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  1. The idea of art made of a reflection rather than just the painting itself is a really interesting one.
    I really love trying to think of different ways to implement these art assignments, and I especially love trying to think of ways to include my nieces and nephews in the process. We're working on a previous art assignment together now.

  2. I get the assignment, but the artist was standing in the frame.. How can you take a picture if you can't be in it..

  3. You know, I usually love John and his video, but I much, MUCH prefer Sarah's inputs in the Art Assignment… she clearly knows a lot more of what she's talking about xD

  4. I find John to be there to help make art not seem stuffy because it can seem intimidating at first. Sarah has the historical knowledge of art and can help guide a person to understand the art and some of the deeper meanings behind the piece. Especially because some art requires you to understand what was going on in the world at the time it was created. 

  5. Also, I just did this art assignment–http://untappedinkwell.tumblr.com/post/89281574038/these-were-my-two-best-shots-from-art-assignment


  6. I don't understand this assignment. When my phone is off, all it reflects is me. Also, are her paintings JUST reflective or is there a painting on top of the reflection?

  7. I am not joking when I say that, as great as the Vlogbrothers channel is and as much as I adore CrashCourse (a lot), I have to admit:
    I find The Art Assignement to be the best youtube channel to have ever existed.
    There is no and never was a channel I have been waiting to upload a new video as much as this one. And I am honestly not joking or trying to compliment you – It's simply magnificent, esspecially because of you, Sarah.

  8. Yay I participated this time. I have an awesome blanket with reverse color images of the same tiger on each side that was perfect for this. Took my photos and posted them on AA's Facebook page. Assignment complete. Ohh and I smiled too. 

  9. I ended up with an assignment (submitted on Tumblr) that was more interesting than I thought it would be. Pretty moving colors.


  10. Clever how that put a few seconds of a black screen at the end of the video. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I immediately looked at the blank screen and the composition formed in my head right in front of me. 

  11. Hearing Lauren Zoll speak about being 'off' and still being productive made me cry. It's so simple but I really needed to hear it. I think these assignments are great beyond the cool art you can produce, or the new ways of looking at art. Foremost for me, they provide a new lens with which to view yourself and the world.

  12. This reminds me of the neurologist Oliver Sacks, who wrote about how 10% of people with visual impairments have Charles Bonnet syndrome, wherein their visual cortex starts randomly activating and producing visual imagery, even if the person is completely blind. It's kind of like even the human brain tries to fill the void with something…

  13. Very interesting assignment! Can't wait to experiment with my off screens (TV, laptop, desktop…) and see what I can create with them

  14. looooove her stuff. not sure about the assignment itself but Zoll's work has definitely given me some ideas. 

    Also does anyone else think her surname really suits the black of her work? Zoll, null, zero, nil, zilch….. it also kindof sounds like the slipperiness of the surface… taking this too far now? Her surname suits her work, lets leave it at that.

  15. This is more complicated than I thought, need to watch the video again to better understand the whole concept. 🙂

  16. Well, this fits the criteria of 1, 2, 4, and part of 3 (definitely has pattern and no humans, not sure about color and form, though). Although I should add that I took this picture last Saturday and had no idea what today's art assignment was going to be. Still, it seemed appropriate, so I had to post it, even if it doesn't exactly fit the spirit of the assignment. https://twitter.com/jkcorfy/status/479801010383097857

  17. The idea of art and artists can seem kind of static, like something not done in the present but in the past. Yet it is continually happening in the present, and I love that The Art Assignment shows us art and artists happening in a present day context. It's just so damn cool.

  18. This video reminds me of when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. My family and I both knew that was no television or anything, but we still looked at the screen. I remember being awed about how the different colors were reflected and distorted throughout the screen. At times the night sky is almost this way when it's almost black but little bits of different color pop out. During Sandy there was no light pollution so the sky was filled with different stars, it was amazing. All in all, maybe our society needs to slim down and simplify so that we can appreciate the little wonders in our world like the night sky.

  19. I really feel this assignment! When I was younger I had an obsession with taking pictures of reflections. It started when I was having tea outside and I noticed the trees above me were reflected in my tea. It made the cup look so interesting, I had to take a picture of it. 

  20. I had to change the backgrounds of everything on my computer (browser, etc) to black.  I hate white backgrounds.

  21. I just imagined having one of these paintings in your living room and just having a great disparity between what should be reflected and what seems to be. It reminds me of those paintings they did to pretend as if rooms where bigger or hallways longer (I don't remember what they're called) and it's somewhat fascinating, having art so integrated that it takes a little time to notice it's not "the real thing".

  22. Most assignments have been very interesting but this one doesn't seem so. As an example: draw something that you will almost never see, go around and find the most quiet place you can find! Take a picture of a black screen, it just doesn't make me want to do it.

  23. On reflection these works suggest the idea that even in the blackest void of static nothingness can be found the light of knowledge, imagination and hope. Yin ~ Yang

  24. I remember sitting on the bus, and noticing that when reflected in the blackened screen of my phone, the lights in the ceiling above the bus seat looked like a face.

  25. and when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you

    this whole void business is giving me strong teen wolf 3B feelings. also, sometimes i use my 'off' i-phone screen to ascertain if someone is following me. same with any reflective surface, really. 

    …is it paranoia if it's justified? 

  26. This reminds me of whenever it's dark in the car, I can see myself in the windows, and I love sitting in different positions, because it only picks up certain areas of the image at a time. I have yet to photograph this, but I want to.

  27. aah i shot a lot of footage just in the reflection of my off phone screen during april, wanted to make it into a video and upload it during VEDA (as an alternative for my BEDA for 1 day) but i never got around to it.

  28. I like this assignment.  I've enjoyed this channel, but I feel like too many of the assignments are too conceptual.  I don't have anything against conceptual art, it can be interesting, but, if you do a conceptual art art assignment, you are really kind of doing someone else's art project.  Meeting in the middle or dancing around on a piece of wood with wet paint on it are interesting ideas, but the creativity is already done for you.  On the other hand, in this assignment, you are given a general guideline, and then left to be creative about how you actually implement it.

    More like this one please.

  29. are the white things in those paintings actually white paint, or specular light? I feel like I need to move around to look at those.

  30. By far the best artist I've seen from "The Art Assignment" yet! Love the artwork and the idea behind it.

  31. Sarah, you are very bright and as a theatre/art history major, I really love these videos, but you might be served to work on coming off as less scripted. Especially with John, someone whose delivery is so casual and rambly, you often seem like you're trying to give a lecture rather than construct a Youtube video, two different media with two different tones. That being said, these videos each continually inspire me and I am always eager for more. Thank you so much for your generosity. If you're ever in Boston, I owe you a meal. 

  32. This is fascinating! But I really love figurative work, so I might have to break the rules a bit… Maybe I'll just try it both ways!

  33. Good morning! My family & I completed this assignment yesterday, and I made a video about it: http://youtu.be/RtOsObaIMG4

    A beautiful afternoon on the San Francisco Bay so I could catch a glimpse of the void whispering back at me. Thanks for a great assignment!
    PS- I love your presence, Lauren. You are awesome.

  34. I'm not sure if it's couth to link our responses here, but I posted mine to Facebook and I don't really trust FB to share stuff reliably, so here's my picture:


  35. Here's my picture. (edited, link updated)

  36. this reminds me of when i would use my turned off ipod screen as a mirror. i liked to see how much of the room i could see in the reflection. then i lost my ipod :I

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