Top 10 Mysterious Sightings Caught On Camera

Top 10 Mysterious Sightings Caught On Camera

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Fekgate and today we
are talking the Top 10 Mysterious Sightings Caught on Camera. Before we get into this video why don’t
you guys let me know if you have ever seen something strange on cam… if you have ..what
was it. I actually want to share this picture my friend
phoebe took the other day – I brought over some purple gin – Empress Gin to be precise
– to a party and she was taking a picture of it because it is instagrammable… but
she captured THIS. LIKE. I think this is my shadow but what am I doing…. I think she glimpsed the evil monster that
lives in me…I look like I am about to rip out a heart! So there you go….glad to share it with you! You got any stories…. Let me know…. Like, share, sub… 10 Fairies
Fairies! Yey! I knew it! Ever since Tinkerbell told me that believing
in fairies keeps them alive… like… I am down to believe! Even if I believe in them the way I believe
in the Loch Ness Monster….sureeee there is no evidence and sureeee it is more a work
of fantasty… but I want them to be real because I want magic to be real…so there. So good news, it seems Lecturer John Hyatt
actually caught a picture of fairies on camera as they flew in the Rossendale Valley of Lancashire. The 53 year old university professor claimes
he sapped the images while photographing the landscape. He insists his photos are genuine, and they
do seem to capture tiny winged humanoids. Talking of his incredible discovery, he said:
“I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look
the same. People can decide for themselves what they
are. The message to people is to approach them
with an open mind. I think it’s one of those situations where
you need to believe to see. here are stranger things in life than fairies,
and life grows everywhere. What do you guys think of the pictures? Do YOU believe in Fairies? From Fairies to the One and ONLY Dobby at
number 9 What do you do when Dobby turns up at your
door? I would let him IN! Dobby went Viral in June 2019 when twitter
user JEY bee tweeted THIS footage with the caption : a lady posted this and said she
saw this on her home camera this morning. what y’all think this is ? The internet
was quick to respond – the late great house elf. In one week, this footage got 31 million views. The footage was shot on CCTV cam outside Vivian
Comez’s home and as of yet doesn’t have an explanation. The only thing is though, It can’t be Dobby
as JK Rowling famously killed him in the books… but perhaps it is kreacher or winky …or
another house elf looking for lolz. 8 Alien In The Park
WHO DIS? In February 2017 bizarre footage of an Alien
Man strolling through a park was circulate across the internet. The image was actually captured in 2004 and
was given to Ofologists to study. Photographer German Pereira took the snap,
a blurry image of two mounted police office on horses, and only noticed the little creature
when he uploaded the image to his computer. He said: “I was impressed, that's all. I saw it with a colleague and we found it
odd. It's rather shocking.” He continued by saying I 'd never had any
experience of this type, nor was I very involved in UFO or alien matters. Well well well! What a mystery! Do you think it is an alien or a something
else. 7 Rotating Statue
You know what… I don’t mess with ancient Egypt. There was some juju back then and I feel like
we do not even know the half of it. Back in 2013 Manchester Museum made an alarming
discovery – a 4,000 year old statue of Nebu Sanu that was found in a tomb, would rotate
of its own accord, but would stop moving at night. Creepy and very mysterious. Here… have a look at the footage captured. When I think Mummys and ancient Egypt, I think
Curse of the Pharaohs…so I wouldn’t be messing with this! It turns out though that the mysterious spinning
was down to vibrations in the floor when visitors were in the building…which is why the statue
turned during the day and not at night. 6 The Time Traveller
AH, this old chestnut. This one makes it’s way into a lot of discussions
about the UNEXPLAINED as well as debates about time travel. Basically back in 1928 Charlie Chaplin made
a circus movie and it seems as if one of the featured extras is a time traveler on a cell
phone. If this footage was from the modern day the
first thing you would notice was that it was in black and white and was kind of grainy. You would pay little attention to the woman
who is clearly on her mobile phone in the background walking behind a zebra…if anything
the zebra steals a lot of focus here. BUT slow it down and the woman does look distinctly
odd. 90 year in the past…and she is talking into
a portable phone. That is utterly bizarre. At this time in history mobile phones wont
be available for another 70 or so years! Even the early cell phones of the 80s were
chunnnnky. Is this woman a time traveler? If she isn’t why is she holding her hand
up to her ear. To this day, this mysterious footage has not
been resolved. 5 The Earth Breathing
The earth is alive…that is a fact…but I didn’t realize it was THIS alive. Back in November 2015, Manuel Petitat uploaded
footage of the earth breathing in Nova Scotia! Shot by Brian Nuttal, the footage was watched
over 9 million times! Let’s have a look. CLIP 1. WOAH. One more look? WOW. 4 – God? Absolute GOD ….questionmark…or some other
cloud walker. Back in 2018 a woman in Tuscaloosa in Alabama
was videoing a stormy sky saying that the power was out. She then uploaded the video to Facebook and
astonished friends spotted something moving in the clouds. Solo Dolo … yep.. that is her name… became
convinced she had inadvertently captured god. She then wrote on the post “ If you are
a non believer in the Lord don't even worry about it. Now I want y'all to take a closer look at
this video around 2:38 and tell me what y'all see in this hole in this cloud." Can't tell me my God ain't real! Too see this is to believe this.” 3 – The Mermaid
I talked about this recently in another Most Amazing Video about real life characters caught
on camera and I’m still thinking about one. If it was a hoax it is utterly elaborate… If it is a real picture…well…something
very mysterious is going on! Have a look at this image – this is of the
so-called Active Pass Mermaid snapped by a ferry passenger in British Colombia, Canada
in 1967. The Mermaid was on Mayne Island in full view
of Ferry Passengers who reported a mermaid holding a large fish. The photo was published in the Daily Colonist
News Paper and shortly after a man flew over the area to try and spot the creature. It is said that he also saw her sitting on
a rock. Was it a woman who managed to reach the remote
area on her own and sat wearing a fake tail…or was it actually a mermaid? 2 – The Phantom Car Car
I am sorry but I have to say this one absolutely vexes me! This footage was allegedly caught on a Russian
Police officers dash cam and features what can only be described as time travelling car. IS it the Delorean?! The footage starts as the car is turning left. We ca see the traffic at a stand still on
the right…when all of a sudden a car comes from nowhere… like nowhere…. Let us slow that do for you and let you watch
it again so you can all see how crazy this is!!!!!!! Like….where did it come from? I can’t explain it. Uploaded by Rose Adams on youtube, this video
has been watched over one million times, and by the look of the comments, a lot of people
are just as confused as me!!!! SETTLE in and SETTLE DOWN as we have a helping
of both horror AND Mystery at number 1 1 – Dear David
The story starts with illustrator Adam Ellis who, in 2017, began documenting the strange
things going on in his apartment, and posting them on twitter. It started when Adam had a dream about a boy
with a misshapen head – and he soon came to the conclusion he was being haunted by
the same presence. He said that he had been getting bouts of
dizziness and started feeling, I quote, a palpable sense of malice which he associated
with David being nearby. In one of his dreams, the name Dear David
came to him, and he was warned he may try and kill him. Again….Adam was revealing all of this on
twitter…… people were freaked out, he was freaked out… he felt like he needed
some proof he wasn’t crazy or suffering from like Carbon monoxide poisoning. SO He decided to download an ap that takes
a photo every 60 seconds in his bid to capture more of David on Camera. He woke up with around 350 photos to scroll
through. After the first hundred or so……you guessed
it…..David finally showed up and appeared to be at the foot of the bed staring at Ellis
while he slept. He was then staring at the ceiling, then he
was closer to Ellis, staring directly down at him. Then after a while he isn’t there anymore,
until the last picture in the scroll where the camera caught THIS. ERGH! It appears to show a gollumlike head, with
a malformed ear and very light stringy hair. Recently, Adam has been hearing some pretty
weird noises coming from the attic. He noticed that there was a hatch above the
staircass. Adam contacted his landlord, and asked him
if he could take a look in the attic. The landlord found some green marble, that
had a bump on the side. Which strangely resembles dear davids head
crater. SO what do you think to the images of David
caught on camera? Ghost or Na? I am pretty terrified! Apparently they are turning this story into
a movie! SO guys what do you think about these mysterious
sightings captured on film?! COMMENTS FROM Scary Annabelle Stories
Raegan Fullbuster said: Can we all have a moment of silence for Lorraine Warren who
died this year We may….. Pennailaine Ong said: Can we do top 10 Rebecca
Felgate outfits – Haha…fan edit?! I don’t know what to call myself said: Rebecca,
you're always rocking those outfits!! thanks! Amanda Shore said: Rebecca kinda just described
me and my freind Maddie. She said "the most evil and demonic" yeah….
that's us Let me refer you to that picture of me again!

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  1. Rebecca is now saying that she has a demonic evil finger shadow living inside her. Ladies and gents, we’ve pushed her too far!!


  3. Sorry to anyone who believes in God because if he was real would he really allow all the pain of everyone? I know the story of Adam and Eve but how do we know that? How was that story spread from the beginning of time? Another thing is that the Golden Rule is: treat thy neighbour as thyself. So does God want to be treated unequally? Does he want to be treated like everyone else? Not everyone is the same but he treats us all the same. So I don't believe in God. But I believe in a lot of other things. ;/

  4. If vibrations are causing the statue to move then why arent the other statues right next to it affected by the vibrations?

  5. I refer you guys to my freaky as hell ghost picture on Reddit, it's such a mystery to me and just plain scary! :/

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