29 thoughts on “TICE ART 1010 Ancient Near Eastern and Ancient Egyptian Art”

  1. If this isn't the perfect way to review my art history textbook…I don't know what is. You covered all the important points in Chapter 2 of my text. Now I shall seek and possibly find the remaining chapters…hopefully. Much love to whoever created this. Freak'n genius! 

  2. If they were getting paid, why the Bible states in slavery or captivity??? If they was getting paid, what they do with the gold??? They would've made jewelry out of them but the Hebrews wasn't aloud to have gold. If they was getting paid they'll still o this day be looking for Egyptians to make that easy money

  3. As far as who built the statues and pyramids, of course Hebrews did. You know a king or any Egyptian blood didn't do it because they were worshipped not working hard

  4. If you can,can you do a comparison of Roman art and prehistoric art?I️ am curious how they are similar and different

  5. Hello! Im an art teacher and your video caught my attention in making study about this way of discussion. May I know on how do you call this? I mean, what is the terminology for this? (something like, terminology for this kind of video?)

  6. My social studies teacher is making meh watch thissss!!!!!!!!…… Very interesting. What system of writing did they create?

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