Tutorial: Create Light Trails/Streaks Effect with any DSLR Camera | NO VFX!!

Tutorial: Create Light Trails/Streaks Effect with any DSLR Camera | NO VFX!!

Okay guys! Its me
Dwaipayan Ray Its me Aru Raghuwanshi
and me unknown He’s a Black N***a
We are not racist (N***A’s are black N****A) He’s Indian but he’s kinda black but its okay
Taksh by the way His name is Taksh
and so this video is all about how we clicked those amazing photographs of light streaks
with the help of a torch and a simple DSLR Well DSLRs aren’t simple but still
(Come one dude) So You people have been….
(Shut up man) You people have been asking me about how we
clicked those photographs so this video is all about it
we gonna go grab our camera and a good torch and just gonna show you all the settings and
setup of how we did it Make sure you enjoy So the things we need
A DSLR camera And a tri-pod stand
and a torch okay so we’ve set up the camera on the tripod
now and ill just go through the settings first of all make sure your this knob is on
M M stands for manual control so it gives you complete control of your camera
then change the shutter speed to as low as possible
Im gonna do this with this knob over here So im gonna make as low as possible
this goes down to 30 seconds so that means the camera would click a picture
in 30 seconds then press this button and change the f value
make it go higher up to 13 14 ill set that at 14
that’s it now our guy Aru is gonna torch and go over there and we’ll show the rest
okay so make sure that the surrounding is absolutely dark
just pull all the curtains and stuff and make sure you’ve set the ISO at 100
so our friend aru is over there standing with the torch
theres too much of noise Ipad 4 apple so okay just now we’ll go ahead and click
a picture so we’ll click a picture now
Make sure you subscribe and like and and have fun
(Achaa thaa) (Screeen)

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  1. The tutorial is pretty good but I couldn't share it with my friends because of the words you guys using anyway I mean no offense but if you wanna go far with what you doing then better work on your words before release your content to the world

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