Top 10 Hidden Camera Pranks Gone Wrong

Top 10 Hidden Camera Pranks Gone Wrong

be sure to check out watch mojo's new series the worst Travel Show click the link below to see all the episodes and follow the show on Facebook a prank never hurt anyone right well actually things can spiral out of control pretty quickly welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hidden-camera pranks gone wrong before we begin we post new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more fantastic content for this list we're looking at all the hidden-camera pranks that completely fell apart these videos will not make you wanna laugh at others expense anymore all types of scenarios are accepted on this top 10 list as it's the people's reactions that counts number 10 a sexy prank gone wrong youtuber fatal pranks specializes in jokes that aren't funny he enjoys putting himself in compromising situations that don't please anyone like when he made his teacher believe he was dead in this clip a blindfolded man starts getting caressed by his girlfriend and then surprised it's no longer his girlfriend but a man his reaction is immediate and he slaps the dude a couple times thankfully the situation ended well and both guys took each other's hand while watching the video together yeah number nine don't touch my shoes nobody wants their new kicks ruin youtuber Dennis C is well aware of this and he uses it to drive people completely nuts yeah you mind if I like stop on him he slowly walks down the street with his friend and stops to complimented dudes shoes things are fine up to this point until he decides to see how the shoes look with a footprint on them the victim sucker punches him right in the face the gang also attacks his friend and a huge fight breaks loose well more like a beatdown the moral of the story don't mess with strangers or their shoes yeah you mind if I like step on them number eight machete massacre these two brothers from the Czech Republic love putting together high-caliber pranks but this time it turns into a true horror story a man enters his house and finds his friend cut in half with his guts hanging out in the attic his accomplice pops out and starts chasing the poor man with a machete fully spooked he starts throwing all kinds of objects at his head and ends up jumping out the window the ending of the video doesn't confirm if his bones remained intact or not but this joke could have cost him his life number seven the dangers of snow initially this prank orchestrated by an American youtuber named Roman Atwood seemed quite harmless two friends are walking down the street with a bucket filled with fake snow they pretend to throw the snow on passers-by and everyone laughs gleefully everything is going well until they get to the last person the poor man is so taken aback that he has a heart attack and falls to the ground shocked the two men immediately call the paramedics a descriptive message on the video explains that the man made it out fine was it all made up to create the hype perhaps but we got to say it's pretty convincing number six Kasper goes to the hospital this video proves that some people are willing to risk their lives for some dark humour two men decided to scare some drivers by appearing like demonic ghosts we can see them surrounding a car and trying to climb it to scare passengers but this driver refuses to comply and drives right into one of the ghosts he hits them violently and drives off the other spirit tries to lift his evil twin but we can see that one of his legs is really messed up obviously doing pranks on the road in the middle of the night is an idiotic idea number 5 food is sacred eating someone else's food without their permission is slightly rude but that doesn't seem to stop youtuber fouseytube he slowly tries to become chummy with strangers in order to steal their vital goods the best part is that he accuses his victims of lying or stealing his food but the last dude really didn't appreciate him sampling his pizza what what despite that he still found the situation pretty funny and chose to laugh at it knowing he had a viral video under his belt number four a holdup gone bad when youtubers team up to trick bystanders this tandem includes the assailant and the victim orchestrating fake holdups in order to test people's reactions around them the first man is quietly withdrawing money at the ATM when his accomplice jumps him to rob him everything goes according to plan until they fall on a man who decides to help the victim the punch he throws at him is so violent that he breaks his nose I'm not sure these two will be chomping at the bit to try this prank out again if you like this video then you probably won't hate watch Mojo's newest show the worst travel show hosted by me Kyle gatehouse click this link below to watch it on Facebook I can't wait to be famous number 3 a fake turd our favorite Czech brothers are back and this time things really take a nosedive when they place a plastic turd on the windshield of a luxurious car the owner really doesn't seem to appreciate the good ol fake turd joke but what we didn't see coming was the Taser as one of the brothers takes one for the team the man took off angrily without even realizing the turd was made of plastic number two do you want to kiss my ass this youtuber has a very simplistic sense of humor he stops people in the street and asked them if they want to kiss his ass actually a play on words as he has a little statue of a donkey with them because you know donkeys are also known as asses anyway this guy's luck runs out when he rubs the wrong person the wrong way this guy really doesn't appreciate his proposition and swings a devastating punch towards his face when he goes to show his mouth full of blood afterward he realizes he's missing some flesh just below his lip ouch before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions Hey Dude let me finish man hey relax let me go ahead and finish I'm gonna use it hon drop the body in the lake you trying to get poked yeah just trying it pull its water do is water number one having manners is a nasty flaw with the Brainbow our top pick really boggles our mind this totally harmless prank almost ended in a bloodbath what you looking for the prankster asks passers-by if they're lost and suggests to help them by showing them a map of the city one hot-blooded guy didn't hesitate to step out of his car and fire some shots in the pranksters direction yes he was pretty insistent but to the point of getting shot here's a tip to avoid being shot while pranking though don't pull pranks on strangers would you – buh buh follow me on YouTube oh hey this is Kyle gatehouse host of watch mojos new series the worst travel show click the link below to watch it on Facebook for more great videos published every day be sure to subscribe to

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  1. Wow…I've heard lots of people talking about fights where someone got torn a new asshole…but a third *nostril?*

    That's a new one.

  2. 2006: "Prank on my brother"

    2019: "Prank on the bank and the police, GONE WRONG 1 like = 1 ticket out of jail"

  3. A white guy approaches a black guy. Who experienced a lot of racism in his lifetime, then pranks him. The outcome is that the black guy feels disrespected and you guys call them aggressive. Honestly,I would've been aggressive as well

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