Take Your Camera and Stick It – www.podolabs.com

Take Your Camera and Stick It – www.podolabs.com

Do you know what’s more beautiful than this
glorious day? You. That’s right, go ahead. Capture this moment. Ah but the struggle is real. At best you get a picture that’s, well, a
lot like the others. At worst… Getting the perfect shot shouldn’t be such
a pain. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take your
camera and stick it anywhere? Why yes, it would! And that, is Podo. Podo is the first stick and shoot camera. It turns any surface into an instant photo
booth. Podo records video and time lapse too. So let Podo capture automatically while you
enjoy the moment. So take your Podo and stick it. Use your phone and check it. Then free your hands and let Podo do the rest. Hashtag candid. Now slay those outfits! Try all the things! Go ahead, take that #belfie! If you’re a person and you like awesome photos,
click here to buy Podo today. (slurping noises) Ahh… (surprised gasp) still here? Okay, so you’re wondering, “how does it actually stick?” Well let’s ask this actual robot engineer,
posing as an actor, posing as a scientist. (in Russian accent) Hello! I am Russian (maybe) also scientist! Little blue box has micro adhesive pad for
making the stick. Hello! It never wears out and you clean with water (I
prefer vodka) it really works! I am scientist. Satisfied now? Get your Podo already at podolabs.com. Well I’m done “stick”ing around. Let’s go Podo!

3 thoughts on “Take Your Camera and Stick It – www.podolabs.com”

  1. If this mad scientist made a robot I wonder what he'd call her after activation? Hmmmm. My guess he'd call her Cher. Just an educated guess. If a male then Lloyd. But where would Modbot hide her? Wouldn't it be extreme luck if they found her. A lot easier than building one. Am I rambling? I need a vacation. Perhaps I should go to Alberta. What do you think?

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