How to Use the Touch Screen

Here’s a few tips on using the touch screen. The touch screen offers a variety of intuitive controls. To release the shutter, tap the subject you want the camera to focus on. Swipe your finger left or right to scroll through the pictures on the camera. Spread your fingers, or pinch, to zoom in or…

Photogrpahy for beginners – Nikon 1 tips for shooting magazine-style portraits

For pictures like you see in glossy photo magazines, where the background and foreground are blurred to bring out a portrait subject, try adjusting aperture. Choose low F numbers to soften background details. High F numbers to make them sharper. Using a long lens also increases background blur. Choose a combination of aperture and focal…

Photography for beginners – Photographing airplanes in flight (DSLR tips & tricks)

Here are a few tips for photographing airplanes in flight. The key point to remember when photographing fast-moving subjects is to choose shutter priority auto. Choose fast shutter speeds to reduce blur and capture your subject in crisp detail. A zoom lens can help if you want to photograph a plane flying in the distance.…

Advanced photography: Indoor portraits without flash (DSLR tips & tricks)

To photograph dimly-lit, indoor scenes without a flash, try raising ISO sensitivity. To reduce randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog and lines in photos taken at high ISO sensitivities, high ISO noise reduction can be used. You can also modify white balance for intentionally, out-of-the-ordinary effects.

Photography for beginners – Nikon 1 tips for portraits with landscape backgrounds

Let’s try snapping a portrait against this beautiful background. For point-and-shoot simplicity, select Programmed Auto exposure mode. The camera will analyze the situation and choose the best settings for your subject. You can also use exposure compensation, to adjust exposure to your liking. When subjects are photographed against a scenic backdrop, small changes in lighting…

Photography for beginners – How to shoot sharp night portraits

Use a tripod when taking photos against a scenic backdrop. Using a tripod lets you concentrate on the photograph without worrying about blur. You can also add depth to your lighting with optional, wireless, remote control flash units.

Photography for beginners – Perfect outdoor portraits

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