easier all their content is royalty-free and if you get a membership you have unlimited downloads and they're constantly adding to their library so definitely check them out there's going to be a link to their website in the description down below and also I'm in Granada Spain right now this place is a beautiful labyrinth it's also street photography heaven so I'm a happy man right now anyway thank you guys so much for watching subscribe for more videos and I will see you eventually I'm gonna go keep shooting you

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  1. Parades and festivals are one of the best places to practice street photography because you're surrounded by so many other photographers and no one expects you're shooting different style images. Hope you guys enjoy my tips and tricks in today's video!

  2. Love your content !!! I really love the shooting for 12hours in nyc subway video 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🔥

  3. Quick ques if possible. Was yr flash set on when shooting outside ? Bare with me I'm new into photography. Also from Nyc

  4. It’s crazy how you’re doing street photography now. I watched your old videos and thought I wanted to do landscape but now I’m doing mostly street now too.

  5. I have followed you forever and you are definitely an awesome photographer and someone that I have looked to for a lot of the photography advice and you shoot great pictures.

  6. Your impromptu shots of the people look a bit like Daniel Arnold's type of street style photography. I dig it!!

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