Trailer: LIVE Q&A with Photography Curator Sarah Meister (May 23) – Send us your questions!

Trailer: LIVE Q&A with Photography Curator Sarah Meister (May 23) – Send us your questions!

we have this one that was actually published in the New York Times and you see all of the airbrushing all over it during the live Q&A we can even take this out and look at it from the front and the back which is really great hi I'm Sarah Meister I'm a curator here in the department of photography at the Museum of Modern Art and we're here in our collection storage space which is super cold which is why I'm wearing a parka over the last few months we've been doing a new live Q&A series on MoMA's youtube channel so since May is national photography month we thought it would be fun to do one about photography we're going to explore lots of questions coming from you but some of them might have to do with why is it so cold here in the collection storage or how do we select what prints we put on the wall how do we choose which print if we have more than one from a given negative or why do analog photographs matter in the digital era we'll answer those questions and I hope a whole lot more you can leave them in the little comment section below and of course you can submit them live on Wednesday May 23rd at 3:00 p.m. New York time we also thought it would be fun to pull out a few photographs buy some of your favorite photographers so please list those in the comment section as well and we'll pick a few of those to share with everyone so until then enjoy these videos on MoMA's youtube channel and be sure to subscribe so you get an alert when we go live

22 thoughts on “Trailer: LIVE Q&A with Photography Curator Sarah Meister (May 23) – Send us your questions!”

  1. If you've got time to access one of your favorite Roy Carava's images, I'd love to see it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you collect in digital photos too so that you could have a representative of all the photographers who have contributed to this great enterprise? How is the collecting the art of photography different from other works of art?

  3. I’ve found snapshot photographs thrown away in a dumpster. I use them in my mixed media work. Are their copyright and /or other issues involved in using “abandoned” photographs?

  4. In the '80s, MoMA photo curator John Szarkowski called Garry Winogrand, "the central photographer of his generation." Who do you believe is the central photographer of the current generation?

  5. Who would you consider as some of the most influential contemporary photographers of the last decade and where do you see the future of photography heading as an art form?

  6. What Elliot Erwitt or Cartier-Bresson photographs do you have archived that have rarely been seen by the public?

  7. I have never understood the reasoning or logic behind the photographer Sherrie Levine who has made outright copies of the work of Walker Evans and then displays the prints as her own, with a credit like this: "Sherrie Levine // After Walker Evans." As a professional photographer all my life, this seems like an outright copyright violation. What am I not understanding here?

  8. Hi Sarah from sunny Scotland. Firstly, I have to say that I really enjoyed Seeing Through Photographs – thank you. Two questions, if you could only save one of the photographs in the collection which would it be and why? And, with other art works conservators will clean, stabilise and repair works – what is the process with photographs and will surface scratches and other damage be repaired – if so how? Thank you, looking forward to the event 🙂

  9. In this era of the democratization of the image, what aspects would you consider more important in terms of aesthetics to determine a photographer a good one?

  10. What aspect of the work should we focus on first, when we visit photography exhibition?

  11. I've read that Man Ray made 'photograms' without a camera. How was this done? Does MoMA have any examples in the collection?

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