Phone detection cameras are now in operation

The next time you think you can illegally handle your mobile phone while driving and get away with it, think again! Phone detection cameras are now in operation. Don’t get caught illegally handling your mobile phone while driving. Know the rules.

On The Run – Short Film

Hurry up, we gotta get this one! Grab her man. We can’t let her get away! Get inside! Get away from me! What are you waiting for? Hurry up let’s go, shut her up man. Someone’s gonna hear! There’s no-one around, no-one’s gonna hear whats your problem? Let’s go, let’s go, come on! Calm down!

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Art History | Disney

– Forces of Destiny.[dramatic music]– Better stay off the main road. [filtered] If we get caught, our mission will be over before it begins.[suspenseful music]Come on, little brother. [filtered] – [sighs] Ohh… How do you know this place so well? [Sabine grunts] – Well, you were just a baby, so you couldn’t come, but Father…

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 16 Preview | “Gorilla Art” Official First Look

Too easy, Turbotron capture that Beast Bot. (laughs maniacally) (dramatic instrumental music) (grunting and fighting sounds) Oh, fine. (fighting sounds) You and I are flying out of here. What, no! Help, Ravi! Get ready for launch. (fighting sounds) He’s taking Smash! No, back off! (whooshing sound) Target disengaged. We’re keeping it that way, get him…

직장인 브이로그 사내 매거진 촬영 브이로그 company magazine photography vlog

company monthly magazine making vlog lets get it make up for man, women are artists did you got a sweer dream? face is good for make up!!! nice model~nice camera football club cute~ so cute~!!! kkkkkk man of match get prize coach??? the end thank for watching subscribe and like