Taking the Rolleiflex out

Hello everyone, again from Chain O’Lakes in Indiana this is one of my favorite places around here, even though it’s nothing spectacular It’s a place that I usually have for myself, there’s not many people around here and it’s very nice It has nice trails and today is a very lovely day. It’s drizzling, a little bit rainy It’s very humid, like a 100% humidity, but still, it should be very nice Today I’m gonna be shooting film Today I’m gonna be shooting with the Rolleiflex It’s a super compact and light camera First of all, let me tell you a few things about this camera The Rolleiflex is a TLR camera It has 2 lenses, one to compose the image and the other one to actually capture it This has some advantages and some disadvantages The one that I have here features a Schneider 75mm f/3.5 taking lens The viewing lens is a bit brighter, f/2.8 to let more light in through the finder so you can compose and focus better This Rolleiflex used to belong to Rachel’s grandpa who used it quite a bit. The lenses are in very bad shape and they can’t really handle flare That’s why I use a lens hood. It makes the camera look good, too, I think On the front of the camera we have the shutter which can be locked Also the knobs to change the aperture and the shutter speed On the right side, the frame counter and the crank to wind the film On the left side the focusing knob The finder is not as bright as the Bronica’s but it works it also has a magnifying glass for focusing This is how we load film in the Rolleiflex All right, so it’s raining a little bit more now I’m gonna wait here in the car for a little bit because while this camera might not mind a little bit of water, a little splash It’s a fully mechanical camera after all my digital camera, my video camera, thinks otherwise it doesn’t like the water anyway, I’m gonna be shooting the roll that I just loaded here at box speed at 400 and that’s because this camera can only go to 1/250th of a second and I don’t even have any filters here so I’d have to use a very narrow aperture like f/16 or f/22 when I shoot with the Bronica I have an orange filter that gives me 2 extra stops plus the Bronica can shoot at 1/500th of a second, so that’s one more stop Looks like it’s not raining as much now. So let’s do this This day wasn’t about making amazing images it was a day to relax and try the Rolleiflex out in nature But I really missed my orange filter The images came out just ok but they lack the contrast the filter adds Plus they were shot and developed at box speed, which doesn’t offer the aesthetics I look for Anyway, the first thing that I noticed was the weight despite being a medium format camera, the Rolleiflex is very, very light So last time I came here I had to leave early because the mosquitoes were eating me alive I came better prepared this time, I hope I did I never used this thingie before but it’s wipes to apply on your exposed skin, and hopefully this keeps the mosquitoes away This is one more reason to hate the summer for me There are no mosquitoes here in the winter and everything is frozen and full of snow. Much prettier! It’s super hot. I want to take my jacket off really bad, but I think that’d make the mosquito problem even worse I tried different shutter speeds, just to see how slow I could go I tried at 1/25th of a second and it came out a little bit blurry, but I actually liked it The struggle is real man, it’s so hot I’m sweating so much, I think it shows I’m gonna get the a/c going for a while and then I’m gonna go to a different lake Okay, so this one doesn’t look like a very interesting lake there is no clear view of the lake either so next So, what do I think about the Rolleiflex? I actually enjoyed shooting with it, more than I thought I would I really like the compact size and of course the 6×6 format The images aren’t as sharp as the ones I get from the Bronica and the condition of my Rollei doesn’t really help but I like the result It’s almost like the Bronica and the Holga had a baby I’ll definitely be using this camera again I’m also considering bringing it to Europe with me and give it a second life We will see

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