The Art of Living with Idle Theory Bus

The Art of Living with Idle Theory Bus

I’m Rachel. This is James and that’s our
bus, Sunshine. I was going to school in North Carolina.
I saw sunshine sitting in a Kmart parking lot. James was living in
California at the time and I called him and I said, “you need to come out here and
test drive.” So we drove the bus and bought it cash that very day. It was our
first vehicle we’ve ever owned and the only one we’ve owned since. We headed out
shortly after we got out of school. We had a little bit of money saved up. It
was 2010 and we felt like we were just sitting behind a desk all the time, only
being a mind, and we wanted to recognize that we’re also a body and we worked on
farms. It was a really good year. Yeah. I mean we’ve continued that tradition we
do migrant labor as we move around as well as art and content jobs so we do
both sides. We do things that stress the creativity and then we do things that we
do manual labor. We went on the road for a year at first as a trial thing. We
moved to LA and got jobs but then we realized that the open road just called to us.
We’ve been coast to coast a few different times. We’ve been to Canada and
Mexico but we haven’t really left North America. There’s so many things to see
out here. We can’t go but ten miles down the road
every day and see something new and we usually do about three States a season.
We feel like slow travel is more like living in a place. You know once you’re
in Wyoming for two months you really feel like you get to know the culture
and the people and you kind of settle in. You feel like, “Oh I’m familiar with
that species of grass, that kind of bird” and that feels really nice. It always
feels like you’re home even though you’re always in a new place. We really like to
make it an ongoing education. We always read literature books about the local
area and we’ll get guide books and learn flora and fauna and that’s really really
rewarding because you feel like you’re actually part of that place. You don’t have to travel to live life the way we’re living. You don’t have to
live in a van to live a fulfilled life. You can live life however you really
like to and if you get down to the root of why you’re doing it and do it because
you really want to because it makes you happy then we’re living the best life we can. An important step for making a big
change in your life is to make a small change tomorrow. If you’ve never hiked a
hike nearby your town, go and hike it this Saturday. Don’t just sit there saying, “next summer I’m gonna do this thing.” Go on Saturday
and do something you haven’t done before. Yeah, the best life changes happen in
increments. You don’t need to leap off a cliff to change your life. There is
always something you can do to push yourself. Sit with yourself. Find out what
you really would like and then try a piece of it. We just published a book and
it’s called Orange Is Optimism and kind of our thesis statement of the book is that
an optimist is the most radical thing you can be. If you’re gonna make a change
in your life, whatever it is you have to have hope. You have to do something
because you’re building something that’s better than what exists today. There’s something special going on right
now and it’s really exciting to be able to connect with people in the way
that we are and I don’t know where it’s going or what it will end up looking
like but I definitely would say that I think we’re all living in an exciting
time where people are making things happen and I’m really happy to be alive
right now. Hello. I’m Dylan Magaster for those of
you that are new to the channel which is approximately 27,000 of you since the
new year that’s pretty sweet. I’m making some dinner right now and I’m in
Colorado if you’re wondering, but I’m gonna make
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100 thoughts on “The Art of Living with Idle Theory Bus”

  1. We are all slaves to the demands made by the material society today. Glad to see youโ€™ve broke away from that and found the freedom and happiness. All the best !

  2. you have really helped to make a nomadic lifestyle seem accessible to me and many others (because it is) i am thankful that a quality filmmaker is living like this. If you come through KCMO give a ring! Hopefully i won't be here long though

  3. just started watching your videos and Iโ€™m sooooo obsessed!!!!!!!! canโ€™t wait to buy a bus and do my own thing in the future!!!!! :)))

  4. So amazing, so inspiring. We live in Patagonia and are retiring at the end of the year. We are converting a Peugeot Boxer van into our retirement cottage by the sea, our log cabin in the woods, etc. If anyone plans to come down this way, please get in contact! Patagonia is wonderful.

  5. Love that video and the music, the people seem very authentic and genuinely embrace van life, not for youtube fame but because they believe in the freedom it gives them to learn and develop as human beings.

  6. What a beautiful, loving couple! Blessings and thank you for inspiring others to live the dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This couple is so beautiful & "vintage!"
    It's so nice to see van life people who aren't full of nasty nose piercings, holes is their ears, grimy dread locks, mass of tattoos & fully clothed.
    The click bait naked or partially nude or bike shit, etc thumb nail picture on many van life videos is extremely annoying. Using your body to click bait for views=money is whoreing yourself out! So low

    This couple is classy

  8. This is what I am hoping on doing in two years. I am saving up for a van and I am just going to choose a road and drive on instinct.

  9. Wow i really Love this Couple and i really connected with them and what they had to say ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You Dylan for sharing this Very Very Touching Video it really spoke to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Right On Keep Livin the Dream

  10. This is one of the best vanlife videos out there. Both because of this amazing couple, their chemistry and philosophy, and also the filming and editing which has been so well done and portraits this life and these people beautifully. Thank you to the three of you for making this video happen. So beautiful.

  11. This is the dream! This is what we will be doing in the summer across Canada in our VW Bus, and these people are our inspiration!

  12. 3 states a season ? This sounds like another fake reality youtube vid. The people I know who live in vabs or cars are too ashamed to show the public on youtube .

  13. Very Cool! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Shared in for others.

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  15. Me and my fiance just bought a Chevy Astro van that we are going to convert and do traveling we also have a book being published this week called keeping up with the wofford's check us out on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter God bless you and have many Journeys along the way

  16. When I read โ€˜Rachel & Sunshineโ€™ I instantly thought it was a guy living with 2 women and thought damn you lucky bastard.

  17. at this point theyre just homeless and living in a van. haha i did this too for a long time and rode trains. im tired now. i did things backwards.

  18. you should also mention how many times did u shit in the bushes, when did u take a shower for the last time? where do you throw your garbage? where do u wash yur chlothes etc….

  19. It is an old VW camper , Patreon fuck you mate I ain't paying you shit ! People who do are retarded . Can I see your ad revenue analytics?

  20. Iโ€™m not trying to be funny or anything but why not buy an RV to travel in, is it a money factor or something. If it is ok and if you decide to have kids, then what will you? All in all, good for you

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