The Best Indoor Cameras for Artificial Intelligence Review

The Best Indoor Cameras for Artificial Intelligence Review

Gabe: Do you want a camera that can distinguish
between your children’s faces? How about one secure enough to record your
dog walker strolling through the kitchen or smart enough not to record your spouse and
sharing their privacy? Well, with AI, anything is possible. Today, we’re going to give you the best options
for AI home security cameras dependent on your parameters and personal needs. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
cameras, google Security Baron best security cameras. If you have any questions about today’s review,
leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you. To understand how we evaluated the artificial
intelligence in these cameras, Security Baron looked at the following elements, natural
language processing, machine learning, person and pet detection, and action recognition. Let’s examine the artificial intelligence
capabilities of our first camera. Here, we have the Lynx by Tend Secure. Now, this smart home security camera comes
with 1080p HD video, 2A audio, and astonishingly, facial recognition technology. When we bought this, we were really surprised
that this little guy could essentially take a picture of whoever came into your room,
allow you to go into the app, put a name in, and then tell you from then on who was coming
in and out of your home, and alerting you to any unfamiliar faces. The facial recognition technology on the Tend
Secure Lynx is essentially the basis for all the artificial intelligence cameras we’ll
see today. With this camera, you’re not going to get
perfection. You’re going to have some false alarms. It may not recognize people that it sees often
if they’re obscuring their face. We do want to shout-out to the Tend Secure
Lynx for its artificial intelligence capacity. Next, let’s talk about the Canary all-in-one
home security device. Now, the Canary is a great camera just across
the board. You’ve got 147-degree field of view, your
smart platform integration, and artificial intelligence. The Canary all-in-one is actual reflective
of the industry in general and artificial intelligence, in the sense that there was
a firmware update in 2017 that gave it person detection capabilities. Most of the cameras in this market are not
facial recognition cameras but rather person detection cameras. They’ll let you know that someone is in the
room even if they don’t tell you exactly who it is. The Canary does that. It gained that skill after it had already
come out. Just across the board, it is a solid choice
for artificial intelligence. The next camera we’re going to look at, the
Netatmo Welcome Security Camera, is a step up from the two previous cameras that we’ve
seen when it comes to artificial intelligence. Of course, the Netatmo is a beautifully-designed
1080p shooting camera, but it really sets itself apart when it comes to artificial intelligence. What does that mean? This camera can recognize up to 32 faces. Most of the people that come over to your
house or in your life can eventually be put into the app. It will become familiar to it. It won’t even tell you when they’ve come home
or come over if you don’t want them to. If you know you have a friend going to pick
up your suit because you’re in the office, it won’t bother you and be like, “Oh, snap. Someone’s in your house,” because you know
that you’ve sent them over. It’s recognized their face over time. On top of the person detection, you’ve got
pet detection. If you have a particularly overactive dog
and a slow day in the office, you can watch the dog go back and forth and get a notification
each time that happens. That’s just a nice touch to what we’re getting
familiar with when it comes to artificial intelligence. We understand that it’s not all fun, games
and pets when it comes to your security camera. What you really want to know is when someone’s
entering your home that you may not know. The Netatmo gives you a notification to your
Apple watch or mobile phone saying, “Hey, this is an unfamiliar face. Are you sure you know who this is?” That brings in the human component of you
actually looking at the person’s face and distinguishing whether not there’s someone
you want in your life or just in your apartment. Now, that human component is actually what
helps distinguish Netatmo from its competitors because it has a Facebook bot. You can simply text the Facebook Messenger
bot, hey, when did the dog come in? Did the dog walker take out the dog? Did the dog walker come in the house, man? Did the dog wands? When it comes to artificial intelligence,
this is a huge step, because it allows you to integrate something that you are probably
already using like Facebook Messenger to know what is going on inside of your home. Our last camera and unsurprisingly, top pick
for artificial intelligence is the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse comes with your standard 1080p,
a relatively narrow 95-degree field of view. When it comes to artificial intelligence,
they are a powerhouse. The Lighthouse can distinguish motion between
objects like trees swaying in the wind, cars passing by, the pendulum swinging on your
grandfather clock, your dog running back and forth because it has to go to the bathroom,
or your kid running back and forth because they have to go to the bathroom. The capacity it has when it comes to the distinguishing
between motion is incredible. The Lighthouse has created its own AI Vision
that immediately began to create a very powerful database of familiarity with your home and
the people inside of it. Of course, I’m saying people, but it recognizes
pets even distinguishing between a dog and a cat. While I can talk until I’m blue in the face
about what the Lighthouse sees, let’s talk about what it doesn’t see. The Lighthouse has some of the most powerful
natural speech recognition that we’ve seen here at Security Baron. If I did say, “Hey, did Jimmy come home after
10:00 PM last night?” the Lighthouse would know. If you have questions about the absence of
someone from a particular period of time, the Lighthouse will let you know. I can say, “Lighthouse, did anyone come in
the house between 5:00 and 7:00 this morning?” Lighthouse knows even if you don’t. The Lighthouse is a top camera when it comes
to false positives or false negative because it doesn’t let something like a beard or a
scarf prevent you from knowing who’s in the home. No facial obscurity will prevent it from knowing
exactly who someone is. That is one of the things that makes the Lighthouse
the best artificial intelligence camera on the market. Now, after going through our top picks, you
can see that artificial intelligence has a range of capabilities that can fulfill a multitude
of needs when it comes to artificial intelligence. From the Tend Secure by Lynx with this affordable
package and facial recognition technology, to the more general Canary and it’s all in
one capabilities, going on to the Netatmo and its Facebook bot. Of course, our top pick the Lighthouse and
it’s all wide-ranging intelligence capabilities. If artificial intelligence is your primary
concern with your home security camera, then you have to go with the Lighthouse AI. It checks all of Security Baron’s boxes with
its natural language processing, person detection, icon recognition, and machine learning. Simply put, it’s a phenomenal camera and my
new best friend. If you appreciated this video, give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  3. Lighthouse Official Press Release: " Unfortunately, we did not achieve the commercial success we were looking for and will be shutting down operations in the near future."

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