100 thoughts on “These Scary Nest Camera Videos Are Freaking People Out”

  1. The orbs & dog – it could've been a heater vent near the camera kicking on for a bit then back off. That would explain the start/stop.

  2. The "shower of orbs" is just dust. The heater or air conditioner has kicked on and the home owners need to get their vents clean.

  3. #1 They are on a slant. Gravity moves it. It does not need to move gradually, when gravity (and maybe a gusty of wind) overcame the holding force (an object at rest) it moved easily because the friction force was lower there. It stopped when the friction force increased. The other trash can is sitting on a grassy patch, not a paved area, and would require much greater force to move it. If that one had moved, and the one on the pavement hadn't, it would have been impressive.

  4. In 2000 I took a picture of my sister inlaw, Amy holding my youngest niece. I took several of her. IN one of the pictures, she was completely surrounded by orbs. I mean, not one or two, but 15 to 20 of them. The very next picture I took within seconds of the first, there were no orbs to be seen. 6 months later she had died from gang green that had affected her internal organs from an infection developing from cancer treatments for her Ewings Sarcoma. She died at the age of 40. I took out the picture and was going to give it to my brother when I took another look at the orbs. Each one had a face in them. I have never had an experience like that before with a picture. It makes me think it was her relatives waiting for her in the after life. It was very strange. I wish I had the picture back.

  5. That guy really threw water on oil fire …? Not even secured the children before attempting to still the fire, some adults are quite clueless..smh

  6. There's nothing "chilling" about the screamer ,a in the 2nd or 3rd vid — he's obviously unhinged/generally off to some capacity — this is how my roommate's 12yr old gamer son acts for sometimes days, and the kid in this video is probably a gamer as well. He doesn't need medication in somebody to watch over him carefully, he needs a smack in the f**** face especially after talking to his girl like that and basically treating her in that kind of a manner blocking her way and the like. That does not mean she is guilt-free, as I almost guarantee she did something to put him into that state. That still does not make his behavior appropriate. Whoever suggested that he needs to be watched and essentially coddled until the problem can be fixed or brought under control. It's being done to a whole generation of out of control teens and pre-teens, and all it does is make them worse, more self-absorbed & likely to act out even more severely. He needs his games taken away and probably destroyed, and for his father to smack the s*** out of him. And that kid'll be fine.😈

  7. the first one of the sleeping guy , there is a very very quick cut in the recording /break/edit, in the same one the thin thing looks exactly like the walking brooms from the disney movie Fantasia …not buying it on that one 🙁

  8. As much as I like your channel, the thumbnail for this video is clickbait. It clearly shows a shadow way bigger and darker than is on the actual video. Come on guys, don't you have enough viewers to be better than that?

  9. The first one is female and she just wants a little action. Second one just shows how men suck. Third i don't know. Forth one men not only suck they are immature too. Fifth one what dumbasses! Last wow didn't think to look for the figure.

  10. FIRE extinguishers people! You need to have one available. You can always use more than one in your house if it is big. Next time one of the adults needs to get the kids out of the house..ughhh

  11. The boy's scream is terrifying? Ha don't make me laugh! My partner Katie screaming at me when she was giving birth was ten times more frightening then that wimpy guy's screaming

  12. The #1st video looks as if it may have been taped in India, I think, don't know…and I don't know if this is the culture that believes in Jins, and if they do, and to my understanding—the Jins, they ain't nice either…

  13. The dog jumps up to the window and reacts to something we cant see. Yeah, it's called the entire outdoors and could be nearly anything……and the garbage can, who says that it would have to keep on rolling and start slow? I want more than you claiming that.

  14. @10:54…looks like a string on the trash can.
    And @10:29..immediately after the bucket stops, there is an edit.

  15. In the first video if you pay attention to the way the man is walking he had short steps and not much movement in his arms, you see the, "apparition", has a strikingly similar walk!

  16. Thats why I don't like kids. They are always in the way! Even when the kitchen is on freckin fire! It's like it's their lifegoal or something…

  17. I think the clip with the dog is fruit fliys i had them in my house this year and my baby cam picked up the same thing and that teenager needs to be paying that car owner back what a twat x

  18. I have a ring video of 3 orbs floating in front of my door. I live near a civil war battlefield. The motion sensor went off all night long every 2 minutes and didnt stop until I drove off to work. Weird stuff

  19. The orbs could be dust. If they had automatic a/c, it could go on and off in sorry intervals, depending on the temp in the room n the temp they set the a.c to

  20. The first video seemed to be chopped together as the aesthetics of the bedroom and the other rooms are quite different… The bedroom scene, the bed and room seems to be in an older style apartment type of building and the man looks like someone of Indian/Middle east decent, his clothes also don't match with the guy walking in the other room, while he was sleeping he wore a white collared shirt and in the next room a black T-shirt. Also, the second room shown is completely different in style with the bedroom, this room looks with the tiled floors looks modern compared to the bedroom. The corridor or hallway looks like an office or mall rather than residential

  21. I seen some funky jitsue when I was young I seen myself in a room I'd walk in but it was always in different clothes I owned I thought it was a normal thing everyone seen so never said anything but I tried to touch it once and poor never seen it again my hands were in a low position maybe it thought I was getting fresh with it idk.

  22. Something really terrifying happened to me and i feel like i should get a camera.
    I feel as if my whole life I've been followed by an old spirit who has feelings for me. Now i know how crazy this sounds but hear me out.

    So when i was younger, i would always get this feeling of being watched through my windows at times. To the point I'd literally hide myself from the windows, but thats just minor. When i would go to sleep i would feel a presence watching me and my heart would begin to race so hard i thought it was going to beat out of my chest. Anyway one time i was being watched and then i felt somerhing lay right behind me and cuddle me. I felt the feeling of breath on my neck and then a kiss on the back of my head. I honestly was just so scared and i was only 11 or so, i didnt really look too much into it since the internet wasnt too big at the time. I kinda always blew everything off but i would experience shadow people on the daily. Theres a ton of other stories i have but the biggest one i have is on my birthday last year i was sleeping alone in bed with my boyfriend at the time sleeping over but he was upstairs playing video games and just passed out on the couch. I woke up, barely out of sleep, and i felt pressure on me as if someone climbed on top of me. I thought it was my boyfriend so i stayed keeping my eyes closed and i embraced the big warm hug i was receiving. About a minute goes by and i physically feel a kiss on my forehead and i even remember smiling. Still with my eyes closed, and kept closed, until i woke back up. I noticed my boyfriend wasn't next to me when i woke up but i just thought he had went to go play more video games. When i got upstairs i saw him passed tf out on the couch. When he woke up i asked him why he didnt just stay in my room and sleep next to me and he said he never went into my room the night before. I asked him if he was lying or joking around and he said no. I asked him 5 more times before i finally told him what happened and he said he never did any of it.

    And tbh just in the last week i was sleeping and sometimes when i sleep i have multiple dreams. Only bc I'll wake up like 3 times and go back to sleep all in the dream stage of sleep. But a few days ago i had a couple dreams in one night and all of them seemed different, i really didnt try to remember anything significant about them but i want to say an hour after i woke up i remembered a old kind of man (Whether old in age or young and old in time) had been in all of my dreams that night. Not physically bc he wasnt "in" any of my dreams, only his presence, i remember the feeling of him watching me through my dreams.

    Theres so many more stories i have but I've probably written a novel in theese comment already so I'll stop lol. That ghost figure in the bed really triggered me bc i believe something like that is happening to him too

  23. I have cctv front n back with night vision and it alerts my phone when motion is detected n so far nothing…. And I'd like it to stay that way, if I caught a ghost I'd move immediately…. Fuck that shit! (sorry) slapped ham love ya 😘 xxx

  24. I tried kicking up dust on my carpet and filming through night-vision mode on phone cam..only rarely would I get snow-flurry-dust-orbs. Some appeared when still for around half an hour at constant temp..and even come at the camera and turn back as if controlled-movement. Dust?..90% possibly yeah..but still..can't be written off as dust has a flurry-effect..single glowing orbs have a controlled movement….The wheelie bin one at the end..If pulled from the front on a slope..the weight of these bins when the front lip is flush with the floor would tip it over..It'd have had to have been pulled really slowly so as not to scrape along the ground..They have to be tilted from the handles for free-movement..like a warehouse-trolley….The shadow looked added..but the bin-movement looked pretty clever….

  25. That family with the stove fire…geez they have one dumbass kid…”oh a fire!, let me run to it while my parents are desperately trying to save our house”…

  26. In the video with all the orbs and the dog right before he jumps to the window you can see a slight movement on the right hand side of the curtains when that black shadow is.

  27. The crazy teen running down the street probably got dumped by that girl. I like how she stops as he runs by, and then just nonchalantly keeps going the other direction. "Sorry, Tommy. It's not you, it's me." No it's definitely him.

  28. Those trash bins were NOT in the same place. Two objects cannot occupy the same space. They were *close to one another. 😆😂🤣 I'm just kidding man. Great video, as always.

  29. That fire one hit me hard. As soon as the dad trip over the toddler and he started crying I did too a bit. Love this series for all the paranormal buy I enjoy these too. The ones that tug at the heart strings.

  30. The one in the kitchen is an oil fire. They were likely going to deep fry something. I've had this happen once to me because of a faulty stove top unit. Depending on oil/fat, you have a smoking point of 375 or 450. At that point, you have rapid igniting.
    Throwing water onto it will cause it to explode and grow as you're sending heated oil everywhere… You NEVER put out an oil fire with water. Use a fire extinguisher. If not available, try to cover the pot with a larger pan like you would a lid (do NOT use a glass lid for this at risk of glass shattering). Once covered, turn off the stove and move the pot outside IF able. Salt and baking soda can also help put out grease/oil fires when smaller.

  31. This is the worst Slapped Ham video I’ve ever seen…y’all really dropped the ball on this one..no worries,I love most videos from SH,guess they all can’t be winners 🙂

  32. First clip, next to the mans feet, NO ONE NOTICED THE SECOND SET OF FEET ON THE END OF THE BED?!?! Fuck the head and body shape, where the "feet" would go, the blanket is raised up, and when he pulls the blanket you see that the foot rest is much lower than where the feet were.😬🙀

  33. In clip number 4, those "orbs" floating around are actually called Thetans and they are trying to attach themselves to the dog's body, since there is no human body anywhere near by for them to attach to. No worries tho, I'm a parishioner at a fantastic church that works to Clear the world of all Thetans that are attached to everyone. If you would like to learn more, might I recommend an incredible book entitled Dianetics? It was written by the late, great L. Ron Hubbard, the savior of our universe.


  34. I always hope for a real ghost to appear, I can never find the real McCoy! I will endeavour on my quest to find some real phantoms!

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