Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS on Camera! (Strict Mom's & Dads, Funny TV Show)

Top 5 STRICTEST PARENTS on Camera! (Strict Mom's & Dads, Funny TV Show)

everyone assists rent grief here in today's video when we go into the top five strict his parents ever these parents they are all complete and total nutcases they got some screws loose you're gonna love it for this video though if you guys don't want your parents to ground you tonight then make sure you leave a like on this video and subscribe and if you have already made sure to comment down below and tell me the strictest parents that you know maybe it's one of your friends maybe it's your own parents and tell me the strictest thing that they've ever done or stupid things that they get you in trouble for but in the waist let's go ting in this top five which is actually a top seven never satisfy this is off of a TV show called the world's strictest parents where basically these kids who are a little bit delinquent II go and spend time with super strict parents and this is dad he was trying to start off by setting some ground rules when it came to yelling and backtalk and things like that and it kind of backfired because he basically said that if she back talked him ever she would have to give up her makeup and clothes and wear some of his clothes instead which is kind of creepy let's be honest but that actually led to back doc and yelling if it's an attitude yelling at us back talk I'm gonna take away your individuality and I'm gonna take away your makeup and your clothes and you're gonna wear something out of my wardrobe you want me to take your stuff away you can't be already back talking to me right now quit talking back to me six we've got another clip off of this TV show I think they pretty much all are but this girl she was going to the house and the mother she figured out quite quickly was very manipulative and also a complete and total psychopath the mother actually gave this girl a journal that she could reflect in now obviously the point of Diaries and journals they're kind of private you know you write down your feelings in them I personally have never had one because it sets yourself up for some self incrimination like what happened in this clip but this girl she I guess had this journal after writing in it the first day read by the mother the mother apparently read it after she gave it to her as a gift as like a gift of good faith or something like that and realized that this girl wrote a lot of bad stuff about her after this first day in the journal and and confronted her about it which obviously complete in total privacy breach and it led to this an essentially extremely awkward moment between this mother whose eyes basically staring to your soul they're so scary and this little girl you want to pop your reflection journal go ahead I want to see your reflection turn off y'all open it up for me it's sad to say but I wasn't too surprised about what I saw in there and I want you to write instead of putting what you read about me I want you to write your name and those exact same things Jonna is I wanted her to feel that same heartache that I felt petrify someone's actually pretty funny this involves a Mormon family on this TV show and basically this family they're very modest they do not like any clothes that show off anything whatsoever I guess it's one of their big rules so it's kind of like essentially how schools work you know you can't show your shoulders god forbid that be the end of the world or something like that except this family has that rule at home also and basically what happened they laid out the ground rules for what kind of clothing could be worn and this girl who was there on the TV show and with them for this week basically realized that she had absolutely no clothes like they told her to go and get whatever clothes don't fit with the house rules and she pretty much brought down her entire suitcase I mean she had like two outfits left so few that they actually had to go out and buy new outfits for her and the outfits that I guess this family suggested that she buy or whatever pretty much looked like Amish girls outfits from 2001 is the best way I can describe it we consider immodest clothing to be short skirts the shirts has to be long enough to cover your stomach the girls don't wear things that show their bra straps holy cow she's burying her soul Julie brought her clothing out put it on the table and then the things that she had were not considered modest not that yeah that's pretty short there before us why this one isn't actually that bad as long as you have any form of upper body strength whatsoever if you don't then I guess this one might be kind of bad for you if you were in a situation but this mother she basically has this rule that if you break house rules or something like that say you swear or you don't follow some sort of ruler do a chore wrong or something like that on purpose then you have to do push-ups in exchange so that's what happened with this this guy he was basically supposed to be doing some sweeping and that kind of stuff and he actually swept all the stuff under a rug instead of just taking it outside or to the trash he ended up getting caught for doing it the next day because the other girl who was there with him was sweeping that day that was her chore and she actually I guess looked under the rug inside and the mom also sides so he ended up getting kind of RAD without a little bit and he ended up having to do ten push-ups which you know he's pretty ridiculous this involves a family who also has some pretty strict dress code rules and this father he was telling this girl that was there you know she needed to change her clothes and she was really confused why because the clothes that she was wearing really weren't that bad at all I mean she was showing off maybe a tiny tiny bit of shoulder and then she was also wearing a skirt but it was not like it was like super shortening like that in my opinion it was not a bad outfit whatsoever in terms of like what it showed or anything and I think most people watching this will agree but for some reason this father had a huge issue with it and was telling her to change her clothes she didn't want to and basically he started saying that if she didn't change then she wouldn't get to eat for the next 24 hours like they wouldn't give her any food at all and she'd have to starve and that ended up bleeding through a little bit of a you know head-butting situation don't change and for the rest of the day until this time tomorrow you don't eat no I'm gonna still wanna eat how are you gonna eat we're not gonna let you eat you brought some food with you no be calm any start yes I can no you cook yes I can you want to try me I could get it I can edik in this house right now that Dana will not eat until tomorrow stupid okay well the stupid that you don't do what I tell you to do I never – you've got a little skater kid who is meeting this family and they were laying down their House Rules and he wasn't all hyped about it he definitely did not seem excited whatsoever and after he learned their rules they basically told him you know if you have anything that goes against our house rules give it to us now and he had a pack of smokes on him I do believe it was and he didn't say that he had it until the dad actually searched him so he was like basically you tell him to empty his pockets and all kind of stuff and that's when the dad figured it out so obviously this kid was trying to hide it from lying that kind of stuff and this really made the dad mad and his form of punishment is a little physical thing where they go out cuz I think they live on a farm or something like that or a ranch and they have to walk around this field with this giant pipe above their head and it's halfway filled with water so you have to keep it steady or else it turns into a problem and made him walk around carrying that above his head I haven't checked what you got in your pockets let me see what's in your pockets little brother yeah what's in this one you really bought cigarettes into my home you're gonna walk from here all the way around are you being a skater you should be pretty strong I use my legs okay so go ahead and give me a lap all the way around and find a 1-star tends to do off with these two kids they basically got caught smoking I guess they're the son of this family snitched on him or something because they smoked when they went out or something like that and they ended up telling the dad and the dad got super pissed off about it which I gotta say real quick I gotta be honest this dad is weird he gives me some weird vibes like I don't know he just he just seems off to me but he gets super mad at these two kids in fact he kind of goes off on him a little bit and almost sends to them home and quits the TV show just because they did this and he just gets her really pissed off sends him up to their room afterwards I also think it's a little suspicious how the mother or the wife reacted when the guy freaked out also I I know I just all kind of weird to me get upstairs get upstairs Ross those are the clip sniper TV video hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure you like on this video and also subscribe we can break 10,000 likes then maybe you won't get grounded tonight I don't know and if you haven't ready count down below and tell me the strictest parents that you know maybe you know some super strict parents maybe your parents are the strict ones let me know any stories about any strict stuff that happened to you you got in trouble for some stupid things and let me know which one of these parents on this list was the most strict and which ones you want to least have and if you haven't already make sure to check out the part one and two to this because this is actually that part three I think it is so I'll leave links to both of those down in the description if you want to see more strict parents to more strict parents and crazy things so go check those out as well as annotations on the outro screen but noise that's it for this video hope you guys enjoyed thanks for watching I see shebang

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  1. He keeps calling his vids tip 5 when they higher than that, like ik u say it all the tine that u want views but dang lol

  2. Im just waiting until theres one Top 5 video that comes from TrendCrave and its gonna be like

    "Let’s get into this top 5 which is actually… just a top 5 guys, I uh… unfortunately dont have enough time today to record 7 so… its gonna be 5 guys"

  3. My parents think they control me. I’m 18 and I have a curfew of 9:30… and they called the cops when I was 20 minutes late. And I had to had to talk to the cops about my behavior…😭😔

  4. Dad: change your clothes or i’ll let you starve
    Kid: let me starve and we can play a little game called ’how many years in prison will you get’

  5. It's funny same commentary and niggas just now complain about what he does talk about some petty ass stupid people

  6. The parents who threatened to starve that girl all because she wouldn't change were by far the strictest on the list. Glad they're not my parents.

  7. Dude i have these two times that i got in trouble that i remember when i was in 3rd grade. So basically the first time was when i needed to take an AR test and i saw a loose screw and i unscrewed it a little bit then i was screwing it back and that's when an old lady came up to me and assumed that i was unscrewing it but i wasn't and i talk back a lot but for some reason those two times i didn't talk back. Anyways she gave me a detention and i told my friends how bogus that was and i told me moom about it then she said "why didn't you talk back?" And i didn't know so i said "i don't know" then she signed it and everything went back to normal……for now at least. The second time was when one of my classmates drew a picture of a cow on a farm and i tried to be funny by saying moo but the teacher thought i was saying boo and so the same thing happened, told my friends, told my mom, signed and normal but for real. Hopefully he reads this but probably not because of how long this is but i just like commenting on stuff

    Dang it's LOONG like very long sorry about that

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  9. i have a friend whos dad found a brand new xbox one s in a trash and he took it home but his mom a very strict women threw away THE BRAND NEW xbox and didnt even try to sell it for money

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